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The hunter hadn’t been called that since she was young and it briefly took her back to a time in her life that was just as tumultuous but, perhaps, less dangerous. Screaming, blood, shattered beer bottles… a shiver overtook her as Camilla turned her attention back to the phone on the bed below her, utterly uninterested in the voice that filled the room with a rasp. She wasn’t offended that she’d been wrong about a demonic presence in the house; hell, JD had told her as much when they were leaving. What she was surprised about was that they’d missed a landmark so big as a pool. Then again, it wasn’t as if taking a swim would have been on her top list of priorities while some psychotic apparition ran at her. Her brows furrowed as the informant continued to speak, causing her eyes to move toward Jack.

She supposed that she hadn’t wondered if he was telling her everything or what he’d omitted. It had been enough for him to share what had happened to his family and by no means was she keen enough to connect what had happened then to what was occurring in this shitty little town now. Anger rolled around in her stomach as she continued to look at the man in her bed. How could he have neglected to tell her details about the job, though? Details that would help them stop whatever paranormal creature was prowling here… Her gaze narrowed as she stared down unhappily at Jack, seemingly getting no response.

A huff later and Cam’s attention was back on Bobby. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet; whoever was on the phone didn’t seem like she would take kindly to being interrupted, especially by some smart-ass remark. And suddenly, as if none of the other conversation had mattered, Bobby blurted out the two things they should be looking for: a water wraith or a mimic. Her shoulders dropped minimally in a sigh of relief. It was enough of a lead that she could search for it on the internet or library… likely library. A water wraith sounded ancient, which meant translating. She grumbled slightly as Bobby muttered her goodbye, not at all amused like the other woman had sounded, before she crossed her arms and looked to Jack once more.

”Jesus H., Jack,” the woman said, her dark hair falling around her face as she shook her head. ”How am I supposed to find things if you won’t tell me.” Cam to stare daggers towards her partner, doubtful that guilting Jack into telling her everything would make her feel better. If he wasn’t going to tell her out of the kindness of his heart and she had to fight for it, she didn’t want it. ”What the hell’s the point of having someone to work with if you don’t work with me?”

She sighed and pulled her legs to her chest, resting her chin on her knees. ”I get it if you don’t want to share your life. And I get it if you do. I don’t care what you don’t tell me as long as it doesn’t affect me. But this? This is a prime example of what does affect me. Not that I’m saying I know what any of it means, but it’d be nice to know to be overly cautious when around a body of water. Or water at all, from what Bobby said.” Cam ran a hand through her hair, her eyes softening when they met Jack’s. It was difficult to be furious when all she could think of was the way his voice had broken while talking about his family.

”I…” Her brows furrowed. ”It shouldn’t matter, but why does she call me princess? She doesn’t know me. I don’t sound that… high-strung, do I?” Cam wasn't offended, but a part of her wondered if Jack had mentioned anything about her to Bobby that would make her think she was a spoiled, entitled brat. Surely Bobby couldn't have gathered that much of her personality from a phone call!

In ASPECT 6 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

A sound broiled in her stomach, slowly erupting into a heartfelt laugh that made Cam wonder when was the last time she’d truly laughed. No, McDonald’s was likely the closest thing she’d get to a sit-down meal anytime soon, but it would be enough for now. What was more than enough was feeling Jack’s hand slowly slide away, no fast movements that decisively said that he regretted telling her or that he was going to leave her. No, for now, he seemed content to stay at her side. Cam took a deep sigh as she offered a quick nod, letting her lids fall shut softly and her breathing relax once more. Jack’s gentle words barely registered as she finally fell asleep.


Camilla awoke slowly, her eyes fluttering open as the oranges and pinks of dusk streamed into her window. She grimaced and adjusted herself, realizing that sat some point she’d managed to turn to her side. She’d always been a side-sleeper and time hadn’t seemed to change that, even if she was sleeping with someone in bed. How many times had Peter tried to tell her to sleep on her back, with her arms crossed over her chest so that she could wake up and strangle someone without thinking?

”That’s the Marine in me,” he’d said with a laugh, causing a teenage Cam to roll her eyes. “They taught it to us, I swear! Don’t you go all sulkin’ teen on me, Milly.” Warmth flooded the woman at the memory, knowing it was as close as she would be to Peter at the moment, or so she’d thought. He was sick – had been sick for a long time – and she’d started all this in order to cure him. Look where it had gotten them, Cam thought with an unhappy look, though it was before she realized Peter was in the same bed with her. Alive. Well.

Cam began blinking rapidly to clear her vision. Dark hair like her brother’s, but with a red tint Peter wouldn’t have been caught dead with. Features that were more pointed and rugged instead of the kind, softened face of her brother brought Cam back to the present. It wasn’t Peter that was with her but instead Jack. She wiped at her eyes, eager to banish away any thoughts of her family and with it any remnants of sleep. The nap had done her good, she thought, even if it had brought unsolicited reminiscences with it.

The clock read 5:49, and Cam groaned slightly. A few hours was better than nothing, she supposed, even if it wasn’t as much sleep as she wanted. The woman climbed from bed, scooching from where she’d laid to the foot of the bed. She stood quickly, pulling her hair up into a messy bun and affixing it to the top of her head, before moving to the refrigerator and grabbing a bottle of previously opened water. With a swig of that, and hoping it would be enough to refresh her, Cam moved to the desk she’d previously offered to Jack and opened the lid of her computer.

Cam quickly navigated to her email, deleting mostly spam that involved fast food rewards and clothing discounts, before finding herself staring at an all-too familiar search engine.

NOT ghost OR demon AND vengeful

Boolean phrases had never looked so unimpressive, Cam thought as she pulled her lower lip between her teeth, chewing on it lightly as she concentrated on what else to add to her search string. There wasn’t much and the hunter hoped that looking further would help her identify some new terms. After she got through the bogus Wikipedia links and when she started to get to the third or fourth page, Cam started to finally relax and delve into research.

…That was, until a ringing behind her made her visibly jump, turning around to the bed. ”Fuckin’ phone,” she managed, scrambling towards the mattress. The name flashing on the screen said Bobby, and vaguely Jack’s instructions returned to the forefront of her mind. Cam chose answer and quickly put it on speaker phone, sitting on the bed beside Jack before placing a hand on him to wake him. ”Bobby?”

A grunt.

”This is Camilla Quinn. I’m with Jack…” Shit. Shit. What was his last name? ”Dolson. Listen, we got a thing here and we were wonderin’ if you had any info. Jack got a call sayin’ that some boy was missing, then we go to the house and it stinks to high heaven. Smells like sulfur but doesn’t exactly fit the bill of demon, either. Jack… wake up!

Still open <3
A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Two countries fight continuously, surrounded by rumors of war.
A prince and a princess are finally old enough to marry. Engagements
have been broken and new ones placed in hopes that war can be avoided.

The kingdom of Helios will offer their princess to help calm the storm.

When the assassination attempts continue and tempers continue to flare,
especially between the newlyweds. It is certainly a challenge, especially
since they are so different.

Not all assassination attempts are failed... neither are all kidnappings.
How will the royals deal with coming into the throne all the while suspecting
each others' kingdom for plotting?

And what if it isn't their kingdoms trying to ruin the chances of peace at all?

PM for more details and include a writing sample, please <3
Looking for a prince and a cast of characters.
Updated plots <3
In ASPECT 7 mos ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

One thing Camilla had always minded was silence. A fan was always blowing at night, or the TV murmuring in the background. Now, with Jack’s breathing at her side, it was relatively easy to begin to drift asleep. The barely grating voice beside her, however, brought her back to reality and she almost groaned until she heard the content of what he spoke of. She listened, each part of the story causing the pit in her stomach to grow heavier with every consonant that resonated from Jack’s mouth. Her fingers clenched at the thought, curling into a fist that only tightened with each new word.

She couldn’t imagine such an atrocity, especially happening to her own kin. It was one thing for her to experience a poor childhood; so many others had, how could it possibly be that much of a problem? Ultimately, she was still alive and would still manage her own fate. A little girl, though. Cam’s fingers relaxed minutely as Jack stopped for a moment, allowing her to catch a breath from the horror of which he spoke. She thought he was done, but he wasn’t, and immediately Cam inhaled sharply, keeping it in her lungs until he was done a second time.

The picture he’d painted was certainly one that would stay with her for a while and, truth be told, she couldn’t imagine living it. It was entirely barbaric, though she knew that monsters cared not about any man. In fact, it had probably been nearby, holding the girl’s dead body with a smile on its face as it looked on. A shiver racked Cam’s body as she tried to think of something to say. Anything but ‘I’m sorry’, the two words that were too blasé and too easy to say.

And if she hadn’t imagined the story getting worse, it sure the hell did. Now he’d lost his wife, too, just as horribly as his daughter. Perhaps less so, given that he at least had a body to look as opposed to wondering what had happened to poor little Hannah. No longer could she keep her breath held in, and Cam exhaled shakily. She’d barely noticed the way his hand now rested on her, almost as a secondhand gesture.

Was it something he’d done with his wife? Those slow, circular motions would have been too intimate in any other situation. However, now, Cam suspected that it was comforting for him. Not once had the man offered her a tender gesture and now, in the span of a few hours, he’d offered two. What had happened, for him to become so sentimental? She wouldn’t say anything of it, of course, but they’d just been on a unassuming hunt. Nothing earlier had been out of the ordinary, save for the peculiar way the woman had acted.

And, perhaps, that was exactly what had triggered his memories. That a woman – so clearly grieving – was looking for a son that had simply disappeared. Cam met his eyes as they turned to her, giving her head one affirmative shake. ”I’ll help you,” A corner of her mouth quirked up as she slid a hand down, grabbing his fingers with her own. They were certainly rougher than hers, though that much was to be expected. It was all she could muster at that moment, uncertain of what else to say. ”I don’t exactly want me dead either, so the sentiment is appreciated.” Cam’s eyes flickered back up to Jack’s, unaware that she’d even looked away in the first place.

”We’ll get the son of a bitch,” she said definitively after a few quiet moments. ”And when we do, maybe you can retire. And be a gentleman, for once in your life, and treat me to dinner.” Cam sighed once more, this time less weighted than when her partner was speaking earlier. ”I should get up,” she said, slowly untwining her fingers from his but not making a move to leave the bed. ”Unless you can spare a few hours to let me sleep. I was…” She almost felt bad for her next admission, though she didn’t know why. ”Very active last night. Then I’ll get to researching.”

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