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1 yr ago
Current Oh lord, I just realized I'm about to turn 33 next month. Still feels like I should be 29. Soon I'll be getting a senior discount.
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1 yr ago
Don't mind me, just jamming to some Persona music.
3 yrs ago
Nice to have my writing motivation back between being swamped at work and things happening in my personal life. Wrapping up Persona 5 Royal has also caused me to be a LOT less distracted as well. lol
3 yrs ago
Note to self: Don't work in a financial industry (student loans) in the middle of a pandemic. Things get crazier than you would expect.
3 yrs ago
Animal Crossing and listening to the soundtrack to Heathers the musical. Hell of a juxtaposition if you ask me. XD


Hey hey!

Names Michi. I'm an early 30 something in the states; I'm an otaku and a huge nerd with a snarky disposition. Sometimes I enjoy Magic the Gathering.

I've been RPing off and on since 2008, so for a good 14 years, and when I wasn't RPing, I was still writing stories. I started out as a 1X1 RPer and I love to RP in a canon universe more so than an original idea. However, I'm not opposed to an original idea RP if I enjoy the idea. Some of my favorite canon universes are Persona, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Feel free to reach out if you want to RP! I'm not always able to post once a day as I would like, I do get distracted and sometimes fall into a funk, but I think we all can relate to that at times.

If you're looking for a writing sample, check out this RP.

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*bops head to anime music* Oh and bump.


Long-time viewer, first-time bump.

I would be interested in either MHA or One Piece!
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