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Hello everyone. I have a few story ideas that I'm seeking partners for. As most people tend to bypass the rules when reading through the idea, I'm posting them first.

1) No sexual content. I don't write it. I am, however, seeking players 18 and above. Most of my content has triggering themes such as ongoing and past abuse, drugs and alcohol, mentions of rape, and dark themes involving bloodshed, war, and gore.

2) Multi-paragraph. I want content to work with. I can understand a paragraph during a slow conversation scene, but the bulk has to be multiple paragraphs. However, do not rush scenes. I want our characters to be able to interact.

3) I don't usually do this, but I need a sample of your writing. Too often people have claimed to be what they aren't, and I'm hoping to head that off at the pass.

4) Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every few days. We all have busy lives, especially with the college semesters coming up, home lives, illnesses, and children, but I would like to keep the story going.

5) Do not control my character. I don’t mind during a time skip, so long as we hash the details beforehand, but don’t try to change my character’s mannerisms, favorite foods, personal habits, etc. It’s not fun or enjoyable for anyone involved.

Now, for the ideas. Some of them may seem generic, but they can be built upon. Most were ones that I had when I started role playing, and they're dear to me.

Note- I do have more in a file online, as well as my previous posts. If you can follow the rules above and wish to see the list, comment or message me.

Secondary note- You will be playing the male characters.

1) Street family (Group of people who call themselves a family, living on the streets).They will steal and kill to survive. the group is headed by a mother and father figure (this idea was taken from a Law and Order: SVU episode. If you know the one, you're awesome! If you don't, that's okay! It's not the same as in the show). During the summer months, they take to the city. When winter comes around, they squat in any abandoned building to keep from the elements. This can take place in the US or England.

This can be group or 1x1, if you don't mind playing multiple characters.

Themes- Mature (murder, bloodshed), romance, slice of life.

2) A girl raised by a gay couple (both men). She sings in a music group who is preparing for Battle of the Bands. After a rough session, she returns home to discover that the real father who dumped her with his gay dad and partner has come back with her mother to try and be part of her life. Meanwhile, another band mate (a girl) makes moves on her boyfriend (lead guitarist), which he does nothing to stop (or it may be a simple misunderstanding on my characters part. Depends on what you want). She quits the band and seeks to go on her own, reconnecting old ties.

Themes- Romance, slice of life, drama.

3) An 18 year old girl is trekking through the frozen city streets in search of her father and his girlfriend. He’s agreed to meet her at an old familiar location, but must survive the war torn city streets. After the government dropped the bomb on its citizens, survivors have been scouring the post-apocalyptic city streets for signs of their loved one while hiding from the men seeking them. Three months pregnant and alone, she stumbles across a fellow survivor. Though her first instinct is to kill him, the discovery that he has a medical degree stops her in her tracks. Finding her loved ones, they leave the heart of the city to find a safer shelter.

Themes- Romance (if it develops), drama, adventure, action, war, post-apocalyptic, survival.

4) The basic plot revolves around a home in the forest; away from society, it's hardships, and the toxic atmosphere it can present. There, they will build a new life.

This can go two different ways; real world or fantasy.

If fantasy: They have powers (elemental only) and are making a haven for people like them.

If real world: It's for safety, anonymity, and a fresh start to live without constraints.

Themes- Possible fantasy, slice of life, survival.

(More to come at a later date).
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