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So, lately, I've been wanting to do some crossovers with my TES V character. I'm wondering if that'd potentially garner some interest in the case I decide to throw up some potential plots or scenarios. Yes, I'm aware how lore breaking this is, but at the moment, this isn't my biggest concern, I'm just a sucker for crossovers of all kinds. So, essentially, I'm just looking to throw Ja'vassa into various fandoms and time periods which I'll be listing down below. I'm open to a few others if I missed yours.

- Fairy Tail
- Inuyasha
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Fire Emblem (Preferably Awakening or Fates)
- Soul Eater
- Legend of Zelda
- Black Butler
- Your Custom Universe
- Colonial America/Europe
- Ancient Egypt
- Ancient Greece
- Ancient Rome
- Feudal Japan
- World War II
- Colonial Africa
- Pre-Colonial Africa
- Colonial South America
- Pre-Colonial Americas
- Ice Age
- Near Future (10-100 years)
- Modern Day Earth
- Far Future (100+ years)
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I have to admit, the idea of the dragon born just thu'uming all over Fiore has me amused 😂
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