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Reopening this. If anyone has a GoT plot, let me know.
Bump. Working on some plots but I'm also looking to do more canon x canon stuff from the listed fandoms.
Bump. Currently craving GoT, Black Clover or a Pokemon plot.
I'll just PM you when I have solid character ideas. I have read FT, MH Orage and some of the rest but it's been all so long ago that I need to do some research. EZ for example I read only a few chapters of. I'm more likely to go in the direction of Fairy Tail variants. Erza is my favorite character so some kind of apprentice/aspiring knight looking to be the Grand Knight's disciple might also be an option.

Also in the Naruto RP I have Natsumi whose original version was accused of being a Natsu rip off. So a Natsu is also on the table. I mostly lost interest in the series because Natsu's fights got so stale. He needs some Bakugo creativity.

I have interest, no character inspiration yet though. But I distinctly remember loving Fairy Tail but that the interesting fights stopped after Natsu beat that guy who could make an anti-magic orb around himself.

To add to Letter Bee's question though. Are characters from Hiro Mashima's other works allowed? I feel like Edens Zero is basically FT in space. Shiki as a gravity demon of sorts could be interesting.
I have interest, I like what you showed so far when it comes to plot.
Edited, working on some plots.
I wanted to show interest. I like what's been suggested so far and I've been craving something to wash the taste of Shaman King Flower's demise out of my mouth.
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