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Hello there! My name's Evan, but you may call me Ev or Kitty or,, honestly whatever you want, I love nicknames.

I'm not new to the community, but I am new to this forum, and just forum based roleplaying in general, haha! Go easy on me, please, and don't be afraid to correct any of my mistakes. I won't bite!

My roleplaying style is semi-literate, novel based, but I usually try to conform to my partner's reply length! I,,, really dislike short replies, and absolutely do not do '**' based replies, sorry. 1X1 roleplays only! I love doing long, drawn out roleplays, and convoluted plots are super fun. I love dark themes, I'll roleplay almost anything. I'm also perfectly fine with mature/explicit roleplays. I'm really only interested in M/M roleplays, I'm not very experienced in anything else.

The main fandom i'm in at the moment is My Hero Academia, but i'm very versatile! Just state the fandom, and i'll tell you if i'm in it, or i'll definitely see if i'd be interested.

I'd love to become friends too! I find that roleplays last longer if I know the person. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'd love to know how your days been, and i'm absolutely open if you ever need to vent.

Nice to meet all of you!
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