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Reopening this. If anyone has a GoT plot, let me know.
Bump. Working on some plots but I'm also looking to do more canon x canon stuff from the listed fandoms.
Bump. Currently craving GoT, Black Clover or a Pokemon plot.
I'll just PM you when I have solid character ideas. I have read FT, MH Orage and some of the rest but it's been all so long ago that I need to do some research. EZ for example I read only a few chapters of. I'm more likely to go in the direction of Fairy Tail variants. Erza is my favorite character so some kind of apprentice/aspiring knight looking to be the Grand Knight's disciple might also be an option.

Also in the Naruto RP I have Natsumi whose original version was accused of being a Natsu rip off. So a Natsu is also on the table. I mostly lost interest in the series because Natsu's fights got so stale. He needs some Bakugo creativity.

I have interest, no character inspiration yet though. But I distinctly remember loving Fairy Tail but that the interesting fights stopped after Natsu beat that guy who could make an anti-magic orb around himself.

To add to Letter Bee's question though. Are characters from Hiro Mashima's other works allowed? I feel like Edens Zero is basically FT in space. Shiki as a gravity demon of sorts could be interesting.
I have interest, I like what you showed so far when it comes to plot.
Edited, working on some plots.
I wanted to show interest. I like what's been suggested so far and I've been craving something to wash the taste of Shaman King Flower's demise out of my mouth.
@Alf: I think that'll fit well. The new generation should really desire change. A type like that would be perfect as the heir that the traditionalists will hate.
You can tie that celestial worship sect stuff also in. It could just be her own philosophy that guides her towards those within the clan that lean that way.
The plot requirements are probably just the following. The main branch had two untimely deaths that saw three clan heads in 10 or so years. The current one is the father to a genin aged child, maybe only child, but this child is the one in line to become the next clan head. Something that is supposed to be in the far future as the clan is still recovering from the succession irregularities. Clan heads are supposed to wisely rule for 30-50 years to preserve the long term plans for the clan and the village.

Jinwa holds the power in the clan and is among the most influential elders in the village. This is part of a traditional and more ruthless faction within the village politics. I imagine that initially he would just shun and distance himself from those within the clan that are breaking away from the traditions. Like his daughter Natsumi. Later on once they will start to find success, I could see him actively targeting them.


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