So, I have been inspired to create an RP centered around passion, lust, rejection, and jealousy.
A story of a man of the cloth who falls in blinding love with a common woman of the arts. Her rejection of his feelings leads him down a dark path of his own forgery, a path of vindictive jealousy and obsession. This man of God soon becomes a monster, hell-bent on having a woman who will never return his affections, and uses his powers of church to torment her, lacing them both within a spiraling wind of misfortune.

Of course, I will need a partner for this. (OBVIOUSLY.)
I seek a female partner specifically, eighteen or over.
Someone of at least mid-casual writing, but not beyond low-advanced. So mid-casual to low-advanced.

Below, you can see a brief description of the female character I envision. A basic outline. You can also read about me, a short dispatch though it may be. So, I await eagerly, if interested just PM me and we can get started.

This will be a very theatrical RP, and will contain elements such as love, jealousy, hatred, obsession, to name a few.
It will be your typical love-tragedy story, so don’t expect a happily ever after here.