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Please be 18+.

I'm a female writer IRL in my late twenties seeking an urban fantasy/paranormal romance line. With magic and supernatural characters in our mundane world.

You know, fighting demons in the middle of a Walmart, hiring wizards on LinkedIn, Amber alert kidnaps really being children fairies stole. That kind of thing.

I'm casual but literate. I rarely ever write one liners. All I ask is your grammatically sound, don't god mode, give me enough respond to.

I write male and female characters equally. If you're a woman and prefer writing women that's totally fine. But I enjoy writing female characters too even as supporting characters and won't just provide a harem of alpha males or gay bishounen for you.

I am fairly vanilla. I write MxM, MxF and FxF. I generally prefer fading to black or writing "tasteful" adult scenes on the rare occasion they're needed. Violence, darker themes, and inappropriate / vulgar humor and cursing are fine by me. Please don't push me into writing kink when I'm not interested. I RP for the plot. And the magic.

I portray shifters and the like, but I'm not interested in furries or anthros and never write about breeding in animal form.

My schedule is kind of cray but I'm capable of writing throughout the week. Usually every day. I'll never hound you about responding and will just assume an RP is dead if I've gently poked you without a response.

I despise endless meticulous plotting and prefer to quickly establish characters starting scene and our basic supernatural structure before jumping right in, and just writing.

A few basic plot ideas in my mind right now:
Magical mafia where jinxes/curses are the hits
Mage College with majors in Alchemy, Summoning, Healing etc
Supernatural hospital with shamans, spirit healers, and exorcists instead of doctors and nurses
World being invaded by "aliens" who are actually faeries/elves
Paranormal dating app 'Bindr' except instead of hook ups you're soul bound to a supernatural entity
Buddy cops in paranormal investigation squad
Retelling of the myth of Persephone/Hades (if I'm Hades I must also portray the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft/Persephone's psychopomp Hecate and ask you also write a male god)
Personifications of Astrology signs at some kind of school or maybe even a prison or mental institution
Spell support gone wrong, like an IT tech company for magic
MMORPG players getting stuck in fantasy virtual world and having to forge a Guild
2019 and the return of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table (I must portray Morgan Le Fay but will also be any male character)

Generally I make up characters on the spot. Right now I'm craving to play my retired bartender druid who's now an atheist bard but still gets caught up in faerie craziness, my perky yoga pants wearing Norse influenced Seeress wandering witch whose staff is a branch from the World Tree and grants her permission to travel between worlds, or my female selkie sea hag whose skin is stolen and tries to find a werewolf pack to bite her so she can strike vengeance on the skinwalkers destroying shifter communities. And he's not fully formed but a dragon shape shifter cosmic alchemist from the Draco constellation has been telling me lizard people need love too. :p

If you're interested let me know which ideas or character concepts interest you. Please don't make me decide everything. Happy RP hunting! 👽❤️🦄
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Now seeking a urban fantasy where I can portray a female main character, or at least double, since I'm mostly writing dudes.
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