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Name: Traek Raveth
Title: "None"

Influence: 1

Group(s): None

Description: He is a rather tall fellow, not fond of words, isolated most of his life in the woods, prefers to think of life as a hunt.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 145lbs
Race/Species: Human
Appearance: Scruffy, filthy/dirt covered, Covered in small scars, tattered with scrapes, and littered with bruises.
Personality: Harsh, quiet, enjoys the sound of the leaves more then any conversation.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers: Great memory, Ideal Hunter.

Background: Traek, always enjoyed the beauty of nature, his parents knew this. They would often take him along on journeys through the forest to watch his eyes light up at all the beautiful surroundings. Every year they would go out on his birthday to a creek that would gentle trickle along while the leaves would dance in flutter to the song of the wind. When Traek had turned 12 they prepared to go on their yearly hike, packing food, water, and not much else. Traek dawned himself in a leather overcoat to keep him warm from the chilling winds of dusk, but when they were a little past the creek they usually visited, they realized that the winds brought more with them then they could handle. Scrambling to return home they had to pass a now violent stream, Traek making it past easily not holding any supplies. With a great deal of effort his parents made it halfway before a new wave of flood waters sent them down stream, and took them out of his life in a matter of moments. Traek never did return home, he found the house would be too empty for him to live in. Without the stories from his father, words had now lost meaning to him, without the songs of his mother, music could not bring him joy. In the end the only thing to console him, was the very thing that tore his life to shreds, Nature. Rarely going into town for food, he usually lives off of what his home provides him, he wanders around with a simple hunting knife he stole from a shop, a mask he carved from one of the planks of his old home, and whatever he may find alone in nature. Thought Traek replies to no such titles he has been called many things from "The Wolf of Steel Fangs." To, "Nature's Apostle." Now 22 years old he tries to go into town often enough to not lose himself completely to isolation, although he is always a stranger to conversation.

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Sorry to say this is a dead zone in Expanding Horizons.

However there are many bountyful and active lands further down the page :) lots of new, established and intresting Role plays below.

Its due to be replaced at some point, so keep a eye out for a new persistand world at some point.


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