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Jamieson Arkwright had been a wild child. He had was a bad boy, had no real direction apart from the one that led to fun. He and his best friend Ryan had had the life. They had been best friends from the age of walking and done everything together. It was a bond of brothers that no one could break. Or so it was thought. But it had appeared like that. And there had been another part of the story. Ryan's younger sister. They flirted outrageously, he taught her to party, to have fun, everything of course with her brother around. They never went further, but it was fun. And neither Jamie or the sister admitted to wanting more with each other, because of Ryan. 

And then it changed. One day Jamie just disappeared. Upon speaking to his father it turned out that he'd joined the army and left. Without anyone but his father knowing. He never told Ryan. He never told her. 

Fast forward a few years and they've finally moved on. Ryan had hated Jamie for just leaving and she had been heartbroken. But Jamie had had his reasons. He'd been away for six years and had no contact with anyone over that time except his father. He'd cut them out of his life like they were nothing, it seemed. But soon news passed around the small town they lived in that Jamie was due home in the coming months. It had turned out that he'd been seriously injured in service and now discharged from the army. 

He was reluctant to come home, but he did. And boy had things changed. 


So, with this I want to do a slice of real life with big character development. When Jamie leaves, he's eighteen. When he returns he's 24. I would like to play Jamie as I am real interested to see how he changes over the time, especially with his injuries which have changed his own life and will develop him in the RP. So, that leaves me looking for the female character. I consider myself to a casual to advanced writer and would love someone that could match up. :D 

So, I'm going to keep this short and see who catches <3
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This sounds like a cute idea. If you haven't found a partner shoot me a PM and maybe we can give this story life.
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