Supernatural Adventure (Remake)

Basically what the title says, full of fun and adventure. Strange places and OCs only here.

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Crossover of Randomness (never got started)

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The lion king/guard (Generation 3)

There have always been kings and queens for generations in the Pride Lands, but now there is also a group of lions/animals called The Lion Guard which is passed down to the second born cub when they are ready just like how the role of future king and queen is passed down to the first born cub.

The guard is made up of 5 lions or animals, fastest, bravest, strongest, fiercest and keener of sight. They're job is to protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life from intruders.

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Wishing Fairies

Based on the fairly Odd-Parents and a bit of Aladdin's genie except for these are for miserable teens and up. Each fairy has their own preference on how many wishes they'll allow the person they're assigned to, to have.

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