Thanks for checking out the thread, I'm Spade! Looking for a female character, casual to advanced, post length obviously depends on the scene and situation. I go to school full time and work a bit too so I’m shooting for a post every other day but that may change. Don't be afraid to hit me up if outside obligations are too much, the more communication the better. This will be a mature RP with plenty of violence and other adult themes. If it were a movie it'd definitely be rated R.

The story so far...

High King Calgin Valsia has just accomplished what his father died trying to, the once king of Hargale united his home with neighboring sovereign realms with promises of invading and conquering the stubborn caliphate of Berchaia. With a religious zeal passed down from generation to generation, Berchaia and its rulers have shunned their lands from the rest of the continent, patrolling their vast border and coast with an indiscriminate grip. Rumored to be flush with natural resources and the result of years confiscating ships and their cargo, the now Emperor Calgin has successfully invaded Berchaia.

His large coalition finally capturing the capital city of Berchal, a vast and ancient city unseen by outside eyes for generations, Calgin's campaign has been off to a successful start. While the Emperor has successfully occupied the city, a large part of the population has deeply resented his arrival. In an attempt to prevent further bloodshed and initiate a calm transition, Emperor Calgin has announced the return of the Staff of Berchaia to it’s ancient home of Marchal City, the region’s de facto religious capital. His hope is with the ancient and respected relic restored, the people will see he is not their enemy.

Your character is one of his generals, serving the Emperor throughout his ambitious campaign and on this special mission. With himself and the rest of his retinue focused on quelling Berchal’s population, Calgin has enlisted some unconventional help; Alistair Tres was the son of nobility from the Carasengue Islands, a mostly unknown archipelago from across the great ocean that lands on the shores of Berchaia. Due to a mysterious civil war, Alistair fled his homeland and fell into piracy.

Unfamiliar with Berchaian hospitality and desperate for provisions, Alistair’s ship docked on an island that also held a Berchaian military and naval outpost. His ship and crew were hunted down and he was taken captive. Two weeks later Emperor Calgin took the city, his people discovering Alistair in the dungeon, not knowing much about his homeland except what little imperial advisors had been able to gather. He was offered a deal: help the Emperor’s general as a designated Champion of the Empire and be free once again.


So this is an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while, feels good to type it out finally, haha. There will be plenty of action and opportunity for romance/intimacy (18+). Your imperial general character can be from Emperor Calgin’s home of Hargale or a neighboring nation of your invention. This general can be adept in magic or combat, I’ve tried to leave it as up to you as I can. I have tons of ideas on where to go with this, and I’d like to hear if you had some things you’d like to implement as well. Since this pretty much includes Alistair's backstory as well I won't type up a CS but if you're interested or have any questions then shoot me a PM!