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So this will be about two best friends. After your character moved to England because of her military parents she returned 7 years later to the little town of Mayberry in the Tennessee mountains. When my character found out she had come home he waited for her to come see him but after a week he figured just forgot about him. Then He heard a knock on his door. That is where we start.

My character:
Name:Snow Ashe
Height: 5'8
Hair Color:Dark Brown with lighter brown streaks for some reason
Eye color:Dark sapphire blue
Skin Tone:Pale due to Northern European ancestry
Facial features:A long scar on the right side of his face that he got when a dog attacked him
Normally wears:Jeans, boots, long sleeve shirts, denim jackets, a gunbelt with a 45 year old revolver that was his grandfather's, and an old cowboy hat that he got before his grandmother passed away.
Personality:Brave, Loyal, Trustworthy, Kind, Patriotic, Old fashioned, and Stubborn

(Just copy my form and put your character in)
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Name: London Shafer
Age: 22
Height: 5'3(she's very short)
Hair: Golden brown, sometimes you can see her natural golden highlights. Ties it in one dutch braid.
Eyes: Ice blue, long and dark eyelashes
Skin tone: Deeply tanned
Facial features: a small scar above her lip from a fire. Has defined cheekbones, a sharp-ish chin, and a small nose.
Normally wears: A Manchester United hoodie, an Under Armour tshirt, sports shorts or capris, and sneakers.
Personality: Athletic, tough, bright, loyal, competitive, sometimes brash, has a small cussing problem.
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