Hello! Hello!

I'm looking for someone to be my protagonist in a Yu-Gi-Oh! adventure. You would start as a brand new duelist and work your way up in the world of Duel Monsters.

We would be using "Duel Links" the official mobile game of Konami as our platform for dueling, so it is preferred that you either already have an account on there, OR be willing to make one. I've thought out all the logistics, and I know it can work. I like the mini-game version of the TCG, it's fast and easy, which is much better for focusing on the writing instead of spending long hours with full game simulators or post-by-post dueling. Instead, you'll be battling the game's AI characters and recording/sharing your duel replays (I'll show you how if you don't know.), and you will be battling me directly.

I'm only looking for one person for now, but if you want to let others join your adventure you can. I will leave that 100% up to you. Invite your friend or someone you've RP'd with before, and don't be afraid to tell someone you've never heard of before, "No." If they can convince you otherwise, that's on you. I'm happy with this being a 1x1, and you can even have multiple characters if you like.

I want this to be a long lasting RP with a free flowing pace. I can post anywhere between once a week to once a day (depending on the circumstances that week). As long as you can normally post once a week, we're all set. I'm also not against taking breaks between each arc. We'll play it by ear.

The basic structure of the plot would be as follows:
  • Arc #1: You're a newbie to the game (13 or 14 years old), when you are gifted your first deck. There are local tournaments you can participate in and make a name for yourself.
  • Arc #2: When you turn 15, you can enroll in the one and only Duel Academy (the same one Jaden and friends attended). There you will meet duelists from all across the world.
  • Arc #3: Now a well known name at the Duel Academy, you will become a representative of the academy to the outside world. You'll compete in world tournaments and be sent on missions as seen fit by the president.
  • Arc #4 and beyond: After graduating from the academy, you can travel the world as a pro duelist. You make a living off winning tournaments and endorsement deals.
  • Side Note #1: There will definitely be shadow games and dark mysteries spread throughout every arc, but later arcs will focus more heavily in that regard.
  • Side Note #2: Obviously, there will be plenty of time skips. You and I will decide together when and how we'll use these; I haven't already planned them out. This way, you can be just as involved with the stories progression as I am.

Alright! That's it! Please tell me there is ONE Yu-gi-oh! fan that would like to try this out. Fingers crossed!