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Current -Gasp- My redesigned search thread won't fit all in one post, so I must break it down now into sections. I shall work on that after a hot bath and some studying.
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-Slaps down about 50 flash cards she just made to study for her next test.- ...The shit part, this only covers one of the three tests I have to take this coming week. Please, shoot me.
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I passed my test, but barely. Blah.
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@Blaze, sorry!! Tests all 3 days this week. I am studying and sleeping soon. >< Then tests at 8am.
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8pm, sleeping pills kicking in... Must...finish quiz studying...


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming whoever-the-fuck-I-am.
I'm a kind person with a low tolerance for idiots.
I've been roleplaying for way too god damn long.
Almost thirty and I'm still at it...

Anyway, I love to RP and am always open to more partners and stories.

Soooooo, yeah. Thanks for stopping in. :)
Have a lovely day/night/whatever.

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✫° Series/Fandom Roleplays °✫

The majority of these plots are Canon X Original Character, with me as the original character.
I'll play canons as secondary characters (not for doubling).
In a few rare cases, there are OC x OC pairings.
Message me for plot details.

✫° Movies / Shows °✫

° Pirates of the Caribbean °
Jack x OC

° Jurassic Park °

° Harry Potter °
Adult Draco X OC

° Thor/Loki °
Loki X OC

° Riddick °
Riddick x OC

° Hellboy °
Hellboy x OC

° X-Men °
Kurt OR Logan x OC

✫° Video Games °✫

° Mortal Kombat °
Your choices:
Scorpio, Goro, Cage, Erron Black, Kano, or Quan Chi
x OC
I will actually accept a lesbian pairing of Cassie Cage x OC if you are interested.

° Resident Evil °
Wesker or Chris x OC

*Both Wesker and Chris are needed for the plot though.

° Arkham City °
Joker or Scarecrow x OC

° The Witcher
Geralt x OC

(lesbian option)
Ciri X OC

° Hitman °
47 X OC

✫° Cartoons °✫

° Avatar ~ The Last Airbender °
Adult Zuko x OC
Lu Ten x OC

° Hunchback of Notre Dame °
Clopin X OC

° Justice League °
Your choice of character from the show x OC

✫° Anime °✫

° Zoids ~ Guardian Force °
Karl L. Schubaltz x OC

° Samurai Champloo °
Mugen OR Jin X OC

° Rurouni Kenshin °
Your choice of char from show X OC

° Yu Yu Hakusho °
Hiei x OC
Kurama x OC
Kuwabara x OC
Ask about others.

° Dragon Ball Z °
(Bad ass) Future Trunks x OC
Shin (Supreme Kai) x OC

° One Piece °
Your choice of main male cast x OC

° Pokemon °
Guzma x OC
Sycamore x OC
Giovanni x OC
MewTwo x OC

° Inuyasha °
Sesshoumaru x OC

° YuGiOh °
Kaiba x OC
Pegasus x OC

° Naruto °
Kakashi x OC
(Adult) Neji x OC
(Adult) Gaara x OC
Jiraiya x OC
Ask about others!

° Slayers °
Zelgadis X OC


You've reached the end of the thread!

I hope to hear from you soon!

✫° Smut with Plot °✫

✫ Note: While this section is dedicated to the smuttier plots, there is still a plot to follow.
This section just indicates that these plots contain much more sexual content than those above.
It also gets this nice little section all to itself.✫

° Peace, Love, and Bloodshed °

° Rome's Secret Reversed °

° Red Light Daughter °

° White-Eyed Beauty °

° Ink and Paper °

° Rome's Secret °

° Winter Moon °

° The Subway °

✫° Feudal Japan °✫

° Bonded by the Sword °

° Born by the Sword °

✫° Western °✫

° ARMs of a Drifter °

° Glint of a Barrel °

° Hot Fangs °

✫° Pirates °✫

° Davy Jones's Treasure °

° Legends at Sea °

° Treasure that Be °

✫° Arabian °✫

° Anubis's Mistress °

° In Your Hands °

° Desert Curse °

✫° Modern °✫

° The Summoning °

° Dark Sights °

° The Jester °

° Help Me °

° Hunted °

✫° Roman °✫

° Rome's Tranquil Blade °

° A General's Affair °

° My Lady's Heart °

° Rome's Blade °

✫° Sci-Fi / Horror °✫

° Evil Genius Revolution °

° Drawn in Death °

° Arachnophobia °

° Jasper's Asylum °

° A Deadly Past °

° Black Escape °

° Enclosure °

° Hunter °

° Mimic °

✫° Original Roleplays °✫

Each plot has a character list:
Main Female = Me
Main Male = You
Main Others = Us*
*People we will play as secondary characters to enhance the story.

✫° Fantasy / Medieval °✫

° Realm of the Imagined °

° Freedom from a King °

° The Golden Soldier °

° Of Rose and Thorn °

° Tears of an Angel °

° The Painted Lady °

° A Race for Life °

° Crown of Blades °

° A Dragon's Heart °

° Love of a Beast °

° The Mana Core °

° Mirror-Mirror °

° Time-Lock °

° Gem Born °

° Swapped °

° Dance °

✫° The Undead's Horde °✫

Welcome, one and all, to the mighty Undead's Horde (of plots!)!!

Here, you'll find an immense list of original plots and plenty of series/fandom pairings as well!
What's more horrifying than the current length of the list?
I'm always adding more!

Thanks for visiting!!!

✫° Rules °✫

∞ Partners must be able to roleplay somewhere between a 'high-casual' to 'advance +' level.
∞ Partners must have a general grasp of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
∞ No bestiality, pedophilia, blood-related romantic relationships, etc.
∞ Partners must be at least eighteen years of age or older.
∞ Partners must contribute to the plot/storyline.
∞ PM me to discuss RP possibilities.
∞ Do not control my character.
∞ Third person only.

✫° General Facts °✫

∞ I don't use character sheets unless the characters are required to know one another from the start.
∞ No, I don't center-align like this when roleplaying. I use standard to the left posting formats.
∞ I'm in school, but I'll strive for at least one post a day or more depending on the day.
∞ I try extremely hard not to ditch, so...I'd appreciate it if you tried not to as well.
∞ I will let you know if I decline a roleplay due to 'literary / level' differences.
∞ I draw my own character, but I don't care if you use an image or not.
∞ I only play Female MAIN characters. Males only as secondaries.
∞ I'm a nice person and enjoy chatting OOC with my partners.
∞ All my plots can be made to be 'smuttier' if you so desire.
∞ I like male characters to be dominant to some degree.
∞ I prefer male partners, but may consider females.
∞ I don't tolerate idiocy and immaturity well.
∞ My chars are usually always dominant.
∞ I'm open to plots other than my own.
∞ I will consider lesbian pairings.

✫° Current Cravings °✫

These are simply the roleplays I desire the most to do at this time.
Basically, I'll love you forever if you pick one of them!
Plots to these are in the main lists below.
Of course, I'm open to all Roleplays.

✫° Avatar ~ The Last Airbender °✫
Zuko x OC or Lu Ten x OC

✫° The Witcher °✫
Geralt X OC or Ciri X OC

✫° Slayers °✫
Zelgadis x OC

✫° Pokemon °✫
Guzma x OC

✫° Bonded by the Sword °✫
✫° Freedom from a King °✫
✫° Born by the Sword °✫
✫° The Painted Lady °✫
✫° Crown of Blades °✫
✫° Drawn in Death °✫
✫° Rome's Blade °✫
✫° The Subway °✫
✫° Gem Born °✫

Welcome back. Have a whiskey on me.
Smut. Smut is good. I have missed smut.
Okay, so let's make this quick!

I haven't done a lot of 'smutty' RPs over the last year while I was married. Newly divorced, I want to dive back into the dark sexual zone of my brain.

HOWEVER, I like a little bit of plot with my smut, so be ready for an actual story.

I'm looking for, mostly men, who are 18+ (obviously).
PMs only (as required).
Has time to RP.
I prefer mid-to-long term roleplays, so I hope you're willing to stay around.
Oh, and high-casual to advance + in literacy. Paragraphs, proper punctuation, decent grammar, etc.
Errors are normal, but not every sentence.

I prefer dominant men.
With that said, I am not a submissive.
I really enjoy the clash of two strong chars. Makes more sparks in my opinion.
However, I won't turn away submissive men, but you have to talk up your game to get my interest. ;)

If you're a female and want to do a lesbian roleplay, I prefer submissive females, but I'm not against two dominant females either.

For the sake of time and ease, and to abide by all rules, I'll save the plots for when contacted.
I am open to a lot of pairings and we can discuss them in private.
You're free to share any plots you may have as long as YOU ARE OPEN TO OTHER IDEAS IF THEY ARE REJECTED!

I am picky about the type of char I will play (breed/look wise). So, if you share a plot, please ensure my character is up to my design for the most part--thanks!).

When you message me, please fill out this form so we can bypass any confusion. I have never asked for a form on this, but at least ensure your message includes this.

Your age:
On a scale of 0 to 10, how dominant are you?: 0 = not at all. 10 = Super dom.
Kinks you love:
Kinks you hate:
Genres you adore:
Genres you despise:
Do you have an idea you want to share?

With that, I await your PMs! :3
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