Hello everyone.

I've been craving someone to RP with for a while, long term would be great. I'm a 21 year old fellow, who'd prefer to have another 18+ partner, I don't care for gender.


I will post a few times a week, work and real life comes up, so I respect that, and hope you can too!
I prefer some high-casual to advanced. I like to fire off some paragraphs, but also understand that sometimes the situation doesn't call for it.
I would really like some fantasy, whether it be high or low. But I'm all about that fantasy. Original universe or established works for me.
I prefer PMs, since that gives a bit more freedom and privacy.
I love to involve natural romance in the stories. I'm not one for the "Love at first sight" kind of thing. I think it needs to develop, but it gives that little extra in my opinion.

I've got a few fantasy ideas, so hit me up if you want to do something!