This one is an RP which involves a male dracon and a woman coming together to form a family in a fantasy setting. Dracons are draconic humanoids, looking much like the guy in my avatar. Here are two reference pictures. Because of the possibility of content, I must insist that my player be a woman who is 18+.

First, magic can be used to aid in reproduction for humans and dracons, but the child is either a human with some dracon qualities, or a dracon with some human qualities, not some kind of a third race. They'd have to mate first and then apply the magic for cross-breeding to even be a possibility.

Second, if we decide to set this in the dracon realms (a land with roughly medieval technology), know that their lands are deserts which are dominated by a number of large cities, located on a fairly distant continent. It is warm there the entire year and while there is a good deal of sand, most of the deserts are rocky.

One idea is that the lady in question is a human woman with a dracon father and a sorceress for a mother herself. Her mother was a mage who was born with magical powers, and while she had to learn how to control them, spellcasting was as easy for her as using one's arms would be for anyone else. She quickly saw herself as being somewhat removed from the norms of society and began to think about what she wanted, even if it wasn't normal, and she decided that she wanted the strongest offspring she could get. The best way for her to do that was by breeding with a dragon. Since having a relationship with a four-legged beast the size of a dinosaur isn't very practical (to say the least!), she decided that the closest thing was to move to the dracon realms, find a male, and have children by him.

Some years later, the sorceress succeeded and had a number of children, human and dracon alike. Your character could be one of the adult daughters of the sorceress and may even have some magical powers of her own, if you like. She would have also picked up at least some of her mother's ideas about love and family. While those may be subject to change in the RP itself, one possibility is that the male and female of the house each have their own spheres, but neither one is truly dominant over the other. Each one is there to complete the other. This doesn't mean that all the woman would do is cook, clean, and make babies, though! It also doesn't mean the male would work all the time and ignore his kids. The idea is that they'd both live on a farm and both work there, with labor divided according to what they are best at.

For my character, this obviously involves heavy, physical labor. Being a large, strong dracon male means he can do the hard work on the farm: plowing, planting, handling large animals, etc. Keep in mind that he's close to seven feet tall and strong enough to wrestle a bull. He would be the one who owns the land, sells the surplus produce, keeps the place safe, and does most of the work in building and renovating the place, along with other males in the story. He can do more heavy tasks than a human could, being a dragon-person and all.

For the woman, she would be in charge of the household in many ways. In addition to having most control over any children they have, she'd be responsible for making sure her mate was well taken care of. That means looking after his health (making sure he doesn't overwork himself), and being the voice of reason in a heated situation. But she wouldn't just be some doting housewife, or even a housewife at all; she would also be responsible for taking care of some of the animals (chickens, goats, maybe a horse or two?), and a garden.

But this isn't just a "farm simulator." Really, the farm stuff is basically just a backdrop to the real meat of this (proposed) RP: the relationship between the characters. Although they would love each other in a real and true way, it would be the woman who is sort of guiding the situation. Like her sorceress mother, she'd be looking for the most fit male she could find and fall in love with. Basically, the largest, strongest, and toughest dracon who she has feelings for. He's have to be kind to her and love her back; it would just be physical. But once she determines that their love for one another is true, the real work begins. Her main objective in this relationship would be to have as many healthy children as possible, and she doesn't want anything to get in the way of that goal.

This means that while she loves her husband, she also kinda views him as a source of seed, food, and safety she needs to breed, feed, and protect their children. As such, she can be manipulative and make others depend on her in order to get her way. For one thing, this means sex. Specifically, she takes advantage of the fact that dracons have a higher sex drive than humans do, and she can use the offer of sex or the threat of withholding it in order to get what she wants from her husband. She'd also be the one who sets household standards for food, clothes, exercise and education (for the kids), cleanliness, and some other things.

One thing she wouldn't do is mate with a male who hasn't proven himself to her, in terms of love and strength. If we start the RP before they know each other, they wouldn't begin "doing it" right away. It would have to develop over time. That said, a strong dracon male would catch her eye, so there would be attraction from the start, if nothing else. I can get some pictures of dracons if it helps to visualize it.

Also keep in mind that I'm not trying to dictate a plot here, and you'll find that I can be flexible when it comes to changing or replacing ideas.