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3 mos ago
Current My biological father passed away last night of a heart attack... I'm not even sure how to process everything I'm feeling right now.
3 mos ago
Lol Never lie to your massage therapist about how much you drank before a massage. I'll know within 20 minutes if you lied. Fun time at work. X.X
3 mos ago
*Cuts up banana cream pie for the status bar.* I think we could all use this... Lol.
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3 mos ago
God, two weeks of stress over. My cancer results are negative. *Flops with relief.*
3 mos ago
@Boss Kermit, He's busy. *Holds up her paddle.* I can help though. lol


Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am the charming UndeadEyes.
That's my twitch handle too.
I'm 31 years-of-age.
I've been roleplaying for way too long.
About 20 years...
Holy leaping salamanders of flame that's a long time!

I'm equal parts loved, hated, feared, and revered.
I'm a complex woman...

I'm an L.M.T. and have a lot of free time between jobs.

I love Roleplaying and I'm always looking for new ones.
So, feel free to message me if you'd like to start a story with me!

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Visitor Messages

Dutchbag 4 mos ago
I will decide for myself wheter or not I choke on those.

It's not difficult tbh
Dark Cloud 5 mos ago
You are very pretty, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Bliss Audacious 10 mos ago
You make getting torn into quarters sound so inviting.
(I thought to turn the convo away from statuses in case someone thinks it's spam)
Blaze Gamma 1 yr ago
Callousqueen 1 yr ago
Happy birthday, your half way to 60. Next year, you will be 31 and half way to 62 and retirement. Next year, your on the downhill to moving to Florida for your retirement
Lady Absinthia 2 yrs ago
Good luck on your certification today! You got this. ^_^
Mistiel 2 yrs ago
You IRL =
Winter Star12 3 yrs ago
Challah bread. The best bread! I actually love to make sandwiches out of challah bread
Jurassic Weeb 3 yrs ago
If a woman pulled worms normally found in cows from her eyes, then literal stomach butterflies are not out of the question.

Keep your chin up, my friend.
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
I had a religion teacher named Miss Gallagher and I'm a Washington native born and raised. O_o
Jurassic Weeb 3 yrs ago
Praying for ya, kid. I don't normally do that but even if you aren't a friend, I feel I've known you long enough to warrant talking to the Big Man Upstairs on your behalf.
Lady Absinthia 4 yrs ago
Lmao, basically how I got my last two kitchenaides. Next big fight, I'm shooting for an Artisan Sea Glass, cause fuck roses.
DeadDrop 4 yrs ago
Sounds like @badguy28 's dogs, they are both males and just make out with each other LOL.
DeadDrop 4 yrs ago
It gets better.
Mistiel 4 yrs ago
When I was in sixth grade nearly twelve years ago, my religion teacher was named Miss Gallagher. @_@
Uncertain Tea 4 yrs ago
Glad to hear your doggo is healthy!
SmileyJaws 4 yrs ago
If someone has a foot fetish and they cheat, does that mean they got off on the wrong foot???
Mistiel 4 yrs ago
I too am from WA. Rock on! Mercer Island here! :P
Tyler Night 4 yrs ago
YAAAY for Harvest Moon!!!
POOHEAD189 4 yrs ago
She's adorable. I used to train dogs, tbh. I love them
POOHEAD189 4 yrs ago
I love your jokes. Also, I see you like Whose Line is it Anyway. I recognize that last status XD
Tyler Night 4 yrs ago
Hi there :D
Uncertain Tea 5 yrs ago
Sorry to hear about your dog! Hope she recovers well.
Ruby 5 yrs ago
Sorry about your cat. =(
POOHEAD189 5 yrs ago
Hope your surgery went well, Caoimhe! Lovely name btw
Rirrii 5 yrs ago
I hope your surgery goes well!
Jurassic Weeb 5 yrs ago
3DS FC: 3969-6630-9098 :)
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