The Coffee Shop of Whiteboroughs University

Being in college is tough.

From all the expenses, to, well, the expenses, racking up debt is as easy as falling asleep, especially at a spend thrifty campus like this, where there are many different stores that happen to attract the eye of the college student. Whiteboroughs University is your average sized community college located in the hot and dusty Arizona, accepting those from all over the world who major in many different subjects, a place where diversity thrives, and the students are well known for being eccentric and quirky, and not to mention, kind of broke.

There is a variety of different jobs offered on campus, from Uber drivers to librarians, it ranges terrifically, but by far the most popular place to work is the convenient, and open 24 hours, coffee shop of Whiteboroughs University. Being only a small hole in the wall business, this coffee shop is surprisingly known across the area, bringing in all sorts of customers that lead to many different interactions, to where it creates its own rather unique community, but the best times are those you have with your other fellow employees, and even better, while working the night shift.

From 10 to 3 A.M, you and several other people work this small but cozy building, taking orders from random college students that you couldn’t fathom why they are up that late at night, but money is money, says the manager, who you never actually see. It’s pretty quiet at night, there aren’t too many people bustling around at this time, so it’s basically just you and your small crew of staff members, there to take on the night.

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