In this role play, I'm trying something new.

I've never been comfortable writing as a male character, but I feel that I need to hone my skills. Something has always been missing in my writing and this is how I fix it.

I only have a few ideas to start, a way for me to test the waters, but I hope they meet with approval.

Note: My character biography is set, and I will send through private message.

1) Boy meets girl. Chance encounter at his work or in the woods. See what develops.
2) Jake is meeting friends for a get together in the woods. A large cabin is rented. Mutual acquaintance introduces them.
3) Roommates. Romance develops after amidst a good friendship.
4) Vacation meetup.

I'm willing to plot a story, but must it meet the following requirements:

-No fantasy elements (real world only), take place in modern times, and have romance (the genre I'm most comfortable with).
-Have a character biography and photo.
-Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every few days. We all have busy lives, especially with the college semesters coming up, home lives, illnesses, and children, but I would like to keep the story going. If you lose interest, please don’t ghost me. Tell me upfront and be honest.

I look forward to hearing from you.