As you can see from the title, I have been in the mood to do a Dragon Ball roleplay for quite some time, and have been a fan of the show for many years. I have spent some time brainstorming ideas for a potential plot and how to structure this roleplay, and I have several example plots for roleplay on my computer. I will be posting one of these examples below, but I want to specify something ahead of time. Since this is a fandom, obviously a lot of material as far as the world building is already done, but it is my priority to create a story that both of us can enjoy. Some people may have preferences as far as where in the timeline we start, if there will be OC or canon characters, power scaling, etc. I will have my preferences and will clearly describe them, but I am open for debate and I just want to make the best possible experience for the both of us.

Alright, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are my preferences for this roleplay:

- High Casual roleplay up to Low Advanced
I have been roleplaying for several years and I have plenty of experience, and I'm comfortable with a high casual to low advanced writing style. I will accommodate, and overall the length of replies will depend on the context, but I generally can write at least 2-3 paragraphs at minimum. I also require proper grammar and spelling to go along with this format. I'm not super anal about things, but I at least want to understand what you're writing most of the time.

- Semi-frequent posting
I know people get busy and so do I, and I can be flexible with different schedules. However, a general rule I try to keep is posting once a week. This is just a guideline, and if we are both free, it could be several posts in a week or multiple in a day. However, once a week is a minimum. If you would need an extension I am happy to comply, just let me know ahead of time. I will also be following to these rules.

- Original characters (OC)
I really enjoy being creative and making my own characters, so I would prefer that we use OCs, at least for our own characters. Personally it's hard to truly bring justice to a character that is not my own creation, and I like the idea of seeing my own character in a world I love. There can be canon characters in the roleplay, but it is my preference that we incorporate OCs in the roleplay. If you're interested, we can discuss this further.

- Original plot idea
Now it is very hard to be "truly" original, and I'm not expecting a masterpiece, but I want to have some creativity for the events that are going to happen in the roleplay. If I wanted to see the same plot events happen again I would just re-watch the series. This isn't to say that we can't use events that happen canonically for our roleplay, but I want most of what happens to be created by the two of us. Whether this means we change the existing events and alter them, or we make entirely new plot points, or even make our own timeline set in the same universe, I enjoy writing a story.

- 18+
I am 20 myself and I prefer my roleplaying partner to be 18 or older themselves. I do enjoy adult themed content as it is more realistic (and I think an 18+ Dragon Ball series would be badass) and it gives us less restrictions writing. This does not mean we have to get into things like smut or something equally or more hardcore, although I'm open to discussion for it or anything else you bring to the table.

- War and Love
I want to talk about what kind of roleplaying I like to do. Obviously with the nature of Dragon Ball there is lots of fighting and is the the backbone of the franchise, with flashy named moves and special effects. I am not requiring that 100 percent of the roleplay be fighting, but it would be an important element in the roleplay. I also do like developing character, so I am a fan of romance in roleplays, as well as having good character building and world building. I am open to discussion on what themes you would like, but fighting and romance are two very hot topics that adds that spice that we love in pop culture.

- You
Yes this is my interest check, but I want to be partners in this and split things half way. I want to know your input and work with you to find the best possible choice for the both of us. The fun of roleplaying is writing with somebody else, and if I'm doing most of the writing myself, I'd rather just try to write a book and make some money off of this hobby. The same goes for you, as I will try to provide new and interesting content that we can both enjoy.

That sums up most of what I'm looking for in general for this roleplay, and really any roleplay I do. Now here's what you came here for, the actual Dragon Ball content. Here is an example plot that I have typed up, and I will write a brief summary here. Keep in mind, this is NOT what we have to do, it is just an idea I have made as a starting point. If you have your own idea, you don't like it, or you would like to make a plot together, let me know. I really just wrote this up because nobody would show interest if I had no ideas.

Setting is one of the universes not in the tournament of power. A new race had been developed called the Empyrian race, a genetically superior race that was born with the ability to use God Ki. Very powerful, had inner planetary war and had two sub groups, the Sun Empyrians and the Shadow Empyrians. Sun had fair skin blue eyes and black hair with white wings, Shadow had dark red skin, black hair, black eyes, and black wings. Their hair and pretty much everything else was the same besides these factors, and that's because the Sun Empyrians chose the overworld while the Shadow Empyrians chose to live on the dark side of the planet. The way the planet was tilted half of the world was completely dark and the other had sun indefinitely, and their bodies adapted to this.

However these Empyrians were dangerous and getting out of hand, and looked to conquer other planets as they ran out of space on their own. With their immense control over godly ki it was feared that this race could take over the universe and others, as no other universe had developed this race. However there was inner turmoil among these two faction, the Suns and the Shadows, and they went to war. This lead to the destruction of their planet, and nearly all of their people had gone extinct.

Fast forward thousands of years later and there was a terribly evil being sought on conquering the universe, slowly going planet by planet with a power that was unheard of. It was a Shadow Empyrian, a member of the forgotten and extinct race set on destroying the universe and all the gods that destroyed his people. The world has been peaceful for quite some time and with all the other chaos going on the gods could not be directly involved in this matter, and little did they care as long as their own thrones were not being challenged, and so far it wasn't. The Empyrian had assembled an army bent on taking over the universe, and there were little warriors in this time of peace.

This is where the story begins, and warriors from all over the universe had been gathered to train and fight against this army, and this army went by the name of The New Order. Our story will begin on Earth.

Please note this is just a rough summary of an idea I have created, it is not final, nor is it required. I would much prefer if we both made a plot together that we both enjoyed, but this is to just get an idea out there.

Alright, that's it for the interest check. Feel free to PM me or leave a comment down below and tell me if you're interested. I'll be happy to answer any questions, comments, concerns, delusions, or dilemmas. Also if you have any other RP ideas not DBZ or want to start a group DBZ roleplay, also let me know. Thanks for reading.