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My favorite book of all time has always been Gone With the Wind (followed by Pride & Prejudice in a very close second). I've loved it from the moment I read the opening line--Margaret Mitchell's writing is beautiful and evocative and I have always striven to recreate her style in my own writing.

...all of this to say, I really want to find a partner who will help me re-imagine this story. What if Scarlett realized early on that she wasn't really in love with Ashley? What would happen? I'd love to find a gifted writer who will portray Scarlett and help me answer these questions.

Before you PM me, here are some guidelines:

- 21+ only

- Novella/Multi-Para writers only**

- Must be willing to submit a writing sample

- Google Docs for IC, Discord for OOC

** Before I scare you off with the 'novella' tag, just know that, while I go ham on introduction posts, my average reply is closer to five paragraphs.

I do not hold my partners to any kind of a post schedule. I, myself, aim for 2-3 replies per week and would appreciate a head's up if my partner intends to go for more than a week or two without a reply or OOC contact.

Please hit me up on Discord (Fable#9103) if you are interested! I need to find a friend with whom I can nerd out about this book. ;~;
Platform: Google Docs or Email
Preferred Length: Novella/Multipara
Genre: Historical Romance

I am a huge fan of historical roleplays and tend to get major cravings for certain time periods. At the moment, I'm stuck on the 1920s during Prohibition, and have a plot idea that involves a mobster and an aspiring nun. The details of this story are very much up for discussion, but I'd like to explore how two characters with very different moral codes interact and how their relationship impacts their decisions, with the backdrop of the Roaring Twenties to add some spice~

I'd prefer that my partner take the role of the mobster--I envision him to be a hardened criminal and an unlikely friend for a woman who aspires to join a religious order. For my own character, I imagine that she has her own dark past to struggle with and which, by way of her guilt, encourages her desire to join the church. I also imagine that there will be a whole cast of side characters as well.

I only feel comfortable writing with partners who are at least 21, so keep that in mind before messaging me. I am also open to doubling within the context of the story.

If you are interested, send me a message containing a writing sample and your ideas for the characters and plot~

My Discord: Dahlia#9103
Hey there! I'm seeking a partner to engage in one (or more) fantasy stories with me! It should be noted that I prefer to write in Google Docs, but have Discord and Hangouts for chatting purposes. Additionally, I tend to average between 500-1000 words per reply and would like for any potential partners to be prepared to do the same (I love details).
If any of the below prompts interest you, hit me up on Discord (Dandelo#8313) with your ideas for the plot and characters as well as a writing sample! If you would like for me to provide you with a prompt, I have a couple starters written up for these plots so just let me know!
As always, I'd like to stress the fact that these are simply ideas and we can discuss and change aspects of each plot as we see fit!

Medieval Fantasy:
- An immortal mage with a dark past and a history of destructive, evil tendencies finds an unlikely friend in a young village woman who convinces him to help save her home/kingdom from an evil queen.
- A troubled dragon rider is forced to become the personal guard of a difficult, headstrong princess. He is dealing with the guilt he feels over the needless death of a close friend and she must come to terms with her impending arranged marriage.

Historical Fantasy:
- Regency/Victorian: A twist on the classic story of the Beauty and the Beast. The beast was born with his monstrous appearance as the result of a generations-old curse in his mother’s family. His mother attempts to relieve his loneliness by enticing a young servant woman to work for their family and become her son’s maid.
- Victorian: Vampires have long held Werewolves as personal slaves and ‘guard dogs’ against the threat of mortals. They have managed to maintain their wealth, power, and safety for centuries with the ‘help’ of their servants. A young Victorian vampiress is given her own Were as a gift on her 21st birthday. Will generations of discord and animosity prevent them from becoming friends or perhaps more?
Hey there! I'm looking for a long-term partner who would be interested in writing some good old fashioned Phantom of the Opera fanfiction with me. Yes, yes, I know this is an old fandom and there aren't many of us left, but surely someone out there still obsesses over the story like I do.

I am able to write as Erik, naturally, but I would really prefer to find someone who would allow me to play Christine. I'm willing to double in return, or even to have two stories going at once. I would prefer that my partners' skill level be in the Intermediate to Advanced range--we will exchange writing samples to ensure compatible writing styles.

Hit me up on Discord if you are interested! Loveday#8313
- 21+ only
- 3-4 paragraphs per reply on average
- Google Docs for IC
- Discord/Hangouts for OOC
- reply at least once per week
- be willing to play M or F
- MxF romance only
- provide a writing sample

Genres (number of * indicates level of interest):
- Regency Era/Pride & Prejudice ***
- Gone With the Wind *****
- The Phantom of the Opera **
- Marvel (specifically seeking Thor or Captain America) ****
- Medieval Fantasy **
- Star Trek: The Next Generation (seeking Riker or Q) ***

Discord -- Loveday#8313
Email --

Additional Comments:
Hey there! I go by Dandelo or Loveday depending on where you find me. I'm 27F and have well over a decade's worth of writing experience. I tend to specialize in grumpy-yet-lovable male characters, but would appreciate it if potential partners would at least be willing to double.

Writing Sample:

I'm seeking to try a Disney roleplay or two. I have, admittedly, never done one, but I have around a decade-and-a-half's worth of experience with writing in general~

Some characters I'd like to try include:
- Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
- Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
- Beast (The Beauty and the Beast)
- John Smith (Pocahontas)
- Kocuom (Pocahontas)

Feel free to suggest others!

I expect partners to:
- be 21+
- be able to write novella (or at least multi-para) replies in general
- be okay with MxF romance
- be open to using Google Docs for writing and Discord for OOC chat

My Discord is Loveday#8313. Message me there to exchange writing samples~
Hey there~ Dandelo here, searching for another fan of the epic novel Gone With the Wind. I'd like to try my hand at either Rhett Butler or Scarlett O'hara and would love to find a kindred spirit with whom to discuss the book and movie.

I'm a novella/multi-para writer for what it's worth--I enjoy adding detail and reading detail. I also only write with people who are +21.

Hit me up on Discord and we can exchange writing samples and plot ideas: Dandelo#8313
It is reasonable to assume that most families keep at least one secret. Generally, that secret is something small and harmless, but occasionally it is a large and frightful thing, generations in the making—as was the case in Lady Downs’ family.

A story was told and passed down which spoke of some great wrongdoing committed by some misguided forefather at the expense of some magically inclined gypsy. The story went that, in a righteous rage, the gypsy swore that her antagonist would suffer greatly—the first male child born to him or his kin would assume the appearance of a terrible beast. Luckily, the subsequent five generations resulted in all female babies and the myth was mostly forgotten until the next in the line, the young bride of the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Downs, fell pregnant.

Hers was a difficult confinement and she, wretched and exhausted, ultimately bore her child in the midst of a terrible storm late one March. She had known almost immediately that something was amiss by the way her midwife’s eyes widened in horror. The babe was healthy, yes, but had not the appearance of a human child. The Earl, until the day of his untimely death some years later, rejected the boy for his monstrous appearance, but Lady Downs could not help but love her strange offspring.

That love persisted well into his adulthood when she realized that her companionship was not enough for him and he had grown lonely and despondent. Eagerly she cast about for some remedy for his depression and ultimately found it in the form of a young woman..


- 21+
- Multi-para, Third-person, Past-tense
- Google Docs for writing, Discord for OOC chatting
- Be willing to double

I have always loved the Beauty and the Beast trope. I have also always loved historical roleplays and stories. Being the genius that I am, I thought I'd combine the two! How would you like to join me in a Victorian version of this beloved fairy tale?

Hit me up on Discord (Dandelo#8313) with a description of the kind of character you'd like to play opposite my beast, as well as any ideas you might have for the plot and a writing sample! I'd prefer that this not turn into a master/maid kind of story, so female characters of some social standing are preferred. Snark is also a plus--my characters are frequently very sarcastic.

It should be noted that I can be talked into other time periods in which to set this story, I just prefer the Regency and Victorian eras~

Writing Sample:
This is a writing sample which should give you some idea of the personality of my beast, as well as the typical length and level of detail involved in my replies. I average between 500-700 words per post and would like to see a similar level of detail in my partners' replies.


Lady Downs smiled at her guest’s reassurances, but her expression maintained the smallest quirk of apprehension. Juliette, she knew, could have no idea of what really lay in store for her. Harcourt Downs had none of the usual afflictions one might think of when confronted with an unusual appearance. ‘No,’ Lady Downs thought to herself, ‘She must be properly prepared for him.’ She could not, in good conscience, introduce the young woman to her son yet. They were not dealing with a mere cleft palate or abnormally large nose--Harcourt could almost be thought of as an entirely new species. Literally.

It seemed that Lady Downs would be denied the opportunity of further preparing Miss Tash, however, for they could hear through the closed door of the parlor that some commotion had occurred down the long hallway. Hurried footsteps passed the door, and the peaceful stillness of moments before was suddenly stirred and broken by what could only be described as a mighty roar. Lady Downs started at the sound, then sank slightly in her seat and held a hand to her temple in exasperation.

A voice, thunderous and deep, could be heard moving toward their room, snarling and pitching as it went, “The dishonor of it! The disgrace! Cartwright, move out of my way. I must speak to Lady Downs this very instant.” Lady Downs and Juliette could barely distinguish the hurried, murmured reply of the startled footman before the thunderous voice took up once more, “She is my mother! I need no introductions! Stand aside, I will open the door, myself.” Before Lady Downs had a chance to rise from her settee and go to the door, it had been thrown wide and a great, monolithic form emerged from the dimness of the hallway.

The creature (for that was what it appeared to be at first glance) was a little more than seven feet tall and, though dressed in pants and a white button-down shirt as any normal man might be, was clearly covered in long, glossy black fur save the coppery-red of his voluminous mane and the tuft of his long, lion-like tail. Two great rams horns extended from his forehead and curled around to either side of his massive head, and his face--all black save the pink of his slitted, goat-like nose--was contorted in a snarling grimace. His pointed teeth were clearly visible in his lionish snout, the lips there curled back in aggravation.

He appeared not to notice Juliette as he stalked from the doorway to his mother’s settee and demanded her attention, “Madame, I insist that you fire that disgrace of a valet this instant. See! See what he has done to my mane and tell me that a swift dismissal is not his just due!” He gestured with a great, claw-like hand at the reddish fur of his mane. There, framing his face, were a number of large coils of fur, apparently intentionally styled this way.

He threw up his hands, “He told me only half an hour ago that we were expecting company and then imposed upon my patience with his damned tendency toward the ‘latest fashions’.” He growled again and shook his head, causing the curls to bounce with gaiety that was clearly uncharacteristic, “Tell me, is it the latest fashion to look like a damned poodle?

Here at last, Lady Downs was given some opportunity to interject. She cleared her throat to capture the creature’s attention, then pointed with the turn of her gaze to where Juliette sat upon the couch nearby, “Harcourt, allow me to introduce you to our guest, Miss Tash.”

Harcourt started and swiftly turned his great head to see that there was, indeed, someone else in the room with them. With a sharp intake of breath, he straightened and turned to face her, suddenly acutely aware of how informally dressed he was and how improper his entrance had been. His eyes, pale gray and decidedly human in their shame, were instantly cast down at the floor as he gave a small bow to Juliette. “Forgive me for intruding..” was all he could manage before turning and departing the room almost as quickly as he had entered.

Lady Downs watched as her son disappeared, then slowly turned back to her guest to see how she handled the scene.
Disclaimer: The majority of my Batman knowledge extends as far as the Christian Bale movies. BUT--if you are patient, I'm willing to learn. I'm more than happy to conduct research where research is needed.

- 27F
- Multi-para, third-person, past tense
- EST Time Zone
- Google Docs for writing, Discord for ooc chatting

What I can offer you:
- detailed replies three times per week (or more)
- occasionally hilarious characters
- friendship~

- 21+
- willing to provide a writing sample
- experienced roleplayer/writer
- friendly af
- in possession of DC knowledge superior to my own

I want a friend as well as writing partner. I want to get to know you and have some fun coming up with scene ideas and discussing character development. I can commit to around 3 replies per week, but I want to be able to just shoot the shit in between and hear how your day is going. Roleplaying is my main social outlet (is that weird?).

The Plot:

"And what qualifications have you?"

"Well, I was a nanny to five small children for several years before this, which I'm told is exactly the necessary experience for handling a single ahem eccentric bachelor."

So what's this plot idea I have in mind? Well, to begin with, I ask you---is there a more iconic DC duo than Batman and Alfred? (You thought I was going to say Robin, didn't you?)

BUT WHAT IF Batman didn't have his trusty butler sidekick? What if Alfred became sick or injured or otherwise incapacitated and Batman needed to replace him for an indefinite period of time? And what if Alfred's replacement came in the form of a well-put-together, exceptionally sassy young woman?

Admittedly, I am kind of stealing the idea from the Iron Man/Pepper Potts pairing, but work with me here.

My idea is that this story will involve adventure, intrigue, the forming of the close bonds of friendship, and maybe even a little slow-burn romance (actually this is non-negotiable, I just said this for dramatic effect).

...aaaand that's the gist. Obviously this is still very much up for discussion. For my part, I would like to play she-butler, and you would play Bruce Wayne.

Message me if interested~ My Discord is Dandelo#8313.
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