I desire new roleplay partner(s). One or maybe a few I need something or somebody that will help fulfill my imaginations and desires with writing.
On the reality of life I am limited to the amount I can reply in one day and one week. Working, getting ready for university and additional things in life do distract me away from my pastime as a role-player.
A few things about me are I am a female however I do play either gender in my roleplays, I am nearly nineteen and rather roleplay with individuals eighteen and older when it comes to some of my comforts (though when those interests are not going to be bannered up. I do not mind innocence of roleplaying and younger partners).

Personally, I do not mind fandoms or original concepts for writing. Both can be exhilarating if you are as partners laying out what is thoughtful into creation and a great read.

Checking off everything here is a list of my interests:

Fandom’s, genres, etc...include:

[b]- Anime
B: The Beginning
Dragon Ball
Secret life of Arrietty
Ouran High School Host Club
Death Note
Sword Art Online

- Realistic
Game of Thrones
The Walking dead

- Cartoons and movies
Lord of the rings
The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Star Wars
How to train your dragon
Big Mouth
The God Father

and a list of much more…

In my mature/romantic roleplay’s I keep my characters to a heterosexual position. For some reason heterosexual writing is appealing to me personally even though I am bisexual outside of the internet. I do not mean to offend anybody by this statement. It’s just how my writing is.
I hope to hear all the wonderful comments and look forward to the interactions down below. I am waiting to hear from all of you! Have a great day, week, month and year.