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3 mos ago
Current My biological father passed away last night of a heart attack... I'm not even sure how to process everything I'm feeling right now.
4 mos ago
Lol Never lie to your massage therapist about how much you drank before a massage. I'll know within 20 minutes if you lied. Fun time at work. X.X
4 mos ago
*Cuts up banana cream pie for the status bar.* I think we could all use this... Lol.
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4 mos ago
God, two weeks of stress over. My cancer results are negative. *Flops with relief.*
4 mos ago
@Boss Kermit, He's busy. *Holds up her paddle.* I can help though. lol


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming UndeadEyes.
That's my twitch handle too.
I'm 31 years-of-age.
I've been roleplaying for way too long.
About 20 years...
Holy leaping salamanders of flame that's a long time!

I'm equal parts loved, hated, feared, and revered.
I'm a complex woman...

I'm an L.M.T. and have a lot of free time between jobs.

I love Roleplaying and I'm always looking for new ones.
So, feel free to message me if you'd like to start a story with me!

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As the title says, I'm in a horror-ish mood and would like to do a darker-setting roleplay with someone who enjoys such stories.
Sadly, it can be a bit hard to find partners open to such concepts, but hey, who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.

Basic info:

I'm female and over 30 years old, so I'm only comfortable with those over eighteen.
I play female. Partner will play male.
I roleplay multi-paragraphs and try to push for proper spelling, punctuation and grammar with minimal errors.
However, let's face it, no one is perfect. We're going to make errors here and there.
I roleplay in third-person.
I prefer not to do character sheets unless necessary.
I don't care what image type you use for your char or if you even use one at all.
PMs are my preferred place to RP.
Be comfortable with adult content and playing side-characters that are expected in horrors.

If interested, Pleeeeease PM me. I may not notice if you post here.
If you have an idea of your own, you're free to share via PMs.

Plot Options:

● The Coma ●

● Drawn in Death ●

● Jasper's Asylum ●

● Mimic ●

● A Deadly Past ●
(This one is a little less horror than the others.)

Hey, how's it going?

I've been away for about...4...-ish...months?

So, I'm back now with a bunch of stuff completed in my life (Yey for business stuff), and I've got the strangest craving I never would of thought I'd have.

I'm interested in a slightly A.U. Stranger Things roleplay where my partner plays Hopper and I a female OC.
It'll be a romance/action/humorous/etc sort of RP.

Yeah... A weird craving... *Shrugs* oh well...

Basic requirements:

18+ partners.
High-Casual to Advance.
RP in PMs (or discord, I don't care).
Have time to RP.

Basic synopsis...

PM if interested.
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