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Hello there! I'm looking for a long term partner who can at least match me in post quality, if not quantity, and who enjoys worldbuilding and collaborative character creation as much as I do! I'm going to keep this kind of vague, and very brief, in the hopes that by doing so I give you just enough information to help get the creative juices flowing, without stifling creativity with a concept that's too specific.

The idea that I have involves a tribe of women who live within a tropical jungle environment. The tribe has no men to speak of -- but does have a means to reproduce among their tribe, in the form of a sacred tree that grows in the center of their community. I see a couple of ways that the tree could work to allow for children, but which direction we take would depend largely on whether you'd prefer to include temporary futanari or not. Our characters would be two women who have just reached adulthood within the tribe, and are now preparing for their coming of age ceremony, where they will be assigned their official roles and responsibilities within the tribe!

I'd really like to focus on the tribe being something... foreign to us, as the players. I want to work with my partner to develop their culture from the ground up. What are the laws of the tribe? What jobs does the tribe need to be done by their members? What is the tribe's view on sexuality and nudity? Are there any social norms that they should observe that people in our own society might be confused by? Are there any modern standards that this tribe would think to be weird or pointless? I want someone who's interested in answering these questions! One idea I did particularly want to look at is the idea that nudity just isn't taboo. The tribe isn't a bunch of nudists, but clothing tends to be for decoration rather than modesty... Aesthetics over function -- and in some cases may denote rank or privilege within the tribe.



Despite this being in the Redstar section, I'm actually not looking for much in the way of actual kinks. The biggest one is just the casual nudity aspect of the theme, which is already -- hopefully -- built in to the idea. That being said, if you'd like to include some other kinks, I'm more than happy to consider them! I won't guarantee that I'm into the idea, I'm a pretty vanilla person by default, but I'll try to see what I can do.

One kink, that I think I'd be potentially fine with that USUALLY doesn't seem to get a lot of traction around here, is incest. A pair of sisters who are also lovers. I like to think that that kind of relationship might not only be accepted by the tribe, but might actually be encouraged for religious and/or mystical reasons. I'm thinking if we go this route, they'd be a pair of twins, which would probably come with some specific beliefs. This is, however, entirely optional. The RP as I've described it thus far is designed to work with or without the inclusion of questionable kinks like incest.

The only other major kink that I tend to have is BDSM content. In the context of this RP, if we used it at all, I like the idea of the tribe's priestesses voluntarily pledging themselves to the service of one of the hunters of the tribe. Kind of a one-way marriage, where they travel with the hunter, providing comfort, stress relief, and healing -- in addition to a devoted sexual partner. There are two keys here. One: This is a required step to become an adult if one is to commit themselves to the path of the priestess. Two: The priestess chooses her partner. She is not bought or sold like a slave, but chooses one woman to be her master. It is considered an honor, and a privilege by the hunter in most cases.



From Me:

* Typically an High-casual low-advanced writing level. Little to no spelling errors, and a concerted effort to switch up sentence structure and word selection. I am of course, not perfect by any means, but I'll strive to be as close to perfect as I can manage!

* An average of 3-4 paragraphs per post. Sometimes more, when the RP calls for it such as a major event or opener that requires more description. Sometimes less, such as in conversation, where I need input from you to do anything else. I am not comfortable assuming your character's actions.

* The possibility of multiple posts in a day, but at LEAST 3 posts per week, as my work schedule and energy levels permit.

* The ability to play multiple NPCs and other characters when necessary. I try to stick to one major main character, but without a whole group to play with, it's generally expected that it's up to both of us to control the world and drive the narrative together.

* Will probably use an anime-style reference. They are simply the most numerous and easily found character references available.

My Expectations:

* At least a casual writing level, basic capitalization and punctuation, and the ability to keep track of the story and characters.

* The ability to keep up with my own posts in quality, if not length. The more detail you pack into your posts, the more likely I am to maintain interest in the long term.

* At least three posts per week.

* Help me drive the narrative and play any NPCs that you introduce. Work with me to make sure our plot ideas don't conflict!

* 3rd person past tense. I know that I occasionally slip up here and switch to present tense, so I'm not going to be totally anal about this, but let's try to keep it 3rd person past tense as much as possible to avoid confusion.

* No real life photo references. They really bother me, please use artwork of some type if you want to use a reference at all.
Alex Wight was down on his luck. That was all. Lost his job, got kicked out of his apartment and now he was living out of a trash can in the commercial district of Portland -- but it was just a rough patch. He'd pull through, just as soon as he got a job and saved a little money.

Or at least, that's what he told himself. He'd spent a week on the streets, trying to find odd jobs to help him pay for a new place to live, but try as he might... Two months of rent in Portland Oregon was expensive, and nobody was willing to give him a chance. He was well and truly out of luck, and might have been doomed to a life on the street... but only a week after being kicked out is about the time the world -- the WHOLE world -- was turned on its head.

Seemingly overnight, on March 3rd, 2025, cards appeared all across the world. They were found inside houses, hidden inside old shoe boxes, stuck to the back of vending machines, even stuck in the ceiling tiles of some buildings. Sleek black cards made of shiny cardstock that might have been overlooked, if not for the dull glow they emitted, or the shiny flashing borders along their edges.

For Alex, he found the card just lying there, sitting inside the makeshift shelter he'd built for himself under one of Portland's bridges, conspicuously placed atop his bedding. When he touched it, he -- along with thousands of others across the world -- became a part of a mysterious game to determine the fate of the world.

I'm looking for someone to play a young woman, created and summoned into existence the moment Alex touched that card. Maybe she comes from another world. Maybe she was created specifically for this 'Game' that Alex and others like him have been forced into. Whatever the case, she is now Alex's personal companion.

Despite the fact that she was effectively just born, your character is not powerless. For all intents and purposes, your character is superhuman. Exactly what makes her superhuman is largely up to you, and will have an effect on how the story will progress going forward! She might have superhuman strength, speed, durability. Maybe she has a combination of all of those things, or her superhuman abilities are something less physical and something approaching psychic or magical abilities

Your character may not be entirely human -- but should at least be humanoid. Things like elves, goblins, androids, ghosts, etc. are perfectly fine, as well as generic animal-girls with the cute ears and tails and stuff. What I'd like to avoid is 'taur' type characters like centaurs, mermaids, driders, etc... and also anything that could reasonably be considered a 'furry'

There are others in the world just like you, and just like Alex. People in control of one -- or more -- cards that may or may not represent other superpowered people like yourself. The details of how the cards work, how many there are, and how the 'game' is played is something that we'll have to talk about in PMs! Hopefully that kind of thing sounds interesting to you.

In the title I mentioned harem elements -- This is mostly optional. The idea was that Alex might get his hands on other cards going forward, and thus summon other girls to fight alongside him. Understandably, this isn't everyone's cup of tea, so we could come up with other ways extra cards could be used. Maybe the cards don't summon people at all, but your character was specifically made to be a kind of focus for the effects of the cards, each of which give your character another ability or equipment or something to that effect. There are other ways we can do this if the harem idea doesn't sit well with you!

On the subject of smut... Adult themes are not only acceptable -- they're essentially required. That said, I'm not looking for an RP that's going to devolve into nothing but smut. I want to keep things mostly story oriented... Let's try to shoot for a 70:30 story to smut ratio, for all intents and purposes. I'm not looking for anything particularly kinky, so most adult stuff will probably be pretty vanilla -- we can talk more about that in PMs as well!

If you're interested, or even just have questions, let me know and I'll try to get back to you ASAP!
It's the year 2153, and the world has advanced rapidly in the last several decades. Among the most important were extreme leaps in the field of genetic engineering. At first, the science was used to clone soldiers for the military but within a few decades, the technology became available for use by the general public. Almost overnight, dozens of businesses cropped up, offering genetically engineered pets. At first, it was just dogs and cats, but as the technology became more streamlined, and smaller businesses fell away from the pack, the frontrunner, NuGen Technologies, began to offer humanoid pets.

The first models of NuPets were sold to the rich and powerful. Friendly companions for the elite. As time went on, they became more available to everyone else, until finally a single NuPet could be purchased, and made to order for the price of a used car. Your character would be one of these NuPets; ordered as a present for my character's birthday. You were grown in a tube, like most of your kind, until you were born fully grown and sent through a series of educational videos where you learned the basics of life. How to do basic math, cooking, basic maintenance on household goods, everything to give you a good starting point on the best ways to please your master! You'd heard stories of this mythical master. Someone outside of the company who asked especially for you, and requested that you be brought to life so that they could spend their time with you! They really talked your future owner up, ensuring that you'd be excited to meet him, and eager to please.

And that's what I have in mind so far! I'm looking for someone to play a young woman for the purposes of this RP -- maybe some kind of animal-girl. I get the feeling that NuGen would probably give their NuPets inhuman features to set them legally apart from real people and allow them to be legally owned like any pet. I'd like to brainstorm early RP ideas, and maybe work together to create the characters involved, so if things sound good so far, and you're interested in fleshing things out a bit more, feel free to send me a message and we'll talk!
I'm a 2e guy, mostly because I got comfortable with the system (and also didn't want to pony up for another set of books. :) ) But if you're looking for RP heavy, do you want a big. complex system? I really like MM, but it can bog down PbP games, especially in combat...

I guess it really depends on the way you define RP heavy. I want to put more of a focus on things OTHER than combat. Yes, combat can -- and should -- exist at some level, but there's more to the lives of people in a universe with superpowered people than just punching each other senseless.

I chose M&M because it's what I know and understand. I could be convinced to go with something less complex, but I'd very likely become frustrated with the system if and when things didn't work the way I expected them to.
Hello! I'm looking for some interested people up for playing a RP-heavy superhero RPG. I'm looking for both players AND a GM.

Ideally, I'd like to use the Mutants and Masterminds 3e system. Mostly because that's what I know, and what I'd find it easiest to understand. I'm only looking to play alongside maybe two other people, to try and keep the overall chaos down as much as possible, but at minimum, I'd be looking for one other player to work alongside.

I've given this the 18+ tag mostly because I'm more comfortable playing alongside legal adults, not necessarily because I want there to be any explicit content. That said, I don't want to shy away from more adult themes either, I'll just handle them appropriately based on how my character would handle it.

If you're interested, either as a player OR as a GM, feel free to PM me, and I'll try to bring everyone together to discuss the specifics of the kind of story we want to write together.
For the sake of not causing issues with Google Adsense, I'm going to keep things fairly vague in this initial post. First, an introduction. I'm Haunted Panda, a long-time roleplayer, with more than two decades of experience in various formats. I will freely admit that the slow pace of forums doesn't usually appeal to me, but my usual options for RP partners is fairly limited, and places like this have a ton of potential partners!

What I'm looking for today is 18+ due primarily to its potential for smut. However, I'm not particularly concerned with themes of violence, illicit substances or other mature content. Don't concern yourself with making me uncomfortable, I'm notoriously difficult to squick in the course of regular RP. If you have something you want to include that you believe might cause issues, just ask me about it first.

Now then... Onto the RP idea.

In the not too distant future, certain companies have begun to create and sell genetically grown people. These people are sold as servants to the wealthy, workers to companies that can afford them, and soldiers to the military. They're made to order based on the requests of their future owners. You'd be playing one of these genetically grown people. A young woman who's been born and raised inside the sterile lab environment where she was created. She's been told since she first became conscious of the world around her all about her future master, how that one day he'd come for her and take her away to see the outside world -- you know, really upselling the whole idea of having a master -- and one day, approximately six months after waking up for the first time, the day comes where she finally gets to meet her future master.

We can discuss the details of the master in question, but I had a couple of ideas from the onset. The first idea is that the actual owner wasn't the one who ordered your character to be made -- but rather, a family member, who purchased her as a sort of surprise gift for him following an event such as graduation or some other achievement. The second idea was more along the lines of... the person she ends up with isn't the one who purchased her at all. Through complete chance, the original owner ends up in an accident and so the girl ends up being delivered to his house, where a new resident has just moved in -- and suddenly has a new, unexpected room mate to deal with. Other ideas are, of course, also possible. We could go a more generic route and just say that her new owner did indeed order her and go from there -- but I tend to think complications here and there make for more interesting RP in the long run.

If you're interested, or have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me and we can talk more about the idea later. Thanks!

Today, I'm looking for someone to RP with for a fairly specific scenario. I'd like to play in a fictional country much like Venice circa the year 1300, with great noble houses controlling the country's economic and political power. Our characters would be part of one such house, a pair of twins; one male named Allegro, and one female named L'istessa. The names can be changed later, but for the sake of this initial story, that's what I'm going to use.

Growing up, our protagonists were always particularly close. There was a spark of attraction there, even at a young age. They knew that it was wrong, of course. But sometimes, the things that you know are wrong are the most tempting, aren't they? Unfortunately for them, their father grew wise to the growing attraction between the young twins fairly early on, and made a point to keep them separate to avoid a scandal causing problems for their house.

As the twins grew up, the restrictions placed upon them remained firm. It was nearly impossible to find time to be alone together, though even with all the oversight, they did fine short moments to spend together. Never enough to satisfy either of them, but enough to keep the attraction strong. Their parents eventually arranged marriages for each of them, which at first seemed like it might have been the final nail in the coffin for their doomed romance... Until L'istessa's fiancee put the pieces together and grew suspicious of her relationship with her brother.

In a spur of the moment move, her fiancee snatched her away in the night, leaving a letter of challenge to Allegro, with instructions on where to find them... Naturally, Allegro rode out to rescue his sister -- but upon arrival, he found not one challenger, but four there waiting to ambush him.

In the ensuing struggle, Allegro soon found himself on the losing end, but before the final blow could be struck, L'istessa managed to finish a spell... an experimental spell, to be sure, one that she hoped would simply take her and her brother home... but she hadn't quite gotten it right. Instead of simply transporting the two of them back to the safety of their manor, the very air tore itself asunder, creating a black void that sucked in everyone present...

When the twins awoke, they were separated... They had appeared in very different places, with no idea of how to find one another at first. L'istessa wound up finding herself in trouble, as the first person she asked help from instead took her prisoner, apparently intending to sell her off as a slave to one of several potential buyers.

Allegro meanwhile found himself in a much more rural locale, and with a few questions giving him a rough idea of his surroundings, he set out to find L'istessa.

In the end, though it was a close call, Allegro did manage to find his sister and rescue her from a life of enslavement, but several problems still remained... They didn't know where they were. None of their surroundings made sense, the sights were different, the way people spoke were different, and the plants and wildlife were often wildly different from what they knew back home... And then there was L'istessa's fiancee, still out there somewhere and probably ready to pop back into their lives and cause them untold problems.

For now, without a means to get back home, and no family to keep them apart however... The twins decided to make a new life for themselves in this strange new world while they figured out how to make their way back -- assuming they would even want to, once they knew how.

And with that, we have our story. I know it was long, but I felt that some degree of backstory was not only useful, but potentially necessary to give you an idea of what I was looking for. I'm specifically looking to play the role of the twin brother in this setup. I'll almost certainly keep the name Allegro, but you're free to change the name of L'istessa to suit your needs.

The general idea is that L'istessa, instead of transporting them home, instead transported them to another world... One that neither of them are particularly familiar with. We can both shape this particular world however we see fit, just try not to make it too alien for me to even wrap my poor old brain around.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to PM me with any of them and I'll be glad to address each accordingly.
The title tells you most of what you need to know! I'm looking for an RP partner who'd be interested in playing a female slave of some variety -- We can go over the exact details of who they were before they wore a collar, or how slavery works in this specific setting in PMs! I don't want to set anything in stone here.

A few things I'm particularly interested in at the moment though would be a slave who was...

A former Princess or other royal
A former deity
A great heroine
Basically anything where she was someone important, but has found herself on the wrong side of a collar.

Barring that though, I'm open to other plotlines where she was just an ordinary girl, or was born a slave from the very beginning!

As for what I'd be playing... I'm open to most things. Male, Female, or some variety of futa. I'm fine with playing a variety of roles, though I do have a few characters in mind already. I'm mostly partial to fantasy settings for this kind of pairing, but I'd also be fine with a more modern setting where slavery is more streamlined and widely accepted as a fact of life.

I'm going to stop rambling now, so if you're interested, PM me and we'll chat and brainstorm some ideas! Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.
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