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OK, here we go...

Definitely has my interest.

Will you be using a system, or is this freeform?


One quick answer (regarding weapons) is "It works the same way as in ShogunWorld." Swords, arrows, spears... however that technology works for ShogunWorld.

In greater detail:

1. The waivers guests have to sign are many pages long, and include things like "if you trip and impale yourself, we're not liable." This would only apply to the more violent parts of the park, of course, as the family-oriented adventures are extremely and noticeably nerfed (and "cheaper").

2. I'm thinking that the weapons in this park have sensors and/or magnetic shielding that causes them to veer away from a human, or lose enough momentum to stop short of violating the integrity of a guest's body. Each guest has something in his/her outfit that provides the "I'm a human" signal. In addition, the androids' programming prevents them from delivering injurious blows, both by adjusting their overall combat responses to that of the human they're fighting, and by "pulling a punch" when they sense that they would take out a human.

3. Magic is a bit more problematic, but it works like this: wizards are given wands or staffs, and priests holy symbols. These items are programmed to provide holographic displays corresponding to "spells" they're given a list of beforehand. It's all essentially laser tag, but with very convincing-looking effects. Android magic-users? Well, they'd be rare, anyway, but instead of throwing fireballs, they'd be raising undead, or causing environmental effects (darkness, or localized earth tremors, things like that). Some might have spells that would seem to damage the party's horses, or take out android NPCs.
Bump. Wow, is absolutely no one interested in RPing in a Westworld-inspired game?
Only an interest check at this point. This is a budding idea with a few salient points in my head so far that would require some significant time to develop into a playable game. But with a two-year wait for season 3, I thought maybe there are others jonesin' for some WW goodness who might want to do some RP in the meantime. 😊

The rough idea so far: A separate company has developed (stolen?) technology similar to that of Westworld and opened their own theme park. Their notion is to run a D&D-style park where guests can take on various stereotypical D&D roles and go adventuring, alone or in groups.

Like Westworld, the park is designed for the super-wealthy. There are safer areas for families and beginners, and rougher (and potentially depraved) areas for those who want that sort of thing.

Players would take on the roles of mid-level employees dealing with problems in the park. I'm thinking there would be some room for sandboxing, but there would be large-scale plotlines progressing. One such ongoing plot might be that the company has recently introduced "non-human" hosts (typical D&D-style humanoids), and complications might arise from their programming.

I would likely use a minimalist system for resolution, possibly Freeform Universal with a few modifications.

This would likely be "high casual," so longer posts would be welcome but not required.

I'd rate it as PG-13. Doubtless there will be unpleasantness, but the really grisly/adult stuff would need to be suggestively faded to black before becoming too graphic.

So. Interested?
Or, I write it up over lunch and submit today. :D

Name: Darthem Doriat (Grandohmus)

Title: Marquess of Northcliff

Species: Manticore

Age: 44

Gender: Male


Human: Doriat appears as a taciturn young man in his 20's. He is tall with a wiry build. His hair is black and receding somewhat, cut short with a widow's peak. His face is narrow and chiseled, with a prominent nose and high cheek bones. His eyes are black difficult to read.

Mythic: A Spell for Chameleon-style manticore, with the body of a large lion, a human/lion hybrid head, bat wings, and a scorpion's tail. His fur is golden with a reddish tinge, as is his mane. The tail is red, and the wings are black.

Outfit: Like most of his race, Doriat does not go in for bright colors or flashy accoutrement. His knee-length formal coat is of black velvet, with some silver piping of simple geometric designs along the seams, pockets, and cuffs. It has a medium-high collar, no lapels, and fairly tight sleeves. The brocade waistcoat peeking out from beneath is of muted green and silver. The lace of his shirt is simple and not excessive. The knee-length pants match the coat. Simple silver stockings and black shoes complete the outfit.

Jewelry/Accessories: Doriat carries a gentleman's walking stick [this would be a sword cane unless such things are banned from court] topped with a massive knob of polished but uncut emerald. His only adornment is a jet signet ring.

Mythic Abilities:

  • Flight – From a physics perspective, Grandohmus' wings are not large enough to lift him off the ground; thus, magic is what propels him, while the wings do the job of course correction. While in flight, Grandohmus can outrace a fast horse.
  • Poison – Grandohmus' tail can deliver two kinds of toxin: one can paralyze a human for 8-12 hours, while the other is a deadly poison that can kill a human in under five minutes.
  • Generate winds – By flapping his wings, Grandohmus can magically produce hurricane-level winds.
  • Powerful jaw – Manticores have large mouths with teeth whorls similar to that of a shark. Their jaws can easily crunch bone and wood, and even deform low-quality metal.
  • Enhanced senses – Manticores have an acute sense of smell and hearing, and they can see well in the dark. They also have a general sense of magicalness around them, though it is non-specific and directional only in proportion to the power of the magic.

Human Magic:

  • Flight - While not able to fly in human form, Doriat can enhance his movements, making him very agile and fleet of foot.
  • Poison - This ability has no human analogue.
  • Generate winds – Doriat can conjure light breezes ("He seems never to sweat") and quick puffs of wind that can blow out candles or lanterns.
  • Powerful jaw – Doriat has strong jaws and teeth, for a human. He can take a punch better than a prizefighter.
  • Animal senses – Similar to his mythic form, but to a lesser degree.

Backstory: Grandohmus comes from a long line of manticores charged with defending a part of the northern border from barbarian invaders. Much of the time, they prefer to keep to themselves, guard the northern marches, and avoid the sometimes-unwanted attention of their erratic emperor. Grandohmus is very much his father's son, and shares their general disdain for emotional outbursts, frippery, and attention-seeking. The primary instruction he was given was to not incur the wrath of the emperor – in other words, don’t go overboard in trying to win, and concentrate more on trying not to lose. Grandohmus has a bit of a competitive streak, though, and it remains to be seen how he approaches the games…

Entourage: In keeping with his race's austere lifestyle, Grandohmus brought just one servant: Eton, his personal aide-de-camp and valet. In human form, Eton appears as a man in his late 60's, with silver hair and wizened features. In his mythic form, his abilities and appearance are similar to his master's.
I am interested and will begin writing a submission. It may be a day or two before I get it posted, though.

My family is hosting a Christmas party this Saturday. I'll probably be absent from the boards most of the day Saturday, and possibly most/all of Sunday, too, depending on how wild the party gets. :D Anyway, it might be a hiatus of 48 hours or more, so don't fret if you don't immediately see a response from me.
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