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In what year (or, y'know, real-Earth year equivalent) is this taking place?
This sounds pretty awesome. Is the setting more along the lines of "dark/horrible/magical things lurk in the shadows and most people don't even know they're there"? Or is it closer to "dark/horrible/magical things are everywhere"?
OK, first draft:

Name: Devin Constable
Gender: M
Age: 27
Appearance: Caucasian, average height, slender build; dark hair that's usually falling over his eyes, thin face with a sharp nose and chin; arched brows and glittering black eyes.

Personality: Devin is a witty, gregarious man who's at ease in any kind of social gathering, with a knack for making others at ease in his presence. He values his privacy, so while he has many acquaintances, he has few true friends.

Bio: Devin was born and raised in an upper-middle-class Chicago suburb. His parents moved there specifically for Devin to attend school there, and their finances were stretched to the breaking point to afford it. Young Devin was very afraid of not fitting in, and learned early how to schmooze and entertain his fellow students so they wouldn't notice that his clothes were not the latest styles or that his phone was not the highest-end model. While Devin wasn't a part of the ultra-popular clique, he was also never ostracized or bullied; always around the fringes of activities, but never in the center. He got good grades, and after graduating from college with a business degree, Devin got a job as a salesman for a liquor distribution company, where he has won sales awards.

- Transformation: Devin can transform into a flock of ravens, anywhere from a dozen or so to a massive flock of two hundred or more. While in this form, Devin can use the collective senses of the flock to take in information about his surroundings. With concentration, he can focus on the input from a particular bird. While Devin can still understand human language in flock form, he can only croak single words.
- Avian communication/influence: Devin has a limited ability to communicate with and influence (not control) the actions of birds outside his "flock self." The complexity of conversation depends on the intelligence of the bird.
- Remarkable agility: Devin has acquired a great sense of balance and superb body control and coordination.
- Magnetic field sense: Devin can use the Earth's magnetic field to orient himself to magnetic north.

Likes: Group activities, the nightlife, having a private space to retreat to
Dislikes: crappy weather, being alone for too long, confrontation
Family: Parents, no siblings, cousins on the East Coast he vaguely knows
Friends: Marcie Bateman, one of his few close friends from high school; Marcel Moussa, a buddy from Northwestern University who is currently finishing up his PhD in Physics
Sentimental Attachment: His old iPod, which he still keeps his favorite music on
Weapon: None (unless you count having a silver tongue)


Bumping, because there has to be at least one or two Icons players out there somewhere... maybe?

Also, the game is simple to play and easy to learn, so if you don't know it, I'd be happy to teach you.

Wondering if there's any love for Kenson's "other" supers RPG, Icons?

The game I'd like to run would feature the player-characters as the premiere team of a city built upon the ashes of Gary, Indiana in the 1990's, shortly after the first supers appeared, and the first super-villain blew up the whole town. The man who designed and oversaw the construction of the new metropolis, Millennium City*, turned out to be as insane as he was brilliant (a fact only discovered well after the fact, unfortunately), and the place is a little… off.

The tone of the game would be strongly Silver Age, seasoned with Astro City dramatics and a touch of Grant Morrison uber-weirdness.

Why Icons? I like the simplicity of the system, but it retains some tactical considerations and a strong emphasis of thinking outside the box. Warning: You would be rolling random characters (you would be allowed to arrange your stat rolls as you please).

Any interest?

*Not the Champions setting
Oh, man. Definitely interested.
So this would a Groundhog Day-like game, where the day repeats itself until the heroes figure how to avert the disasters?
Definitely interested.
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