Disclaimer: The majority of my Batman knowledge extends as far as the Christian Bale movies. BUT--if you are patient, I'm willing to learn. I'm more than happy to conduct research where research is needed.

- 27F
- Multi-para, third-person, past tense
- EST Time Zone
- Google Docs for writing, Discord for ooc chatting

What I can offer you:
- detailed replies three times per week (or more)
- occasionally hilarious characters
- friendship~

- 21+
- willing to provide a writing sample
- experienced roleplayer/writer
- friendly af
- in possession of DC knowledge superior to my own

I want a friend as well as writing partner. I want to get to know you and have some fun coming up with scene ideas and discussing character development. I can commit to around 3 replies per week, but I want to be able to just shoot the shit in between and hear how your day is going. Roleplaying is my main social outlet (is that weird?).

The Plot:

"And what qualifications have you?"

"Well, I was a nanny to five small children for several years before this, which I'm told is exactly the necessary experience for handling a single ahem eccentric bachelor."

So what's this plot idea I have in mind? Well, to begin with, I ask you---is there a more iconic DC duo than Batman and Alfred? (You thought I was going to say Robin, didn't you?)

BUT WHAT IF Batman didn't have his trusty butler sidekick? What if Alfred became sick or injured or otherwise incapacitated and Batman needed to replace him for an indefinite period of time? And what if Alfred's replacement came in the form of a well-put-together, exceptionally sassy young woman?

Admittedly, I am kind of stealing the idea from the Iron Man/Pepper Potts pairing, but work with me here.

My idea is that this story will involve adventure, intrigue, the forming of the close bonds of friendship, and maybe even a little slow-burn romance (actually this is non-negotiable, I just said this for dramatic effect).

...aaaand that's the gist. Obviously this is still very much up for discussion. For my part, I would like to play she-butler, and you would play Bruce Wayne.

Message me if interested~ My Discord is Dandelo#8313.