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Current Note to self: Don't work in a financial industry (student loans) in the middle of a pandemic. Things get crazier than you would expect.
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Animal Crossing and listening to the soundtrack to Heathers the musical. Hell of a juxtaposition if you ask me. XD
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Ugh, pounding head and dead motivation makes RPing hard. I blame it all on me being busy as work. xD
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Yay, happy birthday to me.... and I have to work today. YAY being 31. XD
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I'm itching to RP again. Can't wait to get something started!


Hey hey!

Names Michi. I'm an early 30 something woman in the states; I'm an otaku and a huge nerd with a snarky disposition. Sometimes I enjoy Magic the Gathering.

I've been RPing off and on since 2008. I started out as a 1X1 RPer and I love to RP in a canon universe more so than an original idea. However, I'm not opposed to an original idea RP if I enjoy the idea. Some of my favorite canon universes are Persona, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Feel free to reach out if you want to RP! I'm not always able to post once a day as I would like, I do get distracted and sometimes fall into a funk, but I think we all can relate to that at times.

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Fary just looked up at Lizbeth then looked away. "Remember how I told you I'm from Unova? Well, there's a reason I left home four years ago. I... I was in a serious relationship with a trainer that specialized in dark types. He became a member of the Elite Four.. and dumped me." Fary starting chewing on her lower lip. "He just called me for the first time in 4 years..." she picked up and held Emily.

"I'm...I'm sorry to hear that. It was awful of him to do that." Lizbeth gave her Poochyena a small petting as she talked. "Why ever did he call you again, though?"

"He.. he apologized for everything and asked for me back." She hugged Emily more and she tried to wiggle out of her arms. "Oh, shit I'm sorry Emily..."

"Hmm, is that so?" Lizbeth wasn't quite sure why he'd just suddenly want to be back, but one thing was clear enough to her. "I take it that isn't exactly happy news for you? Sorry if I appear inconsiderate, but I'm not exactly an expert on relationships." Given that she had never been in one herself.

Fary shook her head and decided she should give the girl more information. "He hid a gambling issue he had from me out of shame. I would have supported him and loved him regardless of that. Right before he was set to take over his roll in the Elite Four, he took me out to a VERY nice dinner and broke up with me out of the blue." She felt fresh tears run down her cheeks.

"I later find out it was due to his addiction and guilt over keeping it from me. There where better ways to handle that."

"That's simply awful. I can't believe he'd do that instead of trust in you and possibly get through it together." She stopped petting her Poochyena and grabbed onto Fary's hand. "There definitely were better ways, but I suppose he didn't know how to handle it."

Emily sat down next to her trainer and yipped. "Zorua, Zorzor zorua!" Fary, don't cry! Emily didn't know how to handle crying humans yet, but she really didn't like seeing her trainer upset.

Fary squeezed Lizbeth's hand. "No.. he really didn't. The shitty part is I spent weeks breeding a perfect Pokémon for him, one I found out today he uses in his Elite Four roaster back home. I... I have conflicting feelings about that."

Fary sat in silence for a moment as she chewed on her cheek. "Part of me still cares for him, a part I thought long dead... Fucking Grimsley."

Lizbeth squeezed back and gave Fary a soft smile. "Well, ultimately, I think it's up to you what you want to do should he contact you again. We may not have known each other for more than a few hours, but I'll support your decision."

Letting go of her hand, she thought of showing Fary something she hadn't done this entire time. "Wanna see something cool?" Lizbeth put her Poochyena down, as well as putting Ace down on the table, and took her backpack off to reach for something in it.

"Here, Ace, hold this." Lizbeth handed him a mirror, and he knew exactly what she was about to do. With her hand out of the bag, there was a small case in it. She opened it, and two lenses were there. "Just a sec, Fary." After taking her glasses off, she very carefully put both lenses onto her eyes and blinked a few times before putting her glasses back on.

When she looked over to Fary, her green eyes had now become red. "Pretty cool, right?" She hoped that this might cheer her up some.

Fary sat and waited patiently. She watched her dig through her bag, clearly looking for something. Then, when she pulled out the small case, she became more interested in Lizbeth's rummaging.

Fary smiled slightly after Lizbeth was done with the lenses. "That is pretty cool Lizbeth. I needed that. It was sweet of you." She did feel a bit better and appreciated her efforts to make her laugh.

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that." Lizbeth put the mirror and case back, intending on keeping the lenses in for the time being. "I wonder what the others will say." Ace walked over to Fary and patted her hand. "Imp!" Cheer up! he said with a grin.

"While that was definitely a nice distraction for you, don't forget that we're here for you. Both Ace and I. Keep walking forward and you'll find your way." Lizbeth said with a reassuring grin of her own.

Fary sighed and nodded weakly. Growlithe "Thank you, I needed that. While I have my own thinking to do, you did help make me feel a lot better Lizbeth. Thank you."[/color] She gave her a soft and genuine smile. "I'm happy I decided to come to Kanto and take the gym challenge here."

Fary was about to take out her sketchbook when a Growlithe barged into the room followed by clearly it's trainer. She normally would have wanted to greet them, but more likely wanted to sit and draw. "Yea, that's us. I'm Fary Natashi, I live here in Kanto." she looked up at the new arrival and gave him a weak wave, clearly still upset, but being as polite as she could muster.
Fary followed behind the group looking over Rogue to make sure he was ok after she gave him the potion but he was wiggling in her arms, and clearly unhappy. "Poochy! Poochy poochyena poochy!" HEY! Get your hands off me human!" He was trying to wiggle free form her arms, clearly not used to or trusting humans much, if at all.

Fary just sighed but understood Rogue's hesitance to trust a human. Some people can be shitty to pokemon after all. "Hey hey hey Rogue, it's ok, I'll take good care of you, but I understand why you'd be so wiggly being a fresh-caught Pokemon. Here, let's get you back in your ball for now." She pulled Rogue's Pokeball from her hip and put him back in his ball. She put the pokeball back in its spot as she walked into Viridian City. She knew Viridian was ultimately the last stop before they headed to the Indigo Plateau, which means Gary would be the last gym leader they would face for their journey.

She was about to make her way to the PokeMart and then wanted to meet with the others for food when her Xtransceiver rang. She was expecting it to be either her parents or Duska but looking down at caller ID just made her scowl. Grimsley, great. She hung up and decided he was either trying to get her to breed something for him or wanted to get his dick wet. Then he called her again, and after she rejected his call a few more times, so she bit the bullet and picked up, but made damn sure she looked VERY displeased to see him.

"The fuck do you want Grimsley and why, after FOUR YEARS, are you bothering me." Her voice was dripping with contempt and she wanted nothing more than to hang up on his ass.

Emilly perked up when she got a call, noticing Fary was clearly upset."Zorua zorzor zorua zooor?" "Who the hell is that?" She sniffed at the screen, and growled slightly at the new loud noise.

"Fary Queen! Why are you giving me that look? I'm just calling to talk with you because it's been too long and I miss you. Is that your Zorua? She looks magnificent, I can tell your father bred her for you." He trying to hide his sheepishness with bravado, but it wasn't working. 4 years ago, his bravado would have gotten her every time, but he ruined that all on his own.

Fary's lip curled, and she almost let out a growl. "You miss me? You, miss ME?! Grimsley, I seem to recall you broke up with me because you hid your gambling addiction from me, which I would have supported and loved you anyway regardless of that. BUT, that's too late now. Just tell me why you're really calling me so I can move on with my life WITHOUT YOU!" Fary was almost yelling at this point but managed to keep her voice down as she headed to the Pokemon center.

Grimsley looked down and sighed, deflated and defeated. "I... I know I fucked up. Lying and leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life and I've regretted it ever since. And that purrloin you breed for me, she's... now a liepard and she's amazing and perfect... just like you are. I need you back and I can't take this guilt anymore." He seemed ready to cry, but Fary wasn't going to let that get to her.

Fary saw a man clearly broken by his actions, but she wasn't gonna give him the chance to rip her heart out again. She felt hot tears running down her face as she stopped right outside of the kitchen she saw her traveling companions in, feeling her gasket ready to blow. "Just... leave me the fuck alone Grimsley. Please, you ruined me and your guilt is your problem to bear." She walked into the room and took a seat away from everyone else at her own table. "Lastly, I don't CARE if your part of the Elite Four back home Grimsley, you can't just get me back 4 damn years later by apologizing. Goodbye!" She aggressively hung up on him, and didn't realize her voice was raised enough for everyone to understand her but managed to not yell.

Emily jumped off her shoulder and whimpered, worried about her trainer but didn't say anything and Fary just sat there and cried quietly.
Fary meandered her way to catch up with the rest of the group, taking her time to enjoy the view around her. It was the kind of thing she liked to do from time to time, it had to be the artist in her after all. Grimsly had always liked that about her, how she wanted to take in the environment around her and how observant she could be. Grimlsy... she still hated him, and part of her wished he didn't leave her. Oh well, that was in the past, just like he was.

Fary had wandered her way to route 1, still absent-mindedly walking, only half focusing on her path forward. She was thinking about her dream of opening a dark based gym back home in Unova, or maybe she could stay in Kanto, settle down and have a gym while keeping her breeding business open. She could enjoy that life, and Duska was a good assistant. Fary found her self getting more lost in thought until Emily yipped at her as a male Poochyena ran across their path, low on all fours growling at Emily.

"Oh shit, thank you, Emily. I would have run into this poor little cutie. Well, seems like a good member to add to our team. GO Emily!" Emily jumped off her shoulders and landed right in front of the wild pokemon, ready to fight.

"ZORUA, zor zoruuuuaaaa zorua!." HEY, don't growl at me, I should teach you some manners!" The Poochyena didn't seem to care about Emily's words. Instead, he lunged at her for a tackle, but Emily was able to jump out of the way in time.

"Emily, use leer to weaken it!"

Emily just nodded and glaired at the Poochyena, which seemed to make him back off some. Taking advantage of his hesitation, Fary gave Emily another command. "Use another leer then go in with a dark pulse!" While dark pulse wasn't a normally good idea against another dark type Pokemon, leer helped make up for that drawback.

Emily shot the Poochyena another glair, making the pokemon take another step back right before Emily opened her mouth to shoot out a dark purple and black wave of energy that engulfed the Poochyena. It was a few moments before the emergy disbursed enough for Fary to see that the wild pokemon was weak enough for her to try and catch him. She pulled out a Pokeball from her side pouch and threw it as the light from the ball pulled the Poochyena into the sphere. Both the trainer and her pokemon watched with batted breath as the ball thrashed and wiggled on the ground until it clicked, meaning she caught a new pokemon.

"WE DID IT EMILY. I now have a Poochyena." She ran over to pick up the ball and smiled widely. "I think I'll name him Rogue. Come on out Rogue!"

She released Rogue from his Pokeball, and he growled at her for a moment. "It's ok buddy. I'll take good care of you ok Rogue?" She pulled out some pokemon treats and a potion to use on her new friend.

Rogue sniffed at her open had that had the food, and slowly walked over, taking the food. "Poochy, pooc poochyena... Pooch ena poochy..." Fine, I'll take your food... You don't seem too bad... so far. Rogue chowed down on the food as Fary treated his injuries from their fight and he seemed to relax a lot more. Fary picked up Rogue and held him to her chest. He didn't seem to know what to make of the whole ordeal.

After a minute or two, she was able to catch up with the rest of her party. "Sorry about that, I got distracted but I caught a pokemon! His name is Rogue." Fary smiled and gestured to Rouge.
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Fary was snapped out of her focused daze by the presence of Lizbeth and let out a small yelp of shock due to being startled."Oh, umm thank you. It's one of my favorite places from back home, it's the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City. I used to ride it quite a bit when I was younger." Fary forced a smile, not wanting to bring down the mood of their excitement.

“Uh, random question: Are any of us from Kanto?

Fary cleared her throat and answered Ezra. "I may not be from Kanto, but I do know the region really well. I can help guide us around if that's what you're worried about. All we have to do is head north to route one and then to Viridian City."

Not soon after, another trainer came her way. She didn't get a chance to catch her name before, so it was a bit nice to be able to meet her now. It didn't take Fary long to notice the egg she was carrying, and she became curious, but that could wait."I'm Fary, and this here is my zorua Emily. You have a cute Budew with you, Curry seems to be a bit of a handful. I seem to recall a chip bag over their head a bit ago." Fary laughed softly giving Emily a pat

This whole time, Emily had fallen asleep next to Fary, but was jostled awake by all of the noise that had decided to join them. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted to the sigh of some green thing that smelled of fried oil and heart attacks. "Zo.. zoruaaaa? Zora, zorua. Zoru zorua, zor zorua zorzor zorua. Rua zoruu zorrua?" What is that smell? Oh, it's you. I'm Emily, a zorua from the Unova region. What are you? Emily seemed to perk up a bit when Fary put a hand on her, her pet must more relaxed this time around.

"I think I've only had one lava cookie and it was the time I went with my mom to a Pokémon Contest in Verdanturf Town. This looks great, thank you Vivian." Fary broke off some for Emily. "Here ya go, Emily, enjoy."

Emily gave the cookie a sniff and looked up at her unsure if she should eat it. Fary smiled softly, petting Emily again and took a bite of her part of the cookie. After thinking for a moment, Emily ate her portion of the cookie and found that she enjoyed it, and the look on Fary's face seemed to indicate she liked it as well.

"Oh wow, these are good. I just had a prepackages lava cookie all those years ago. This is so much better."
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As Gary explosively left the room, Fary felt a small pang of pity for the gym leader. She had never met him herself, but she had heard of his talents as a gym leader and understood slightly as to why he was so volatile to the shenanigans that had transpired. The elder Oak was clearly not mentally sound by any stretch of the imagination and this was obviously not the first time this kind of thing happened. However, Professor Oak wasn't fit to be left on his own and Gary seemed to be just as happy to keep him here on his own without any assistance or supervision.

Fary took her Pokedex silently, turning it over in her hands; it reminded her of a cell phone with it's huge touch screen and camera on the back. Fary pointed the camera at Emily and snapped a picture after she finished setting it up, and fiddled with a few of the settings, such as turning up the brightness of the screen.

"So, you're a trouble maker Emily, even the Pokedex agrees." Fary smirked and laughed as Emily huffed, standing up a bit stiffer at her trainer's jab and flicked her tail again on the back of the head, this time jostling Fary's ponytail. Fary already knew a vast majority of the information the Pokedex gave her on Emily, but it was nice to have a record for it.

"Zo zorua, zo zorua rua." Hey, I can't help what's in my nature." Emily sniffed at the screen that showed a picture of her and Fary give her a stiff pat on the head, an awkward feeling washing over the pair as Fary was still feeling weird about starting her Pokemon trainer journey so late in life from when she was supposed to leave. Emily just laid down on her trainer's shoulders, ignoring the stiffness for now.

Fary elected to not join in the current conversation regarding them going as a group, she had kind of assumed that would be the case anyway. Instead, Fary elected to silently walk back outside, some old feelings creeping back into her head as the reality of her starting her journey starting to sink in, her Pokedex still in her hand. She slipped it into the back pocket of her shorts.

Fary started to drift into her own thoughts, "I should have done this ages ago with Sarah in Unova... Emily isn't a bad Pokemon, she... she's just not my Sarah." She took a seat at a bench outside and removed her pack from her shoulders. Opening the dark leather pack, she pulled out her sketch pad and started back on a drawing she had been working on for a few days, silently working away as Emily watched.
Fary was taken slightly back by the professor's mannerisms. She had heard he has lost it some, but she didn't expect him to be THIS bad. She looked over at the gym leader with an empathetic look. She noticed the rest of her group so far had been polite or just not acknowledge the man's failing, scratch that, completely shot sanity.

Her face morphed into one of slight confusion, and concern as she pointed a finger at the wizened Oak, her voice showing hints of sarcasm, "Umm, did he try to smoke a Shroomish or has he just lost it THAT much of his sanity? I knew he was a bit... senile but not quite like this. She knew she was being rude in a way, but she didn't feel like starting her Pokemon journey like this.

Emily was completely shocked, being used to Professor Juniper. "Zorua zooooruuua, ruru zoru ahhh?" What the hell, this is the famous Professor Oak?

Fary turned to look at Emily, and nodded her head whispering to her, "I know right? Professor Juniper wouldn't act like this."

Fary also didn't like how he scared Lizbeth, and walked over to check on her new startled friend. "Hey, are you ok Lizbeth? If you want, we can step away for a bit, or I can have Emily bite the old mans heels." She laughed softly, trying to cheer up the younger woman.

Emily hit Fary in the ear softly with her tail and stood up, clearly not a fan of that idea."ZORR, zoruaaa, ruru zorua. Zoruaaa zorua!" NO WAY, I'm not biting him. Bite him yourself!
Fary turned to look at Lizbeth, and gave her a slight nod. "Yea, I am planning on taking a League challenge! I wanna get out there and see as many Pokémon as I can. That's interesting that you are into photography."

Emily was still watching Ace out of curiosity. "Zoooor zorua zorrrzzor." Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. She settled into Fary's shoulders again.

"Oh, th-thank you. I just l-like looking around and finding i-interesting sceneries, and capturing the moment, s-so to speak." While Lizbeth talked to Fary, Ace poked his head a little from under the beret. "Impi! Dimp!" Oh, no worries, I ain't mad! I just...I ain't so hot with Pokémon I don't know!

”Osha! Oshaosha!” Hey! Down here! Brie continued in her attempts to capture the Zorua’s attention, hopping about and waving her flippers. Unsatisfied with being ignored, she began to brandish her schalchop.

Oshawotta wott. ” Guess I’ll just bring her down to my level. She muttered with a devilish grin. With the shell aimed for Fary’s shin, the devious Oshawott raised her flipper. Ezra was quick to catch her in the act, and his jog broke into a sprint.

“Brie, No!” Ezra was quick, upon the girls in no time at all. The tall shadow he cast over the two was long but brief as he ducked down to scoop up the Oshawott. It was a deft performance that enabled him to reacquire the Pokémon without barreling through the two trainers, though the sudden action mixed with the extra weight and shape of his bag left him in a bit of an awkward position to recover from.

”Seriously, Brie? Just because we play like that, doesn’t mean you can do it to others!” He scolded as he stood up straight. Granted, with his face full of hair, the reprimand fell a little flat for the young otter.

”Osha.” Whatever. She replied, crossing her flippers and turning up her nose.

Lizbeth's Rotom phone went back into her pocket, its job done for the time being, and she looked around as she heard another Pokémon's cry. "Why, hello there. Aren't you the one I saw earlier?" It seemed her nervousness lifted momentarily while she greeted the little Oshawott.

Emily looked over at the noise behind them, and perked up seeing another Unovan Pokemon. "Zorua zoru zorua ZORZOR!" Fary, look, it's a Pokemon from home.

Fary looked back to see someone else had joined them and noticed the Oshawott. "I haven't seen an Oshawott in ages! You seem like a little handful and a cutie!"

Ezra chuckled as he shifted the Oshawott into one arm, using his free hand to wrangle his name the best he could. “Heh, yeah. Sorry ‘bout that, ladies. She must’ve got a little excited when she spotted the Zorua. I only got to see one once when I was in Unova, and it definitely wasn’t this close.” He addressed. Brie was loving the attention she was suddenly receiving.

Fary gave Emily a pet when she was mentioned, and pulled her into her arms much to Emily's protests. "Yea, Zoruas are a bit rare even in Unova. I heard a rumor that some guy handed one out in Castelia City randomly."

"Zorua! Zorzor!" Hey! Let me go!" Emily wiggled and squirmed, but ended up nose to nose with the Oshawott.

"Anyway, I'm Fary, and this here is Emily. Nice to meet you."

Looking up at Ezra, Lizbeth was once again overcome by nervousness, mainly because of her previous train of thought when she let the word adorable slip near him and the Oshawott, as Fary called it. Choosing to look at his Pokémon and not him for the time being, she replied. "O-oh, don't worry a-about it. It d-didn't bother me..." She spoke even softer than she'd done when Fary first greeted her.

With Fary introducing herself and Emily, Lizbeth reached up to take her beret off for a moment to do the same. "My name i-is Lizbeth, and the l-little one on m-my head is Ace. H-he's an Impidimp, in c-case you didn't k-know."

Ace was not at all pleased with the removing of the beret, and tried reaching back down to get it. "Imp imp!" Hey, give it back, I need it! With the addition of a second new Pokémon, another one he hadn't seen, he didn't want to be so exposed to them. But instead of getting the beret, Lizbeth instead just grabbed him with her hand, hugging him with both arms like a teddy bear.

“Lizbeth,” He pointed to the redhead. “Fary,” Then pointed to the bluehead. “Emily,” A point to the Zorua. “Ace?” Lastly, the weird new Pokémon Lizbeth called a Impidimp. Then, pointed a thumb to himself. “I’m Ezra.” With his name on the wind, the only thing that could follow one of his introductions was a big toothy grin.

“This little troublemaker is Brie!” He gestured towards his plucky Oshawott, who was still sniffing at the Zorua in her space. ”Oshaosha...” You don’t smell like a sewer...Are you sure you’re from Unova? She mumbled as she examined Emily.

Emily snapped back, clearly slighted offended. ZORRUA! Zorrrr zorua zorua ZOR!" The sewer? Unova doesn't smell like the SEWER! Emily's head dropped down.

"Nice to meet the both of you. Seems Brie had something to say to Emily though." Fary put the sulking Emily back on her shoulder where she snuggled back down.

"Anyway, we're heading to Professor Oak's lab, do you want to walk with us?" She pointed her thumb behind her towards the building in the background.

"That s-sounds wonderful. E-even if he's not g-going there himself, we could still all walk tog-gether." Lizbeth quickly turned around and started walking towards the lab, with the other two slightly behind her as she was subconsciously walking a little faster. As they approached the lab, they saw that two other women had already gathered there, with what seemed to be their own Pokémon out of their Pokéballs as well.
“Oh no!”

Fary heard a small commotion ahead of her and rushed forward to see what was going on. She saw a redhead knelt over, scrambling to pick up her wallet with a Pokemon she didn't recognize. She looked flustered, and Fary wanted to make sure she was ok, so she hurried to walk up to the girl. "Hey, are you ok? You seem a bit flustered and I wanted to see if you needed any help." Fary smiled softly, offering the woman a hand up after she picked up her wallet.

Emily perked up on Fary's shoulders to investigate the strange pink thing, sniffing the air. "Zoooor ruru zorua? Ruuu zoruuua zoruuaaa?" What are you? Fary do you know what this is? Emily turned her head to the side yipping slightly.

"Seems my Zorua Emily is interested in your Pokemon. I have to admit, I've never seen that Pokemon before so I'm a bit curious as well. My name is Fary Nitashi, I'm from Unova, but I currently live here in Kanto in Fuschia City. It's nice to meet you." Fary scrached Emily behand the ears as she yipped at the woman's Pokemon, wanting to great it.
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