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Current "Everything ends...even the immortals."
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Listen Simon... Don't forget. Believe in yourself. Not in the you who believes in me. Not the me who believes in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself.
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“Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!” - Kamina
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You'll always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow
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So hard so find a roleplay partner...


Table of Contents:

I. Poetry
II. Introduction
III. Idea of the Week
IV. Brief list of Desires
V. Role-Play Series
VI. Characters & Pictures coming soon

I. Poetry

I hoped to find the gleam of the fallen dew, but nothing can I see. Why did you go yonder to Mount Ogura?"

II. Introduction

So I have been away from the site for more than a year. I haven’t really had a lot of time to participate in any of the storylines due to school and other various reasons. So now that I am slightly more scheduled. I will be actively searching for new partners. I’m looking for people who can at least post once a day or week. This way I can ease my way back into the fold with a few one on one role-plays.

III. Ideas of the Week:

Idea: Syfy plot (Any pairing)
Plot & Theme: Werewolf & Shapeshifter

IV. Brief list of Desires

::Post & Post Lengths » I try to give as much in a post as I can. In my intros I can generally get up to a good four or five paragraphs (when I am in a good mood), and have a good idea where the plot is, and understand the story of the world we are going to play in. When one of these are lacking I will try to make up for it by using the story details you provide. I also understand writer's block, I would rather have quality so go ahead and take a break but make sure you inform me.

::Series » Right now I’m going through this phase, where I’m enjoying what I like to call role-play series. Its where I’m taking the secondary characters from my one of my other role-plays and linking the story by giving that particular character its own plot. I just finished a six-part sequence with a very good friend of mind, and I really loved it. I might try here on here sometime near the distant future. Also, if you have an idea that you would like to branch out in this direction feel free to PM me.

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Its fine. ^^ I will have something up after the new year. I have a lot of family holiday stuff planned.
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I can control him but if you want to sometimes I am fine with it. I haven't made a profile for him yet. Though if you want me to do so in these next few post I have a few ideas for banter.


Anubis generally was some who studied a situation, accessed and then made a course of action. So when she was about to make her exit she had thought it was best for the time being. The alliance at that moment clearly had needed to work out some details. What was that saying again. When Titans clash they made more than just waves. Having so many leaders from different guilds at one meeting definitely going to lead to butting heads. Even if some of those people were not necessarily in a guild. However Park's seem to be now taking control of the situation, which was fine with her. Anubis felt in situations like this there needed to be one person who took the leadership position to push things along. Park's seemed as good as anyone. She decided to stay and hear the details of the plan and the departure. Parks after all had already deposited three thousand gold pieces into her inventory. So it would look bad on a business standpoint if she behaved unreasonably.

Besides the guild master of the Neon Colossus had lived up to half his part in the deal. It was time for Anubis to do half of the same. She opened up her inventory and pulled out the map. Handing it over to Park's. "Unfortunately you will have to find a better navigator than I." She informed him. Anubis didn't like to admit her weakness but her sense of direction left much to be desired. " We leave in, say, thirty minutes to the edge of town." Anubis nodded at this information. That gave her plenty of time to gather a few things she need in the city for the journey. She rose to her feet an headed out. Anubis also notice Relka was leaving as well. However exit was far from the conventional exit. It made Anubis slightly giggle. She wonder how Mama fang or her guildies would react to that? Than again Mama had seem to calm down after Parks had take over the meeting once more.

Still Anubis would have stayed if her reaction had given quiet the show. She looked at the clock on her interface, than again she probably didn't have the time. Once Anubis was out of the guild hall she headed to the market area. She need herbs, material and some basic potions to help with the healing aspects of her job while she was out in the field. Anubis was not a person who like to waste healing spells on light damages outside of battle. That was one of the reasons she had taken up alchemy. The sub class had many potions that allowed Anubis to heal and help those in her care to gain back manna, tech points or heath. There were even positions that protected users if the alchemist level was high enough. So buy both potions and materials would allow to have a kit of healing positions already on had while in the field. Then when she ran out the mats would allow her to make news while they spotted in-between traveling. Anibis loved alchemy there were so many possibilities but sometimes she did wonder if she could take if further.

E L I A S (E L I)

New York City, 2018

Palazzo, 10:57pm

Angel's could not lie. They could bend the truth and even be made to believe what they were saying. However lie that was impossible. So when Eli heard this seraph call herself Saphira. His Saphira. The control he was so famous for nearly shattered. Eli eyes turned black and his tone turned ice cold. He did not know what this angel's game was but no way was he about to believe such a ludicrous statement. "Is this some tactic to get me to let you go? Because I am not amused." Eli wasn't not in the least bit entertained. There was no way in hell this angel was Saphira. She died. She was in the afterlife, maybe on the road to reincarnation. There wasn't any way in hell this woman was Saphira. The chances of that was impossible. "Whatever trick this is, it will stop now." Eli voice was emotionless yet firm. The former however was far from what he was feeling. Eli did not like talking about Saphira. There were a few reasons. One because Eli did not like to linger on regrets. It was hard to discuss something when you felt guilt for not being there to save her.

He wish he had. He would have given anything to do so, even live without her. Had that been the price Eli would have paid it willingly. Sure Sara would have been married to someone else but she would have been alive. Maybe even happy. Eli could have lived with that. He would have paid it a thousand times over. Sure his one attempt to be with her would have never have happened. Also she would have married Dante and maybe eventually had children. Yet all those things Eli could have lived with if he knew she would have still been alive. That was why Eli had wished for her to be reincarnated, because maybe then Saphira would have had a second chance at life. The twenty-first century was such a different time. Woman were so much more vibrant and independent. Eli could could easily imagine Saphira here living, embracing life. She had enjoyed adventure with him as a child. So maybe some of that would carry over in a new existence. Not that he would ever know. She could have been born into any family around the world or reborn to look like her old self.

In either scenario Eli would never recognize her. His memories of Sara were as vivid as any memory he had as a human. Yet the one thing shroud in all them was her face. He could not see her or sum up her features in anyone of those memories, Alucard his immortal father had made sure of that. So even if this angel was telling the truth, which he was sure she wasn't. There wasn't any way Eli could confirm at the present. So until proof was presented Eli would not dare have the memory tainted in any way. He rose from his chair and walked over to the angel. He wasn't sure what he wanted to say or do but decisions at the present had to be made. "I am not sure if you believe what you are saying or have found some way to go against your very nature." Eli took a deep breath to restrain himself. "However I will not tolerate you claiming the identity of a woman who is long since been dead." He reached passed her pressing the button that opened the intercom. "Hunter open the door. I am done here."

The interrogation room opened up and Eli stepped past the angel to exit. Before he took his leave he made one final statement. "In the future it would be wise for you to not use that name in my presence." When it came to Saphira Eli did not even allow his subjects to test his patients. "Hunter will be your guard til you are returned back to your kin." After this Eli thought the sooner the better. He left the room. Hunter was leaning against the wall with a somber face. Eli could tell he wanted to know what had just happened in there but at the present the vampire did not want to answer. "Later" He answered the unspoken question. Hunter nodded and stood up straight. "How would you like me to handle her quarters arrangement?" Eli frowned at the question. He knew how Hunter would like to handle it in his way. The man was literal casanova and was clearly enamored with the angel. That did not sit well with Eli but it was better than having her around him at the present. "Keep her in one of the suites on the 12th floor." That was where they kept guest with magical abilities. The entire floor was tethered in void magic. She would not find any hope of escape there.

Hunter nodded acknowledging the command as Eli walked away. He watched as Eli disappeared down the hall, before he went about his duty. Pressing the button opening the doors once more. He entered and bowed. "I am Hunter Ashton." He stood back up and smiled. "But I believe that you and I have already met."
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