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- this will be mxm although i don't mind fxf.
- we will be switching and the plot most likely won't be affecting that.
- quality > quantity. give me something to work out and the lines won't matter.
- i don't have a preference on which plot i'd like to do or which muse i'd like to be. you get to choose.

if you would like to roleplay with me but none of the storylines i have interest you, message me and i'll hear your ideas out. i'm easy to please so there might be a 101% chance i'll like your ideas better than mine. i won't be doing anything related to fantasy, mythology, sci-fi as i'm not educated in those topics. i'm a sucker for angst and fluff mostly. rivalry, fame and gangs tickle my pickle more than anything.​


one. plot where muse a and muse b are roommates/dormmates. muse a doesn't hide his attraction towards guys and muse b isn't very happy about that. muse b makes sure muse a knows that he's a worthless piece of shit and that he doesn't deserve to live; in short, muse b is extremely homophobic, for some unknown and troubled reason. muse a finds amusement in the other's words, not minding him much and continuing to go on his way. sometimes they have a heated exchange of words and other times, muse a ignores him. one night, muse b comes back home drunk and out of his mind and he ends up kissing his roommate, to which he happily returns the kiss. they can end up sleeping together or they can kiss and hug the night away. either way, they wake up next to each other in the morning. angst and confusion ensues.

two. muse a is the school's star player / bad boy. either way, he's a bit of a player and he's loved by many as well as hated by some. muse b is a teacher in the very same school that muse a goes to and he's in a few classes of his. muse a couldn't care less about the subject and he's possibly one of the worst students muse b has had so far. luckily, prom is coming up and he has his eyes on his teacher, as a bet, of course. now, muse b is aware that he's attractive since he's been said that many times, mostly by his young students and he's unsure at first but he eventually develops a soft liking to the male. he's surprised at a's level of maturity, despite being a little perverted at times but he knows for sure he's in love with him. rumors start spreading that muse a is taking a 'loser' to prom and muse b knows that they're talking about him. he's hurt, but he's definitely pissed.

three. it's the late 1990s when homosexuality isn't encouraged nor discouraged. but people still have to be very careful. among these people, there's muse a, a hard-headed male who comes from the poor side of town and then there's muse b, a stubborn brat who always gets his way that comes from the wealthy side of town. the two communities don't mesh well at all and they have their differences. one night at one of muse b's house parties, muse a sneaks in, in hopes of having fun and wasting the night away. muse b doesn't recognize him as he's sure he knows every rich person in their town and he approaches him. they flirt for a while and as weeks pass, they grow closer. soon muse a and muse b are a power couple of sorts, but closeted. they go to bars together, they go to watch games and they pin the other against the wall in a public restroom. they're madly in love and yet very young. at times, they can get verbally and physically abusive and they wonder if they can keep going on with them being different, yet not so different from each other.

four. muse a, who is a very successful businessman on the street, becomes the lover of an infamous yakuza gang leader, muse b when he notices him on a particular night. he's stuck by muse b's side wherever he goes, always getting caught up in violence and gruesome fights so much that it starts taking a toll on his mental stability and because muse b is dense, he doesn't pick up on it until one day muse a snaps and has a severe mental breakdown, he distances himself from muse b and it causes his health to gradually decline, it tears muse b apart and he does all that he knows how to shower muse a with his harsh love and blunt affection; intimacy. muse a loves this side of his boyfriend and returns the affection all the same but since their grown men, they might hold back at times with the pressure of their relationship being found out by a colleague or a member of the rival gang.

five. the twisted part of me really needs an affair plot where muse a holds it over muse b's head. like constantly reminding him how his wife is nothing compared to her teasing him about being weak for her. making him go home to his wife when he just wants to spend time with her. reminding him that she can sleep with as many men as she wants because he’s married. but by the same coin not letting him divorce his wife because he’s going to lose money over it. money he could use spending on her. (this will not be a mxf plot but i decided to word it that way as it was going to be confusing if i replaced the pronouns.)

six. "you started to date me just to anger your parents, knowing very well they wouldn’t approve of a ‘low-life’ like me but now you’re slowly realizing what deep shit you’ve gotten yourself into, left alone at the backs of dangerous places more often than not, smoking cigarettes you stole from me all the damn time while texting me about how much you hate me for cheating on you, for playing you when we both know you’re doing the same to me."
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Hello there! I like plot 1 and 2.
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hola! please pm me so we can discuss bit further.
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