Okay, so let's make this quick!

I haven't done a lot of 'smutty' RPs over the last year while I was married. Newly divorced, I want to dive back into the dark sexual zone of my brain.

HOWEVER, I like a little bit of plot with my smut, so be ready for an actual story.

I'm looking for, mostly men, who are 18+ (obviously).
PMs only (as required).
Has time to RP.
I prefer mid-to-long term roleplays, so I hope you're willing to stay around.
Oh, and high-casual to advance + in literacy. Paragraphs, proper punctuation, decent grammar, etc.
Errors are normal, but not every sentence.

I prefer dominant men.
With that said, I am not a submissive.
I really enjoy the clash of two strong chars. Makes more sparks in my opinion.
However, I won't turn away submissive men, but you have to talk up your game to get my interest. ;)

If you're a female and want to do a lesbian roleplay, I prefer submissive females, but I'm not against two dominant females either.

For the sake of time and ease, and to abide by all rules, I'll save the plots for when contacted.
I am open to a lot of pairings and we can discuss them in private.
You're free to share any plots you may have as long as YOU ARE OPEN TO OTHER IDEAS IF THEY ARE REJECTED!

I am picky about the type of char I will play (breed/look wise). So, if you share a plot, please ensure my character is up to my design for the most part--thanks!).

When you message me, please fill out this form so we can bypass any confusion. I have never asked for a form on this, but at least ensure your message includes this.

Your age:
On a scale of 0 to 10, how dominant are you?: 0 = not at all. 10 = Super dom.
Kinks you love:
Kinks you hate:
Genres you adore:
Genres you despise:
Do you have an idea you want to share?

With that, I await your PMs! :3