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So. 1x1 just seems to work better for me because I get pretty busy sometimes, and we can move at our own pace. I have a few pairings I like for a story, but only one plot thought out at the moment. We can work out plots together. I'm a female so I usually play females, but I'm not opposed to playing a male. I also don't mind mature themes.. be it sex, violence, or anything tragic so I prefer a partner that is 18+

Shinobi x Shinobi/Maiden/Commoner
Demon x Shaman
Knight x Warrior
Assassin x Target
Werewolf x Werewolf/Human/Vampire
Bar/Club Owner x Musician (This is one I have a plot for and one I'd really like to do above all others)

If you also have any pairings or ideas let me know... I'm pretty much open to anything.

Hit me up here or in PMs.
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Maybe a human x dracon? Like a dragon-person? Sort of like a "were-dragon", but they were born like that. Should I PM you?
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