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Hour of Darkness Blood: Part 1


Pairings: M x F (I prefer to play the male character in this particular plot but I am amendable)
Genres: Suspense, Action, and Romance,

She was an inexperienced angel who strayed from heaven, her purpose yet not set. When she is captured by a coven of vampires while exploring the mortal world. This young seraph knew she had made a mistake. For all knew that it was written in prophecy that if ever a being feed from an angel, then he or she was said to become "Awakened." However when this pure hearted entity is brought before the leader of these vampires. Shocking memories of her previous life resurface as the angel realizes that cold-hearted leader of the coven is the childhood friend who once vowed to protect her.

Overview – After a centuries of war with their nature enemy the lycans. The leader of the vampire acquires a power they covet. An Angel. She would be one hell of a bargaining chip against the wolves. Only there are two problems. The angel in his charge powers are far from developed to consume and the other is that she adamanant she knows the leader of the vampire in her previous life. However that leaves the young angel with a problem of her own. The leader of the coven is certain he has no idea who this girl is, yet angels are not prone to lie.

All details are open to change in discussion. Please PM is interested. Story will be a forum based rp. If you have any questions I will always strive to be polite and answer them. I am an open book. More plots retaining to this universe will be posted here in time.

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  • I prefer my partners 18 years or older
  • Must be willing to roleplay on the forum. I do not take my stories off the site.
  • This is a Supernatural romance roleplay
  • Gender in IRL is not an issue for me unless you are uncomfortable with me playing the opposite myself
  • If you are confused by anything please feel free to contact me. I am always open to discuss story related issues.
  • PM me it's the fastest way to get a prompt response.
  • If you need a break just let me know. There will be times I will have to do the same
  • I am looking for a long term partner for the this story. Breaks are expected
  • I am use to mature content but I draw the line at lewd scenes and violent content.
  • Be a leigable writer. I do not care if you have grammar errors as long as I can comprehend and read its contents
  • Does this plot have actual romance? Yes but it will also have politics plot as well related to the story
  • Can I add my own spin to the lore? Yes in fact I welcome it. Please find things you like to change
  • Is this roleplay based off any series. No I go the idea a few years back and have been tweaking it ever sense.
  • Can I make some of the villains in this story? Yes in fact I welcome it. It helps take some of the pressure off of me.
  • Do you God Mod? No never what you do with your character or characters is up to you.

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