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@CyraniaOne of the drawbacks of eschewing a game system is defining power levels. 😊

We're definitely not talking Avengers or Justice League. I'd say probably more along the lines of Netflix's Defenders. Some rough examples:

Physical strength: You can snap an anchor chain, but you can't lift the ship of the line it's attached to.

Super-running: Out-run a cheetah? Yes. Outrun a bullet? No. (But you’d have a good chance of dodging one…)

Wind powers: Wind speeds like a tropical storm? Yes. Wind speeds like an F5 tornado? No.

Another comparison might be to Golden Age heroes (minus Superman or Wonder Woman, obviously). This might be more apt because it's more along the lines of what I'm thinking: heroes that don't have vast suites of powers, but rather a few powers they can use well.

@PyxisI'd say the degree to which a character's powers are developed depends on the concept. The neophyte and the well-seasoned adventurer are equally valid concepts.

Starting out in-game, the AOP is an established organization. It is not a full-time team, but members are contacted on an ad hoc basis when trouble arises. The members all know one another to at least some degree and have worked together in various combinations. Obviously, the player-characters are considered "core members" of the group.

All this points to player-characters having at least some prior experience using their abilities.
The Arcane Order of Pandora

Just an idea at present, but one I'm having fun pondering. Posting now to see if there would be interest in such a game, or if this stays in the self-amusement pile.

The year is 1851. Queen Victoria rules half the world, and after the defeat of Napoleon, the Pax Britannica has kept the world safe from the threat of world war. The fortunes of Britain continue to wax… but she has many enemies, some of which are possessed of abilities beyond the ken of mortal men.

In response, Lord Elphinstone, an intimate of the queen, has sought out gifted British citizens of all stripes to protect Her Majesty's interests. Thus is born The Arcane Order of Pandora.

As I said, this is only an idea I'm working on at this point. Here's some of the major notions I'm tinkering with...

- This world's history parallels that of Earth; the existence of super-powered individuals has not significantly altered the course of history.

- Super-gifted people are quite rare. The AOP would include NPC members, but not many.

- Technology of this world is that of the historical time period. Steampunk devices are exceedingly rare.

- I would want original characters, not period homages to supers in the comics.

- The power-level would be fairly low.

- Use of abilities would be narrative-driven – I don't want to use a game system to slow down the action scenes. At this point I foresee players declaring their character's attempted actions, and me responding with the outcome of those attempts.

- Additionally, I'd like to avoid existing legendary characters (Sherlock Holmes, Spring-Heeled Jack, Captain Nemo, etc.). I don't want this to be a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type of thing in that respect.

- Adventures would be GM plot-driven, but player contributions to plots and sub-plots would be welcome.

- The game would start with the characters having known one another and worked together. The group would spend a bit of time establishing relationships before actual play began.

Sound interesting?
Scarecrow Jack Tatum

"Hey, I –" Jack barely got a word out before the Indian had disappeared into the darkness.

He looked at Owana. She looked back at him, eyes large and round. Jack held still, fearing that if he moved suddenly, the girl would panic and run.

"Owana?" He said softly. She may have nodded slightly. He noticed she gripped that knife just like her daddy did. Capably.

"Nice to meet you, Owana. I'm Jack. I’m not sure how much you can understand me, but your daddy kind of put us in a pickle here. Can you tell me something about this 'wolf'? Or the evil men your daddy talked about?"

The girl stared back silently.

"Hm." Jack scratched his head and thought. Jack liked youngsters well enough, but he wasn't much a one for taking care of them. He considered for a moment trying to find out where the girl lived and getting her back home, but the man had said "protect" in a way that had some force behind it. It probably wasn't a geas, but it was important. He'd have to keep the girl with her, at least for now.

"Well, maybe that's a discussion best left for the morning. Tell you what: let's take care of the basics of life first, and then when the sun is up we can see how things look. Chances are, things won't look so bad when she's over the horizon."

He got up slowly and pulled his blanket off the ground. She watched, eyes large and inscrutable.

"Here's a blanket if you’d like to use it. I'm fine with my coat." He walked partway around the fire, dropped the blanket, and returned to where he'd been sitting. He got his canteen and a spare hunk of bread and set them over there, too.

"And some food and water for you." Owana didn't move. She just sat and stared. Jack smiled and gestured at the stash. "Even the bravest of the brave need to eat and drink. Tell you what: while you figger out what you want to do, I'll sing us a song…"
Well... that took less time than I thought. OOC is up:

Clockwork & Anima OOC

@Usernameheyitsjiwon @UsernameMalice @UsernameMagio @UsernameVeradana @UsernameNerdy Reference

Please post character sheets here, not in the Characters section.

Questions, musings, etc... don't be afraid to speak up. :)
Awesome. Thanks for the interest! I will work on the OOC.

Please note: I am coming down with a cold. I'm not yet sure if it's the "slows you down and is irritating" variety, or the "knocks you on your rear end for five days" variety. either way, it may affect the speed in which I put up the OOC.

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