A brother and his younger siblings have been living together for a long time. That untill he got killed by someone. Nobody knows how it was done, by who or why. The siblings are now to take over the household that the older brother did all by himself in the past.
They ask a team of detectives to search for the killer. Those are happily to help - even outside of their case.
The siblings learn step by step who the killer was and while that is going on, they have to learn to do the household. The detectives try to solve the case together and spend their time with the siblings to see if one of them had something to do with it.


My character will be the youngest sister.
You can be another brother/sister or someone from the team of detectives.
The oldest brother cannot be chosen, because he will be already dead when the story starts.
It will have both sad/disturbing parts about the mysterieus crime and an 18+ romance part.

Let me know if you're interested!