Bonnie had been driving all day, she finally booked a room at the only motel in town and told herself that she needed a drink, BADLY! It was convenient that the bar was just a corner over from the motel. Bonnie put on her red motorcycle jacket, grabbed her room key and her wallet and walked over to the bar. Her phone was in the pocket of her black skinny jeans although she didn't expect to talk to anyone, it was more for entertainment. She was alone after all, and she had never visited a bar without her friends or a significant other. However, for a woman who was alone in a new place, she looked fearless as she walked to the bar as if she did so every day. She would walk in and sit at the empty barstool the furthest away from the door.

She sat and waited patiently for the bartender to finish with the other patrons before approaching her for her drink order.