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Hi Cloud Happy here. Though I also go by Sky. I been role playing on and off sense high school. Mostly on 3D Online worlds through chat clients. It has helped my writing and given me an escape from my everyday world. Settings and scenarios I have played in includes mid-evil fantasy, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, paranormal modern day, Pulpy and gritty world of the 1930's and 40's, Steam Punk, Star Wars, and Tarzan Jungles.

I prefer stories with grit and mystery to them. Fantastical tales are wonderful though I like when there is a touch of realism and more important believe-ability to the story. A little unexplained silly stuff is fine if it serves the story.

I am fine with group or one on one adventures. Though I prefer One on one. Pulpy fast paced posts with lots of action though I don't mind larger posts that adds lots of description and context. Pulpy is more my style and I like to deliver more by saying (writing) less. If you don't mind that we might get along just fine.

I am happy to find this community, as I find myself becoming busier in my day to day life its nice to find a place like this where I can indulge in my fantasies.
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