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13 hrs ago
Current I get to beat the shit of the clients I like... Massage work for ya... I put my knee in his back today...
7 days ago
@Summers, Yeah. I'll be okay. Thanks for asking. My main fear is my mother got it 20 years ago and she got into the first stage of cancer and she needed 2 surgeries to fix it all.
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7 days ago
Guh. When you get diagnosed with a high risk cancer virus and you're sitting there knowing it'll most likely be fine, but it stll causes you stress you don't want or have time for.
10 days ago
;-; I have no ice cream.
10 days ago
What's a good comfort food for when you get stood up? -Flops-


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming UndeadEyes.
That's my twitch handle too.
I'm 30 years-of-age.
I've been roleplaying for way too long.
About 19 years...
Holy leaping salamanders of flame that's a long time!

I've recently gotten into boudoir modeling for fun!

I'm equal parts loved, hated, feared, and revered.
I'm a complex woman...

I'm an L.M.T. and have a lot of free time between jobs.

I love Roleplaying and I'm always looking for new ones.
So, feel free to message me if you'd like to start a story with me!

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Shall I keep this simple? I think I should...

Are you male, 18+, like Pokemon and are okay with playing a character from the show?
Are you interested in playing an adult character, that is (NO KIDS!)?
Do you have time to RP and are on a high-casual + level?
Do you like a mix of sexy with plot? The amount can be discussed as I'm happy with less or more.
Are you okay with the RP being realistic in where Pokemon attacks can lead to injury and/or death?

~If so, keep on reading~

Character Options (for you)

kiawe (adult)
MewTwo (the only non-human option)

Depending on who you want to play will depend on the plot you get.

So, if interested, PM Me and we'll go from there. :)

✫° Series/Fandom Roleplays °✫

The majority of these plots are Canon X Original Character, with me as the original character.
I'll play canons as secondary characters (not for doubling).
In a few rare cases, there are OC x OC pairings.
Message me for plot details.

✫° Movies / Shows °✫

° Pirates of the Caribbean °
Jack x OC

° Jurassic Park °

° The Avengers °
Loki x OC
Thor x OC
Captain America x OC
Captain Strange x OC

° Harry Potter °
Adult Draco X OC

° Riddick °
Riddick x OC

° Hellboy °
Hellboy x OC

° X-Men °
Kurt OR Logan x OC

✫° Video Games °✫

° Mortal Kombat °
Your choices:
Scorpio, Goro, Cage, Erron Black, Kano, or Quan Chi
x OC
I will actually accept a lesbian pairing of Cassie Cage x OC if you are interested.

° Resident Evil °
Wesker or Chris x OC

*Both Wesker and Chris are needed for the plot though.

° Arkham City °
Joker or Scarecrow x OC

° The Witcher
Geralt x OC

(lesbian option)
Ciri X OC

° Hitman °
47 X OC

✫° Cartoons °✫

° Avatar ~ The Last Airbender °
Adult Zuko x OC
Lu Ten x OC

° Hunchback of Notre Dame °
Clopin X OC

° Justice League °
Your choice of character from the show x OC

✫° Anime °✫

° Zoids ~ Guardian Force °
Karl L. Schubaltz x OC

° Samurai Champloo °
Mugen OR Jin X OC

° Rurouni Kenshin °
Your choice of char from show X OC

° Yu Yu Hakusho °
Hiei x OC
Kurama x OC
Kuwabara x OC
Ask about others.

° Dragon Ball Z °
(Bad ass) Future Trunks x OC
Shin (Supreme Kai) x OC

° One Piece °
Your choice of main male cast (Canon) x OC

° Pokemon °
Guzma x OC
Sycamore x OC
Giovanni x OC
MewTwo x OC

° Inuyasha °
Sesshoumaru x OC

° YuGiOh °
Kaiba x OC
Pegasus x OC

° Naruto °
Kakashi x OC
(Adult) Neji x OC
(Adult) Gaara x OC
Jiraiya x OC
Ask about others!

° Slayers °
Zelgadis X OC


You've reached the end of the thread!

I hope to hear from you soon!

✫° Smut with Plot °✫

✫ Note: While this section is dedicated to the smuttier plots, there is still a plot to follow.
This section just indicates that these plots contain much more sexual content than those above.
It also gets this nice little section all to itself.✫

° Peace, Love, and Bloodshed °

° Rome's Secret Reversed °

° You Krossed the Line °

° Red Light Daughter °

° White-Eyed Beauty °

° Ink and Paper °

° Rome's Secret °

° Winter Moon °

° The Subway °

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