The world is a magical place full of wonder, desires, and strange creatures. The world of magic goes on as it does avoiding exposure but overall thriving as a result of hard work, and studious research on behalf of the magical schools of London, Japan, American, and other major nations. With varying degrees of magic, and different types schools often vastly differ in approach, and style with some preferring the magical nature of Japan, rather than the more brutal force of America. However one thing always remain the same despite the differences in the world. The world is full of magical enemies to the schools, and to society in general. With students being trained to go off and pursue their own adventures elder mages are often sent off by the schools to pacify demons, monsters, and other assorted magical threats in order to protect what is vital to them. Pactio warriors are called upon to help these mages fight those who have assorted experience in the magical field but lack the skill required to become a full on mage. Or even normal everyday people who have found themselves whisked away on an adventure that is not exactly what god intended for them so to speak.

Our story starts off at the Mahora High School Academy where a branch of mages from the Mage's Society have held up in Japan masquerading as faculty security, and teachers. Some of the younger members of the place even go there as students, though they are registered as transfer students as at any chance they may need to be whisked away to some other place with the other members of this squad. This specific branch is known as the Magical Elimination Squadron. Or as they call themselves The Magical Defense Comity . Their job is to roam around Mahora, a city specifically known for magical issues, and taking out problems as they come along while also being able to act as a secondary defense response team. The mages, and Pactio units there are preparing for the start of a new school year which will undoubtedly cause more trouble than its worth...


Hello for those who are interested in joining me on this adventure I'm looking for another player, Male or female, to play along with me on this adventure. It will be a day by day thing. I intend to play a (Male) mage so this can either be a mage for this roleplay. So that means we can make a mage/pactio roleplay with the other person playing the pactio user, or teaming up mages with NPC, or secondary characters acting as our pactio warriors. I am not against romance being a thing as it is in the main series to a extent but any (Romantic) MxM pairings with my own characters will be out of the deal I am not interested in that sort of pairing though if you are that's fine you can do that with your own set if you want to play a mage like myself.

The whole jest will be a 'monster of the day' style roleplay which will lead heavier stuff as we proceed into the rp. I'm looking for people who will be willing to make up their own adventure I am not interested in just force feeding the whole plot to my partner roleplays are a cooperative experience.

The school setting is just a plot device I can, and am willing to switch to a different location.

For a bit more info see below:

What is Negima you ask?

This wiki link will explain the practical parts of the series though some of the themes such as the harem element won't likely come into play as we will be focused mainly on magical fights. Romance can be done as characters/players see fit.!:_Magist…

What is magic like in this series?

What is a pactio warrior you ask?

Will there be big changes in how lore things are handled?
Some for the sake of convenience for example a kiss won't be required to seal the pactio deal instead of that one can also offer a blood pact that will function as a lesser form of seal compared to the canon way as to prevent players from being forced into uncomfortable situations.

What are the rules?

The atypical roleplay set. No meta gaming, power playing, and or god modding. No character is perfect.

How deep is your lore of Negima?

I personally don't know much outside the anime, and some of the manga. I will be referring to the wiki for references a lot. If this bothers you well...there's nothing I can do about it?

Don't know about negima and want to join?

Fine by me as long as you're willing to put the time, and effort into actually learning about it though watching the series on crunchyroll, or youtube, or reading the wiki. I'm not the more knowledgeable guy as noted above. I will make mistakes too we're all human.

What is the Mage's Society?

A group of loosely affiliated magical schools bent on promoting, and protecting society from magical threats and to expand their knowledge of magic. For lack of a better group this will be the basis for our reason of being where we are when we are. You don't need to be an official member to be a member of the roleplay group you just need to be a pactio member with a bond with one of the mages.

Character sheets?

will be made later when/if I get interest.


Ask, or don't its up to you. Send me a PM, or comment below.