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"Those about to read this, I salute you"


About me & what to expect

→ It has been twenty-nine years since my name day and I've been roleplaying for nigh on ten years now, on and off. I consistently play male character roles, simply due to the fact that I'am a male and I find it naturally easy to play this sex. Having said that, I'm more than happy to play female characters, even non-human roles and play more than just the one character.

→ I'd prefer my partner to be over the age of eighteen, as I tend to have my roleplays contain mature content, which includes violence, sexual references, strong language, etc.

→ Regarding the length and quantity of my posts depend on the level of post my partner has given me. I despise one-liners, unless it’s in the form of a joke, and all I ask for in my partner is to give as much effort and performance as I do in our roleplay. I tend to post around four to five well-detailed paragraphs on average, but should I feel motivated enough to do more I will do. The rate of how many times I can post a day, a week, whatever, depends on how much free time I get away from work. I do hold a full time job, unfortunately meaning that sometimes I may not be as active as much as I would wish to be.

→ I'm pretty laid back in terms of post response. I'm fully aware that most of us can't be active as much as we'd want and that we all have a life outside of the Guild. I hope. So, I understand that I may have to wait a few days for replies. I only ask for my partner to have the same understanding. I'm located in Australia (AEST).

Communication is key. Truth be told I like to keep in contact with my roleplaying partner. Whether it be to discuss the direction of our roleplay or to simply admire the days weather, feel free to message me. Let me know if your no longer enjoying our roleplay, or you've become bored or can no longer take part for whatever circumstance that maybe. I only ask that you let me know and I will do the same. I prefer to use the Private Messaging system on this site rather than any other source of communication, so if you have any questions you can get me on there.

My Interests

✔ I'm very much an avid fan of medieval, fantasy settings, which include the traditional and typical elements of a fantasy type roleplay. The usual races, magic, kingdoms, and everything else synonymous within a fantasy world. I love the idea of embarking on an adventure in to a world full of might and magic. I also enjoy exploring the political and diplomatic matters concerning a nation or even several, also set in a fantasy type setting.

✔ Slow-burning slice of life roleplays with plenty of drama are a particular interest of mine.

✔ Science-fiction based roleplays are something I enjoy to take part in. Again, the usual elements a sci-fi roleplay holds are interests of mine. When doing these, I like to create original characters, story-lines, planets, races, spaceships, etc

❤ I'm a sucker for romance and a good love story. I do enjoy featuring romance in to all or most of my roleplays. This does not mean that it has to be the sole meaning of the roleplay, however, and can simply be a side plot to the story. Having said this, this is not a complete necessity and I'm more than happy to take part in a roleplay that doesn't involve romance.



○ Action
○ Adventure
○ Alternate universe
○ Ancient history
○ Crime
○ Detective
○ Drama
○ Dystopia
○ Epic fantasy
○ Fable
○ Fantasy
○ Futuristic
○ High School
○ Low fantasy
○ Medieval
○ Modern day
○ Mythology
○ Period drama
○ Political
○ Realism
○ Romance
○ Science fiction
○ Slice of life
○ Superhero
○ Supernatural


Some Original Ideas

*This section will be updated as and when things change. I'll be frequently adding new ideas that I would like to try and hope that I get any kind of potential interest in them. There isn't much here in terms of ideas as of yet, but I promise I'll get more up when I have a bit more time to do so. In the meantime, feel free to throw your own ideas at me and we can try and work something out.

The Throne ⚠️ CLOSED
A low fantasy, political roleplay with some romance. Throughout this roleplay we will play numerous characters, as we
portray the events surrounding two fictional, neighboring kingdoms and a forthcoming arranged marriage. The so-called 'main
characters' in this story will be the eventual king and queen of either of the two kingdoms, with other 'smaller characters'
being created around them. The agreement of marriage is purely political in a maneuver to secure an alliance between the
kingdoms, who have historically not really enjoyed happy relations. The merging of the kingdoms will supposedly provide easier
border crossings, safer trade routes and other mutually beneficial effects. Another factor could be that one of the kingdoms
has become bankrupt and is using the alliance for financial reasons. So, while the newly crowned king and queen stumble through
their awkward new relationship, they must also now rule a kingdom together and enter the world of cut-throat politics, with
scheming politicians and councils members. And that is not to mention the expectation to produce an heir sometime soon.

Planet y
Science fiction, action, adventure. Set in the distant future, a space shuttle carrying earthlings to a new home planet
crash lands on an unknown world. With Earth becoming almost totally inhabitable, mainly due to a total disregard to global
warming and other catastrophic disasters, humans were forced to leave Earth. Our story will follow a band of surviving
passengers, who must navigate around this planet they find themselves stranded on and with no way of communicating to the
other shuttles. The planet is inhabited by both strange and wonderful creatures. Meanwhile, there are two warring races in
conflict with each other as they struggle for power and control of lands and laws. I was thinking one race could be more
civilized than the other with the more menacing race taking an instant dislike to the humans. Imprisoned at first the humans
are forced to help the alien race defeat their nemesis in exchange for a way to escape.



Dragon rider, Princess
An epic fantasy tale, involving plenty of might and magic. Romance can be introduced at some point in this story. When a
princess' realm becomes under attack from an evil, dark warlord, she is given the task of joining a band of warriors to
retrieve an ancient weapon believed to be strong enough to defeat him. The princess and her escort are also joined by the
last remaining Dragon Rider in the realm, who has sworn to protect it. We can mix races for this idea.

Detective, Detective
Set in either a realistic setting or alternate universe, two detectives must solve a spate of crimes. A clash of
personalities is always a good way to go with this type of roleplay.

Adventurer, Adventurer
Two adventurers are sent on an expedition to retrieve a very rare and sought after treasure, when it's whereabouts
becomes circulated around the world of treasure hunters. Our characters can be one-time-lovers or complete strangers,
either way they must work together as they set sail to an uncharted island and try to stay one step ahead of the other
treasure hunters, pirates and mercenaries who also seek the treasure. Once upon the island they find it is home to man-
eating plants, larger than life animals and insects and beasts of a mythical nature. A slight twist regarding the
treasure itself, is when they finally reach it's location, all they find is a rusty, old lamp containing just one last
wish. Romance will feature throughout this story but it is more of an action and adventure with elements of fantasy.

The Workplace ⚠️ CLOSED
Very much a realistic, modern day roleplay, this will involve a group of ordinary workmates going about their business in
the workplace. We will carry out the mundane lives of several office workers as they go about their everyday lives at
work. Plenty of comedy and potential romances throughout. Yes, this is inspired by the t.v show The Office, but I'd like
to steer clear of any similarities if possible.
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