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Fary sighed when Danny talked about the decline in the interest for Pokemon contests. She remembers her mother struggling to find something to do with her time once the contests died down. Her mother would just spend days training with her Pokemon for contests that would get cancelled due to a low number of registered contestants. Fary herself only was in a handful of contests before it slowed down. After that point her mom opened a grooming shop along side her father's breeding business. While it wasn't her passion, it was still something she could do with her family and that's all she needed.

Fary followed Danny up to the lab and blinked seeing it in such a disheveled state.

"Damn, Professor Juniper always keeps her lab looking neat. This... looking like someone let an Mankey run wild while trying to chase a Pidgy with explosive diarrhea."

She didn't see Gary Oak just in front of her was she spoke about the poor state of Professor Oak's lab. When looking around, she saw Gary smirked a bit when he commented to the her fellow group of trainers. She knew who he was the moment she saw him. Even in Unova, she made sure to keep abreast on the Pokemon leagues of each region.

She laughed a bit more when Charlie started acting star struck. She was use to meeting big names in the Unova Pokemon League due to her parents as well as dating a big name trainer herself. Fary was clearly not as impressed with Gary as some of the other members of her group were. That wasn't to say she didn't think he wasn't a good trainer.

"I had an ex that would talk about and bet on the Pokemon leagues from other regions outside of Unova so I know of Gary Oak even if Kanto and Unova aren't that close. Anyway, yea, we're here to take on the Kanto league. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Hey, as long as I know. I've had things I've had to deal with as well. Just keep me in the loop like you have been and we're good.
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