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Name:Snow Ashe
Group:The American Keepers.

Weight:135 lbs
Appearancen hair, dark blue eyes, tanned skin with a few scars here and there, wears jeans, boots, tshirt under a denim shirt, an old camo army jacket, and an old cowboy hat
Personality:Brave, loyal, good leader, quick thinker and improviser

Background: Tell us about your character's past, goals, or anything else you feel we should know about them:Snow was born in the Southern United States and raised in a Christian and Patriotic home. He had a good childhood and good parents. When he was 13 he founded the American Keepers. His best friend and now enemy was the co-Founder. When they were in their Junior year of high school she left him to join a group whose goal was to destroy civilization. Obviously they haven't succeeded seeing as we're still here. Snow has an old soul and wants to keep the old traditional American ways alive. Even as a leader of a National Organization he is still lonely. He is looking for someone to be a shoulder to lean on and someone to trust.

If you would like to rp with or learn more about Snow just send me a pm or reply to this post. Thanks for reading!
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Obligatory copy and paste,

Please refer to this thread. Put simply, this forum is dead at the player and administration level. There's no more characters, no more content for the most part. I suggest moving elsewhere for your character fix, or if you're curious, await the SoonTM arrival of a star wars alternative.
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