I'd like to have an Arena score-count and not be atomic, here. So who are the Judges? I have quite a good amount of role-playing skill in the arts of war, subterfuge and hand-to-hand. I've studied Sword Hunters, Primeval Head-Hunters/Slayers, Barbarian Dragon Hunters/Commanders, Mercenary Princes, Overlords and I've started as a Space Marine+Space Mercenary. I infact started as a Halo SPARTAN ROGUE, but that's for a bio initiative.

After facing off against a vampire tyrant, my first nostalgia- I went to staying normal and finding my spirit animal for role-playing, the other people the people that challenge the word "dark" and "necromancer" did wolf riders, for example, as well as mages. It was quite the controversy; the kids in school that wanted to become Knights had to dumb themselves down to Guardian to like those people and continue role-playing, bringing up cyber-knights and many a galore of types of characters for me to have overheard. ... I am interested to see how I do with vsing characters vsing characters. I see now where all the fandom is really. Where as I had to see how close the character is to myself to get better at role-playing, to as the others just vs a character by another character to vs Lancers.

I got a good tier of characters I can use capably. But my actual Role-Playing spirit animal herald is not for battle on this site. I solo.

Right, so who are the Judges particularly? Already I have a Doc guy looking to skin me.