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The year is 2024. A few years ago in 2021 a plague created by a biochemist in Japan wreaks havoc across Asia. A few months later Europe, Africa, and Australia are all under quarantine. The United States closed the borders to everyone as did Canada. But somehow the plague found its way over to North America and spread like wildfire in the Western States. Reports came in of zombies attacking people in the cities and the President warned people to head to the countryside. One young man and a few friends headed up to the Ozark Mountains and set up a base in an abandoned town. His name was Snow Ashe. We start a few months after they set up camp and are out raiding a small town that had been evacuated. That is where they find the young woman who somehow survived the outbreak on the West Coast.

My character.
Name:Snow Ashe
Looks:Light Brown hair, dark blue eyes, tanned skin with a few scars here and there, wears jeans, boots, tshirt under a denim shirt, an old camo army jacket, and an old cowboy hat he got before the apocalypse.
Weapons:Colt Python revolver, AR-15, a hatchet, three knives, and a sword.
Personality: Brave, loyal, good leader, quick thinker and improviser

(Just copy my form and put in your info)
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Name: Eve Shafer
Age: 17(yes, she's young.)
Height: 5'2 or so(yes, she's short.)
Looks: Golden brown hair with natural gold highlights, ice blue eyes, deeply tanned skin, freckles on nose. Wears a faded Washington Capitals jersey, a gray Under Armour tshirt, black sports capris, and gray sneakers. Has hair in a dutch braid or high ponytail.
Weapons: Two throwing knives, Kahr CW9, a rope(mhm), and her bare hands.
Personality: Athletic, tough, gritty, brave, stubborn, great fighter but doesn't think before she acts.
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