I had an idea for a samurai punk world, set in the far future, following an apocalyptic event that knocked mankind back to the dark ages. In this world, warlords reign over the descendants of the survivors, often ruling with an iron fist. Monsters stalk the mists that cover nearly the entire globe, some of them far too large for ordinary people to hope to face and live to tell the tale.

In this world, I'd be playing The Wanderer -- a former slave to a warlord, turned nameless ronin, who over the last few years has made a bit of a legend for herself.

The RP is rated 18+ for violence and romance/smut potential. However, I feel that I should emphasize that this isn't meant to be a text-based porno, but a legitimate attempt at collaborative storytelling. Any romance or smut that occurs should be treated more like a seasoning rather than the main dish, if you catch my meaning.

As for your character, that's mostly up to you. The only thing I really ask for is that the character use some sort of asian template. They don't have to actually BE asian. You can have a celtic origin and speak with an Irish brogue if that's what you want to do, but the world at large is very Japanese-inspired.