Location: Somewhere in Canada
Time Frame: October 18, 1983
RP Tags: Casual, Large Group, Fantasy, Fandom, Slice of Life
Type: An action role-play that is character driven and takes place in the universe of the role-play Abandoned Hope. This RP is a prequel to X-Men: Darkness Rising
Goal: To put an end to the Weapon X program, and avoid getting caught and put into the program.
Age: Characters have to at least be 18 years old.


Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

These are the words that Charles Xavier has said numerous times over the years, but there was a point in time, where most humans did not know of the existence of mutants, and they were able to coexist peacefully. Those days, are far behind us, for there were some members of the United States government who know of them, and wish to use these individuals with extraordinary abilities as weapons of war. They set up a program, specifically for this job, and put money towards it, funding it so they could try and find them, and see what they could learn.

These plans were discovered by two mutants, friends who wished to prevent mutants from being used like this. Their names? Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. They found out about program, but only knew that it was somewhere in the Canadian wilderness, and not easy to find. With the help of a friend, they were able to create Cerebro, in order to amplify Charles' powers, to the point where he could find mutants before those who work with the program do.

They track down these individuals, and hope to turn this group of strangers into a team that can work together to shut the program down. If they fail, they risk exposing mutants to the world, and in a very harsh light, and success could mean the same thing if they aren't careful. There is more at stake, as the Weapon X program is looking for "volunteers" for its next project constantly. If the team isn't careful, they might end up as participants in the program themselves.

Weapon X

Weapon X was a code name for a secret U.S. Government project intended to deliberately induce superpowers for military purposes. It was the tenth installment of the Weapon Plus Program. In the case of Weapon X, the mechanism was genetic engineering, specifically, creating mutations in normal humans and enhancing existing mutations. The successive projects had Roman numerals, so Weapon X was the tenth such project. Some confusion has arisen because this same name has applied to several different projects as well as several of the project's "graduates."

The original Weapon X Program started in the United States during the 1960s by Professor Thorton under Romulus' influence. Sponsored by American Central Intelligence Agency, Weapon X recruited skilled intelligence operatives to form a squad named Team X, composed of Romulus' agents Logan, (codenamed Subject X) Victor Creed and Silver Fox, and C.I.A. operatives David North (codenamed Maverick), John Wraith (codenamed Kestrel) and Mastodon. During these years, Team X members received memory implants via several methods, including low-quality stage scenarios, machines provided by Romulus, and psychic manipulations by one of the Weapon X's allies, Aldo Ferro. In 1963 Silver Fox fled Weapon X for her own reasons during a mission in Cuba, allying with enemy soldiers.

In 1968 Romulus had Weapon X operatives in Dallas, Texas, experimenting on Logan with Carbonadium pills; Team X later had a mission in Berlin, where they obtained the Carbonadium Synthesizer and C.I.A. double agent Janice Hollenbeck; they were opposed by Omega Red, but they successfully escaped while Wraith distracted him. Team X later disbanded after that mission, with Logan and Creed returning working for Romulus while Maverick, Mastodon and Wraith remained under C.I.A.'s authority. The Weapon X Program then continued operating under the cover of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In the 1970s former Team X member Logan briefly joined Canadian's Department K as an intelligence member, also working with C.I.A. agents Richard and Mary Parker.[12] During this time, Department K found a way to replicate Logan's healing factor and implement it into other subjects; one of such subjects was Wade Wilson, a man who suffered from cancer who had enlisted in Department K searching for a cure. Weapon X implemented healing factor in Wilson's body, temporarily regressing his cancer. Department K then formed an early installment of Weapon P.R.I.M.E. squad composed by Wilson, Sluggo, Kane and Slayback; they were later joined by Wade's girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, codenamed Copycat. Under unknown circumstances, Wilson killed Slayback during a mission; his health then got worse and worse, so he was taken to the Hospice, a Weapon X Facility directed by Dr. Emrys Killebrew and his assistant Francis Fanny, codenamed Ajax. There, Killebrew and Ajax made terrible experiments on Wilson, who was also tortured by Ajax. Adopted the name Deadpool, Wade led a massive breakout from the Hospice, and the Canadian branch of Weapon X was shut down afterwards.

Meanwhile, criminal mastermind Romulus eventually decided to revamp a new iteration of Weapon X, again formed by Truett Hudson, a.k.a. Professor Thorton, F.B.I. scientist Dr. Abraham Cornelius and former N.A.S.A. operative Carol Hines. This installment, codenamed Experiment X, operated in a Department K Facility located near Roanoke in Alberta, Canada.

Our World

In the Abandoned Hope Universe, we have known that we were not alone in the world since 2012, due to the Incident. Aliens are real, powered individuals are possible, and anything else? It is the stuff of fiction, of Harry Potter novels and horror flicks. But of course, that is the public perception, largely due to the efforts of MI13, O.M.E.N., and S.H.I.E.L.D. The world just isn't ready to know about what else is real, causing the Altsoba Massacre to be deemed an event driven by religious paranoia and hallucinogenics. Nothing abnormal at all. Had the Incident been less public, it would have been covered up and hidden as well.

According to O.M.E.N. (the Organization for the Methodical Eradication of Necromantics), a being with supernatural and inhuman capabilities is called a necromantic. This can range from enhanced humans, such as Steve Rogers, all the way to the most darkest and complex of creatures, such as Azrael, the Angel of Death. And while this term is used in most government documents, there are other terms that are more specific and demonstrate improved understanding of the situation. The universe is a strange one, one that we can hardly understand.

Previously, any and all powers and abilities were simply referred to as deviances. If someone was perhaps a little odd, in that they could see things that others could not, perhaps that they could heal with a single touch, or that they were immune to flames, they were said to have a deviance. Years after the Altsoba Massacre, this definition was revoked and revised, as we realized that it is simply more complicated than that.

Deviances, as they are now understood, refer to (often) extraordinary abilities that distinguish someone from the average human. However, these are not differences on a biological or genetic level. While these can be small things, such as a sixth sense when it comes to healing and knowing what is wrong with the patient, it can be as dramatic as pyrokinesis. Deviances are a result of the shattering of the Cursed Flask in 1719, the shards which were recovered in 2018 by MI13. The flask's contents were said to grant immeasurable power, and with the contents mixing into the air in trace amounts, individuals can sometimes acquire slight abilities from exposure. There is currently no method of explaining why some people gain a deviance and others do not, however. This area of research is still relatively new.

Mutants, also called homo superior, are powered individuals who gain their abilities due to an X-gene. This gene is something that is simply part of their genetic makeup from birth. It can be activated when the individual is subjected to great stress, often during puberty or traumatic moments. It's important to understand that while a mutant's powers can be called a mutation, they were born mutants. They did not mutate throughout the course of their lifetime.

Mutates are those who, as the name implied, mutated to gain powers. This is often due to the presence of electromagnetic radiation outside of the visible spectrum. Encounters with radioactive waste would certainly qualify. It is possible for those with an X-gene to mutate when exposed to radiation or other materials, but it is uncommon and also effectively 'neutralizes' the X-gene.

Inhumans, also called inhomo supremis, are individuals who are descended by unfortunate souls who were experimented on and had their genetic code modified. This unorthodoxy in genetics can be activated through a process called terringenesis, in which the inhuman emerges from something akin to a cocoon with newfound abilities and powers.

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Character Sheet

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