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Current Nice to have my writing motivation back between being swamped at work and things happening in my personal life. Wrapping up Persona 5 Royal has also caused me to be a LOT less distracted as well. lol
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Note to self: Don't work in a financial industry (student loans) in the middle of a pandemic. Things get crazier than you would expect.
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Animal Crossing and listening to the soundtrack to Heathers the musical. Hell of a juxtaposition if you ask me. XD
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Ugh, pounding head and dead motivation makes RPing hard. I blame it all on me being busy as work. xD
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Yay, happy birthday to me.... and I have to work today. YAY being 31. XD


Hey hey!

Names Michi. I'm an early 30 something woman in the states; I'm an otaku and a huge nerd with a snarky disposition. Sometimes I enjoy Magic the Gathering.

I've been RPing off and on since 2008. I started out as a 1X1 RPer and I love to RP in a canon universe more so than an original idea. However, I'm not opposed to an original idea RP if I enjoy the idea. Some of my favorite canon universes are Persona, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Feel free to reach out if you want to RP! I'm not always able to post once a day as I would like, I do get distracted and sometimes fall into a funk, but I think we all can relate to that at times.

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Most of my persona stuff is closed for now, but there are still other ideas. Of course, feel free to reach out with questions as well.

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And we're back in business folks.

After the ruckus in the kitchen had died down, Fary trailed behind the group on route 2, Emily on her shoulders. She was still feeling down from her call with Grimsley, but Lizbeth did help her feel a lot better. Why did he want to bother her after all this time and what the hell did he want? Emily sensed her trainer's dismay and whined slightly. "Zorua, aa ruua?" Hey, don't feel down. She licked her cheek, but Fary seemed.. unmoved by the gesture. She was still struggling to connect with Emily, but the affection did help her feel a bit better.

Fary realized she got behind the rest of the group but was ok with that fact, she just wanted her own space for right now. "I guess we're a bit behind the group. Here, let's take a chance and give you something to eat. Fary stopped at a stump and dug out someone her handmade Pokemon food. It was high-grade food that would give any Pokemon the needed nutrients they needed. She was about to give Emily some when a wild Mankey swooping in to steal the food and jumped on a nearby tree branch to chow down. After a bite, the Mankey's ear perked up and he shuffled back over to Fary after scarfing down the stolen treat.

Fary laughed softly, "Seems like you liked my cooking. You know, you can have more IF you come on my journey with me. I'll be more than happy to give you more if you get into this Pokeball." Fary pulled out some of her Pokemon treats and a Pokeball. The mankey shifted over to her and sniffed the treat than the ball, clearly thinking and understanding what was going on. "Mankey? Manmanmankey!" Food? Smells like GOOD food! Fary giggled and offered the Mankey a treat, watching him scarf it down quickly then looked at her for more. "If you want more, you'll need to agree to join me. I'll take good care of you, I promise." She offered the mankey the Pokeball and pulled out her Pokedex, scanning him.

The Mankey sniffed the ball again the pressed the button with his nose, letting the light pull him into the ball without a fight, the light instantly clicking off when he was inside. "We have another member of our team." Emily was hiding from the mankey until it was inside of the bull, but as soon as Fary let him out again, she hid. "Zorua, ruruzorua zorua!" Hey, that thing looks scary. The mankey cuddled up to Fary, begging for another treat until Fary give one to him. "Mankey, KEYKEYKEY." You're nice and have tasty food!

Fary thought for a moment on the mankey's name. "Hmmm I think I'll call you Mongo. How does that sound? Mongo didn't seem to care and only munched away at the treat she gave him, Emily eating her own lunch while eyeing the mankey. After a few minutes of snacking, Fary started to walk back to the group again, managing to be only a few feet away after 10 minutes of fast walking, Mongo right behind her, looking around and staying close to Fary as they went.
@KimchiFeel free to shoot me a DM in what you're interested in and we can go from there.

Welcome to my RP corner dear readers.

I'm your host Michi, an appreciator of RPs big and small. If you're here it surely must mean you're looking for an RP partner. Well, in that case, a proper introduction is in order. Feel free to read on at your leisure and if you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask. You are my guest after all.

About Me

I'm a 30 something-year-old who has been RPing off and on for 15 years. Between that time I have also been writing and crafting my own stories. I'm on the west coast, so I'm still up when the east coast is asleep. I also work a full 40-hour job Mon-Fri, the normal 9-5 hours if you will. I do at least try to post once a week, if not every day depending. There are days when I'm mentally wiped from work or I get distracted with something.

My expectations for grammar and length aren't too stringent. I understand the mistakes will happen, but I do ask that I can still understand what you're trying to say. I normally post about 3-5 paragraph length posts depending on the situation. Of course, there are times when longer or shorter posts happen, so it's not a rule that's set in stone. I do ask that posts are made in the third person.

As for the story, I ask that my partner helps me build the story and in some cases the world, and please no overpowered characters unless the story calls for it. I don't mind playing male or female roles and I love OCs with fandom RPs as well. I'm not the kind of RPer that will shy away from gory, explicit or harsher themes and moments in RP; I do understand that not everyone is looking for that kind of story crafting. For the reasons listed previously, I'm looking for 18+ partners only, in fact, I would prefer 21+. Also, I do enjoy talking to my RP partner in OOC to either get to know them or just to talk about RP things. As for the smut vs story ratio, I'm fine with pure smut or story with smut. When it comes to doubling up, I'm more than ok with it. I want my partner to be able to play out whatever story they want as well, so multiple OCs are fine by me! I prefer mxf relationships were I fill the role of the felame, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to RP something else, so feel free to ask!

If there's something you really don't want to do or you don't like something in the RP, please let me know, I'm would rather know and made adjustments then have my partner be uncomfortable or unhappy. The same rule applies for if you're just not into the RP anymore. Please let me know, I'd be more disappointed if someone just ghosts me because they weren't into the RP anymore.

With all of that out of the way, feel free to drop me a PM or a reply here if you're interested!
I would be interested in ether MHA, Persona, or BrotherxSister.
Fary just looked up at Lizbeth then looked away. "Remember how I told you I'm from Unova? Well, there's a reason I left home four years ago. I... I was in a serious relationship with a trainer that specialized in dark types. He became a member of the Elite Four.. and dumped me." Fary starting chewing on her lower lip. "He just called me for the first time in 4 years..." she picked up and held Emily.

"I'm...I'm sorry to hear that. It was awful of him to do that." Lizbeth gave her Poochyena a small petting as she talked. "Why ever did he call you again, though?"

"He.. he apologized for everything and asked for me back." She hugged Emily more and she tried to wiggle out of her arms. "Oh, shit I'm sorry Emily..."

"Hmm, is that so?" Lizbeth wasn't quite sure why he'd just suddenly want to be back, but one thing was clear enough to her. "I take it that isn't exactly happy news for you? Sorry if I appear inconsiderate, but I'm not exactly an expert on relationships." Given that she had never been in one herself.

Fary shook her head and decided she should give the girl more information. "He hid a gambling issue he had from me out of shame. I would have supported him and loved him regardless of that. Right before he was set to take over his roll in the Elite Four, he took me out to a VERY nice dinner and broke up with me out of the blue." She felt fresh tears run down her cheeks.

"I later find out it was due to his addiction and guilt over keeping it from me. There where better ways to handle that."

"That's simply awful. I can't believe he'd do that instead of trust in you and possibly get through it together." She stopped petting her Poochyena and grabbed onto Fary's hand. "There definitely were better ways, but I suppose he didn't know how to handle it."

Emily sat down next to her trainer and yipped. "Zorua, Zorzor zorua!" Fary, don't cry! Emily didn't know how to handle crying humans yet, but she really didn't like seeing her trainer upset.

Fary squeezed Lizbeth's hand. "No.. he really didn't. The shitty part is I spent weeks breeding a perfect Pokémon for him, one I found out today he uses in his Elite Four roaster back home. I... I have conflicting feelings about that."

Fary sat in silence for a moment as she chewed on her cheek. "Part of me still cares for him, a part I thought long dead... Fucking Grimsley."

Lizbeth squeezed back and gave Fary a soft smile. "Well, ultimately, I think it's up to you what you want to do should he contact you again. We may not have known each other for more than a few hours, but I'll support your decision."

Letting go of her hand, she thought of showing Fary something she hadn't done this entire time. "Wanna see something cool?" Lizbeth put her Poochyena down, as well as putting Ace down on the table, and took her backpack off to reach for something in it.

"Here, Ace, hold this." Lizbeth handed him a mirror, and he knew exactly what she was about to do. With her hand out of the bag, there was a small case in it. She opened it, and two lenses were there. "Just a sec, Fary." After taking her glasses off, she very carefully put both lenses onto her eyes and blinked a few times before putting her glasses back on.

When she looked over to Fary, her green eyes had now become red. "Pretty cool, right?" She hoped that this might cheer her up some.

Fary sat and waited patiently. She watched her dig through her bag, clearly looking for something. Then, when she pulled out the small case, she became more interested in Lizbeth's rummaging.

Fary smiled slightly after Lizbeth was done with the lenses. "That is pretty cool Lizbeth. I needed that. It was sweet of you." She did feel a bit better and appreciated her efforts to make her laugh.

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that." Lizbeth put the mirror and case back, intending on keeping the lenses in for the time being. "I wonder what the others will say." Ace walked over to Fary and patted her hand. "Imp!" Cheer up! he said with a grin.

"While that was definitely a nice distraction for you, don't forget that we're here for you. Both Ace and I. Keep walking forward and you'll find your way." Lizbeth said with a reassuring grin of her own.

Fary sighed and nodded weakly. Growlithe "Thank you, I needed that. While I have my own thinking to do, you did help make me feel a lot better Lizbeth. Thank you."[/color] She gave her a soft and genuine smile. "I'm happy I decided to come to Kanto and take the gym challenge here."

Fary was about to take out her sketchbook when a Growlithe barged into the room followed by clearly it's trainer. She normally would have wanted to greet them, but more likely wanted to sit and draw. "Yea, that's us. I'm Fary Natashi, I live here in Kanto." she looked up at the new arrival and gave him a weak wave, clearly still upset, but being as polite as she could muster.
Fary followed behind the group looking over Rogue to make sure he was ok after she gave him the potion but he was wiggling in her arms, and clearly unhappy. "Poochy! Poochy poochyena poochy!" HEY! Get your hands off me human!" He was trying to wiggle free form her arms, clearly not used to or trusting humans much, if at all.

Fary just sighed but understood Rogue's hesitance to trust a human. Some people can be shitty to pokemon after all. "Hey hey hey Rogue, it's ok, I'll take good care of you, but I understand why you'd be so wiggly being a fresh-caught Pokemon. Here, let's get you back in your ball for now." She pulled Rogue's Pokeball from her hip and put him back in his ball. She put the pokeball back in its spot as she walked into Viridian City. She knew Viridian was ultimately the last stop before they headed to the Indigo Plateau, which means Gary would be the last gym leader they would face for their journey.

She was about to make her way to the PokeMart and then wanted to meet with the others for food when her Xtransceiver rang. She was expecting it to be either her parents or Duska but looking down at caller ID just made her scowl. Grimsley, great. She hung up and decided he was either trying to get her to breed something for him or wanted to get his dick wet. Then he called her again, and after she rejected his call a few more times, so she bit the bullet and picked up, but made damn sure she looked VERY displeased to see him.

"The fuck do you want Grimsley and why, after FOUR YEARS, are you bothering me." Her voice was dripping with contempt and she wanted nothing more than to hang up on his ass.

Emilly perked up when she got a call, noticing Fary was clearly upset."Zorua zorzor zorua zooor?" "Who the hell is that?" She sniffed at the screen, and growled slightly at the new loud noise.

"Fary Queen! Why are you giving me that look? I'm just calling to talk with you because it's been too long and I miss you. Is that your Zorua? She looks magnificent, I can tell your father bred her for you." He trying to hide his sheepishness with bravado, but it wasn't working. 4 years ago, his bravado would have gotten her every time, but he ruined that all on his own.

Fary's lip curled, and she almost let out a growl. "You miss me? You, miss ME?! Grimsley, I seem to recall you broke up with me because you hid your gambling addiction from me, which I would have supported and loved you anyway regardless of that. BUT, that's too late now. Just tell me why you're really calling me so I can move on with my life WITHOUT YOU!" Fary was almost yelling at this point but managed to keep her voice down as she headed to the Pokemon center.

Grimsley looked down and sighed, deflated and defeated. "I... I know I fucked up. Lying and leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life and I've regretted it ever since. And that purrloin you breed for me, she's... now a liepard and she's amazing and perfect... just like you are. I need you back and I can't take this guilt anymore." He seemed ready to cry, but Fary wasn't going to let that get to her.

Fary saw a man clearly broken by his actions, but she wasn't gonna give him the chance to rip her heart out again. She felt hot tears running down her face as she stopped right outside of the kitchen she saw her traveling companions in, feeling her gasket ready to blow. "Just... leave me the fuck alone Grimsley. Please, you ruined me and your guilt is your problem to bear." She walked into the room and took a seat away from everyone else at her own table. "Lastly, I don't CARE if your part of the Elite Four back home Grimsley, you can't just get me back 4 damn years later by apologizing. Goodbye!" She aggressively hung up on him, and didn't realize her voice was raised enough for everyone to understand her but managed to not yell.

Emily jumped off her shoulder and whimpered, worried about her trainer but didn't say anything and Fary just sat there and cried quietly.
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