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Freddy Olson

The vampire Freddy took another drag of the cigarette he was holding as he leant against a wall, observing the sea of excited concert goers rush past him and his companions. He could tell they, his companions, were not so comfortable amidst the crowd, as the MoonLead are renowned for staying away from such social activities. Yet, it did not bother him. Not so much anyway. The town of Adelwood was small, making it inevitable to make contact with humanity at some point. Still, the natural urge of attacking one of these mortal beings and sucking their blood was always hard to refrain.

He'd been part of the MoonLead for longer than he can remember. They allowed him in to their group at such a young age and since then he had established himself as a valuable member. Freddy had been on many missions whilst being part of the MoonLead, such as this. This one was easy, at least it should be. To find and locate and eliminate a rogue mythical creature who has planned to attack several mortals and reveal the identity of other 'Myths' in the process.

"He'll be here.", assured Freddy to one his companions, as he took another drag of his cigarette.

Freddy had been informed that there would be several members of the MoonLeads rival gang, the DuskDrawn attending the concert, yet he had not noticed or made contact with them yet. 'Typical', he thought, that that the DuskDrawn would be enjoying themselves at such an important time like this. After one more drag of the cigarette, he flicked it away and continued to survey the hoards of people before him.
Freddy Olson

Twenty Five (309 years)




Appearance: Despite having a rather pale complexion, Freddy can be considered a very handsome guy. Black hair rests neatly on top of his head and is, surprisingly, always in pretty good condition. Red tinted eyes, which can be seen in a certain light, are hidden beneath black rings. He is of a slight build, yet rather muscular.

A black leather jacket is his fashion trademark. He's rarely seen without it. A printed 'Ghostbusters' t-shirt, ripped blue, skinny jeans and a pair of worn-out, white Nike sneakers complete his look.

When in full Vampire form, his teeth protrude in to vicious fangs and his fingers, along with their nails, grow longer than the average. His eyes become a darker shade of red and his hair becomes wilder and less kept. His physical abilities are enhanced, such as, strength, speed and flexibility. Can morph in to the form of a bat.

History: After finding solace in the sleepy town of Adelwood many moons ago, Freddy Olson is a valued member of the MoonLead. His cunningness and unpredictability are an asset in the battles against the DuskDrawn. Olson was initiated in to the MoonLead after fleeing his European homeland after an attack by a group of vampire hunters, which slaughtered almost a whole colony, including his own family, almost half a century ago.

Personality: Unlike most MoonLead, Freddy is not scared of humanity, although he still often lurks in the dark, uninhabited areas of Adelwood. Also, unlike most MoonLead members, Freddy will sometimes wander in to society, but only in to Adelwood's underworld of seedy nightclubs and gambling dens. Not to mention to feast on the odd homeless man or hobo. He is known to have a sense of humour, and is quite up to date with the latest gadgets and fashion trends.

Nathaniel 'Nate' Jacobson

Nate woke with a ghastly headache. Having one last party the night before the new term was definitely a bad idea. He pulled his phone from under his pillow to discover he had several missed calls and unread text messages. Flipping it open he began to read them.

'DUDE, was that Miss Honeyman I seen you get in a car with last night?' - Troy

He wondered what the hell his friend was on about. Then he slowly realised he wasn't in his own bedroom. Things got even weirder when he saw no other than Miss Honeyman about to leave the bedroom.

"Don't be late for school, Nate!"

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Okay the IC is up. There's no need for CS', although should you wish to do one that is totally up to you.

Eastwood High

A look in to personal lives of Manhattan's elite. Rumours, scandals, sex, drugs and alcohol are just a small part of the upper-class teenager's lives of Eastwood High.
@Azure Flame Thank you. Will look to get an IC up shortly.
@sassy1085 Thank you for your interest.
@grandia20 Great! Just need one or two more and I'll open up an IC thread.
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