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43 min ago
Current Ex came home, put divorce papers in my face, accused me of a bunch of stuff that isn't true, and has moved out... I'm scared and alone.
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5 hrs ago
Decided to go through my coats to give to good will... Most of the pockets had doggy potty bags in them. Lol.
11 hrs ago
Aaaaand now my ex seems to be throwing a fit and a tantrum in his own way. -Sighs-
21 hrs ago
Two songs are really speaking to my mood; Conversation over ~ Halestorm~ and: Impossible ~ Shontelle ~
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1 day ago
Well, at least my Service Dog is here for me, since my caretaker basically crapped out after the day of surgery.... More so, I told him so last night and he was MIA this morning. Fucking figures.
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Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming whoever-the-fuck-I-am.
I'm a kind person with a low tolerance for idiots.
I've been roleplaying for way too god damn long.
Almost thirty and I'm still at it...

Anyway, I love to RP and am always open to more partners and stories.

Soooooo, yeah. Thanks for stopping in. :)
Have a lovely day/night/whatever.

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@Dynamo Frokane ;-; I'm scared. Lol.
@Dynamo Frokane Always open to hearing originals. Lay it on me.
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