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My family is hosting a Christmas party this Saturday. I'll probably be absent from the boards most of the day Saturday, and possibly most/all of Sunday, too, depending on how wild the party gets. :D Anyway, it might be a hiatus of 48 hours or more, so don't fret if you don't immediately see a response from me.
OK, so far I have responded to:


If anyone else has posted rolls, then my eyes are worse than I thought, and I just plain missed it (this white-on-black interface doesn't help much :) ).

Anyway, please let me know if I missed your posted rolls.
I finally figured out how to use the Dice Campaign.I feel so accomplished..Haha

Anyway my rolls are..

Roll 1. Powers 80 Shrinking

Roll 2. Powers 76 Regeneration

Roll 3. Stats And Extras 2 Heightened Agility

Roll 4. Stats And Extras 26 Heightened Endurance

Roll 5. Device 63 Natural Weaponry

Roll 6. Weaknesses 11 Phobia/Psychosis

Shrinking: Gettin' small. You can decide how small you can get. You do retain your regular "stats" while shrunk.

Regeneration: Your body heals up from wounds. There should be one kind of damage that you don't heal from (fire, acid, electrical, etc.)

Heightened Agility: Your reflexes, balance, and body control are above human limits.

Heightened Endurance: You can exert yourself physically at peak levels far longer than the average hero.

Natural Weaponry: Something of an oxymoron as a device, but think of Wolverine's claws...

Phobia/Psychosis: Some situation or event causes you to slip from your normal range of emotional responses into the pathological. It's to be taken seriously.

@Clever Hans Updated
1) Powers-32 Flight
2) Stats-71 Pet
3) Powers-60 Magnetic Powers
4) Stats-55 Heightened Strength
5) Powers-34 Heightened Defense
6) Weaknesses-71 Special Requirement
In that order

Flight: A classic power. The method of propulsion is usually dictated by your other powers.

Pet: You have a pet. It's smarter and tougher than others of its ilk, is well-trained, and completely loyal to you. I should point out that a "pet" may be one wolf, or a swarm of cockroaches. Either way, it functions as a single entity for most purposes.

Magnetic Powers: This is for manipulating and moving things with a large component of iron, and not for pulling excess iron out of someone's blood and turning it into floating discs.

Heightened Strength: Super-strong, you are.

Heightened Defense: You are difficult to hit. This could be from sheer combat mastery, buffeting winds that blow about your person, some kind of light-distortion effect that makes you appear five inches to the left of your actual body, etc. Armor means you can take a hit. Heightened Defense means you aren't often hit, period.

Special Requirement: You need something to activate/maintain your powers: an Underdog energy pill, the ability to speak a magic word...
I'll go with...

1) Power - 5 Armor
2) Power - 3 Adaption
3) Device 5 Android Body
4) Stats & Extras - 86 Willpower
5) Stats & Extras - 34 Heightened Intelligence
6) Weakness - 32 Reduced Charisma

A bit of a hodge-podge, but it might lead to something interesting. Lets see if my luck holds out and I get something cool.

Armor: This is pure protection, against almost anything. It can look like anything: rocky skin, a bug-like exo-skeleton, or it can look like normal skin.
Adaption: Your body can alter itself in response to extreme environmental conditions (extremes of temperature or pressure, radiation, submersion, high/low gravity, etc.).
Android Body: Wow, two of these! I'll PM you.
Willpower: this grants both the grit to push yourself past usual physical limits, and the ability to resist (not indefinitely) physical effects like torture or poison, and to (sometimes) resist mental effects like mind control.
Heightened Intelligence: You're a genius. A super-genius. You probably have a specialty.
Reduced Charisma: There is something about you others find repellent, repugnant, and unpleasant. It might be an aura of madness or malevolence (that may nor may not have anything to do with your actual personality and psychological makeup). It may be an utter inability to function appropriately in social situations, or that your physical appearance is just plain terrifying.
@Reflection @Illiren

Your results coming up shortly. I did not intentionally skip you.
Roll1: 12 (Powers) Darkness Control
Roll2: 5 (Device) Android Body
Roll3: 30 (Stats & Extra) Heightened Endurance
Roll4: 100 (Stats & Extra) Body Power
Roll5: 73 (Stats & Extra) Pet
Roll6: 69 (Weakness) Physical Limitation

Darkness Control: Controls the amount of light in an area around you, like a sliding light switch.
Android Body: I will PM you about this.
Heightened Endurance: You can push yourself physically/energetically for a longer period of time.
Body Power: Some part or parts of your body are altered in some way: laser eyes, a prehensile tail, flaming hands, a boosted immunity/toxin control system, matter-eating...
Pet: A pet. The Falcon's falcon, Squirrel girl's squirrels, The Black knight's horse. The animal will be smarter and tougher than usual for its species, well-trained, and completely loyal to you.
Physical Limitation: Something about your body doesn't work correctly (or at all), or is missing.

Wow, that's quite the bizarre set. Have fun!
<Snipped quote by Clever Hans>

So would these two cancel eachother out to give me normal human strength?

I have some good ideas but I want to be sure of how my weaknesses/powers work.

If you choose to keep the Weakness, then yes.
So, the Dice Rolling feature here doesn't work quite like I thought. However, it's still pretty easy to use. PM me if you're having trouble using it.
1) Powers - 92 Vibratory Powers
2) Powers - 60 Magnetic Powers
3) Stats - 79 Speed Bonus
4) Stats - 69 Natural Weaponry
5) Stats - 55 Heightened Strength
6) Weaknesses - 43 Reduced Strength

1. Vibratory Powers: Yeah, I know. Sonic Powers vs. Vibratory Powers? Aren't they the same thing? Sorta-kinda. Vibratory powers are more about resonant frequencies, while sonic powers are more about noise. There's considerable overlap.
2. Magnetic Powers: This is more along the lines of classic Silver Age "I can move things made of iron alloys" as opposed to Magento's ability to manipulate iron on an atomic level.
3. Speed Bonus: You're faster than the average hero. Not Flash faster, but faster.
4. Natural Weaponry: fangs, claws, elbow spurs, a big, knobbly forehead...
5. Heightened Strength: Classic Super-strength. The level depends on the character concept, more along the lines of classic Marvel rather than DC.
6. Reduced Strength: This is pretty reduced, but not crippling so. You can function just fine, but that 13-year-old is probably going to beat you in arm-wrestling...

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