No one has managed to capture the Shadow King’s attention.

He sends girls out as quickly as they arrive, giving them barely any time to open their mouths in so much of a hello. There’s even a rumor that he doesn’t allow his face to be seen, cast in shadows that twist and toil around him. Another rumor that says he can’t be killed.

A law that says anyone attempting to touch him will be put to death.

But it’s my turn. And when I’m done? I’ll be the Shadow Queen and the king will be just a memory.

So hi!

I'm Serenia, a 21+ female living in EST. I'm looking for someone specific for the above plot as it's close to my heart. That being said, I'm looking for advanced role-players that can reply in the 3rd person with 3 - 5 paragraphs with each turn and more if required. The frequency of posting doesn't really matter to me as I'm quarantined and available throughout the day. With copious amounts of time on my hands, I've developed a character that is... a bit strong. Ambitious. I've got some ideas behind the Shadow King's powers and history but what you do with him is up to you; after all, he's your character. But I definitely am not looking for a character who's going to be pushed around. The name of the game is slow burn.

People who can play a cast of characters are absolutely preferred. 18+ is a must for mature themes, though I would feel most comfortable with writers 21 and over.

I'm looking to write over GDocs because I really cannot stand the Discord writing limits; I'll do PM but I'll likely forget about them. If you have similar issues, you're probably right up my alley. I'll send you a writing sample of what is indicative of my writing and I would prefer to receive the same. Like I said, I'm going to picky, so if our styles don't match, please don't take offense!

I can't wait to hear from y'all!