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yes, that's right! i've fallen hard for persona 5 and would love to find some partners ;v; (underlined characters are ones i want to play)

what i'm looking for

→ protagonist/akechi
→ yusuke/oc
→ akechi/oc
→ protagonist/oc

what i'm willing to play in return for playing at least one of the pairs above

→ ann/makoto
→ akechi/makoto

** just in case you're wondering about futaba, i love her as a character, but i think she's too young (and just plain not ready) for a romantic relationship.


→ email. maaaaaybe a private discord server or gdoc if you don't mind holding my hand. discord for ooc, if you use it.
→ third person past tense. i absolutely will not write in first person, though you might sway me to write in present tense.
→ doubling, or not. if you're willing to play one of the pairs i'm looking for, then we're golden. but if you want to double (or more), it's very much on the table.
→ m//, m/f, f// pairs all apply. when i say 'oc' above it includes male or female (or nb/trans/agender). open to characters of any orientation or identity.
→ two-three posts a week. i'd love more if you're able, but a couple a week is the minimum. 3+ paragraphs per character, please. i absolutely will not tolerate one-liners or replies that have clearly had no effort put into them.
→ aus are fine and dandy, though first and foremost i'm craving something in-universe, canon-compliant or canon-divergent.
→ limits are standard: gore, toiletplay, incest, pedophilia, bestiality. i would prefer not to fade to black. please talk with me about any concerns and/or limits you have.

in case persona is not your cup of tea, or you're simply not familiar i'm also on the hunt for final fantasy, mystic messenger, marvel, kingdom hearts, and some original ideas. you can check them out on my website HERE!

if you have any questions or i've managed to pique your interest, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email! you'll find my address under the spoiler below c: but please, do not send me a message with no information, or to ask me to play something not mentioned here!

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still looking!
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@ResoanI be interested in a KH role play? I could take the role of riku. Always wanted to attempt to role play him.
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