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I'm playing a maester who specializes in "alchemy" which me and the GM have agreed basically means basic chemistry knowledge and application. What are some basic chemical reactions that I could to wow the other party members in character? Things I could gather reasonably (I'm in a forest area with ruins and I could probably talk the gm into letting me gather some stuff along the way)solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/
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@MarvinToran Probably better suited for RP discussion.
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My name is Alex, I am 16 years of age, so you know who I am i will tell you about myself(my character)
I have already told you about my name and age,
I have purple hair (that will often be changed) bit black feathered wings, pale skin, one black eye and one blue eye
I am strong and protective of the people I care about and get angry and flustered often.

here is my backstory:
at the age of ten me and my twin brother were tourtured by our older sister and my twin died, she burned down the hous and me a her were the only ones that lived. I then became an assassin until the age of 15 when I ran away. I have the power to poisin people by touching them with my bare skin due to the poison demon that is fussed to my soul (I can talk to him in my head) his name is Doku Akuma
thats me I hope i can roleplay with you!
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