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Cloud Happy's Role playing Bio

Cloud Happy here but don't let the name fool yea. I am a cool headed gum chew interested in darker strange tales with a film noir twist. Writing and story telling is a passion of mine.

Strange, weird tales with beasts from american folklore, sign me up! Pulpy detective tales with near death escapes and high flying adventure, yes please! Journey to a distant planet and find a world of glowing plant ladies, sounds promising. If that sounds exciting to you, let me know. Hopeful the stars will a-line and we can start something.

I don't mind fandoms. Though I prefer creating my own character with in that over arching world. Star Trek, Star Wars, the world of Fall out and Firefly are some of my favorites. Mid-evil fantasy worlds are fine though I prefer those not to be based on a particular fan based. Though using a role playing system like DnD OR Pathfinder is fine.

List of Top Role play types of intrest

(These are just suggestions of what I like and they can be blurred into each other or add unconventional twists and turns)
1. Pulp detective adventure (no nonsense gum-chews on the case)
2. Space Opera (bring your ray gun)
3. Primitive worlds (think Tarzan, roaming dinosaurs, lost tribes)
4. Conspiracy Adventure (think X-files, National Treasure, and The Da-Vinci code)

What I look for in a Partner
(Roll partner that is.)

I look forward to getting to know some fellow story tellers and co-creators to produce some fun and exciting tales.
Imagination and a good sense of character is a most. This is all for fun and I love it when a partner get into the narrative. Coming from video games I have seen all the meaningless killing and canned reactions that will last me for the rest of my life. What I love about Role playing is the millions of ways a solution can be found and when there is a life and death situation its because that moment has been built up.
Certain types of stories might be more violent then others such as Pulpy detective and Westerns though the atmosphere has been built up to make it more believable. Not everything can be as taxing as our reality. Waiting around for a trail to happen after every dead body might not be what I am after on my off time. It is a fantasy after all.

Some thoughts on Story

Plot is important though I believe character comes first. I have found a fleshed out character creates his or her own opportunities. Its easier to write obstacles for a person you all ready fleshed out because you know what buttons to push.

Role-playing is a marathon not a sprint. I might enjoy quick and snappy responses though I do appreciate a slow burn. If it takes a bit for the story to get moving that's fine.

Most Recent Posts

Hello Penny, I would love to go globe trotting with you in a pulpy adventure/romance. 18+ Advanced writer with a silver tong and a ready pistol. Ready to head out for fun and fortune with a Dame with some Moxie.
Hi Cloud Happy here. Though I also go by Sky. I been role playing on and off sense high school. Mostly on 3D Online worlds through chat clients. It has helped my writing and given me an escape from my everyday world. Settings and scenarios I have played in includes mid-evil fantasy, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, paranormal modern day, Pulpy and gritty world of the 1930's and 40's, Steam Punk, Star Wars, and Tarzan Jungles.

I prefer stories with grit and mystery to them. Fantastical tales are wonderful though I like when there is a touch of realism and more important believe-ability to the story. A little unexplained silly stuff is fine if it serves the story.

I am fine with group or one on one adventures. Though I prefer One on one. Pulpy fast paced posts with lots of action though I don't mind larger posts that adds lots of description and context. Pulpy is more my style and I like to deliver more by saying (writing) less. If you don't mind that we might get along just fine.

I am happy to find this community, as I find myself becoming busier in my day to day life its nice to find a place like this where I can indulge in my fantasies.
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