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In her white lace, you could clearly see the lady sadly looking/Saying that she'd take the blame/For the crucifixion of her own domain...


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I like that idea. Can you provide any details of the setting, like is world history fundamentally the same as RL? Have supers been around for days/years/decades? Will the game be based in a single city, or be moveable? Do supers typically do the code name/spandex/secret ID thing, or does it vary a lot?
Are you still looking for players, or are you full up right now?

Sure thing! I think I've caught the COVID-19 Omicron variant while at a party earlier. Will need to get a PCR to confirm but I could try come up with something.

I hope you're getting healthy.

Watchmen stuff is always interesting to me. If this comes to fruition, I'm up for it. Would you be using a system, or would this be freeform?
@Clever Hans Dangnabit the OOC is up.

I'm a 2e guy, mostly because I got comfortable with the system (and also didn't want to pony up for another set of books. :) ) But if you're looking for RP heavy, do you want a big. complex system? I really like MM, but it can bog down PbP games, especially in combat...
The hero system I am more versed in is Champions. Even then, I am not sure I am playing it right?

If you're playing and having fun, you're playing it right!
Any news?
Testing 1-2-3... is this thing on?

Did this whole thing get ghosted?
Following up... I'm not a Discorder, but I don't see any IC posts yet, so... what's our status?
So... what's the latest?
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