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A laugh escaped Ellie, doubting Kaz was interested in hearing about how she expelled the anal glands of every canine within a twenty-mile radius. She wasn’t sure that the animals she cared for ‘appreciated’ her, but their humans certainly did. It wasn’t uncommon for her to now be stopped in the street if someone recognized her, filling her into the intimate details of Lola the Chihuahua or Buddy the Budgie. It was a far cry from dealing with the millions and billions of dollars that Kaz spoke of. She couldn’t imagine that kind of responsibility, knowing he was a better person than her for dealing with it. Had it been her parents that had egged her into a family business, she wouldn’t have been nearly as nice or as willing.

… She doubted that she would have broken his heart in the process.

Elodie sipped on her coffee, simply listening to Kaz while he spoke and attempting to find some kind of way to continue the conversation. She wasn’t completely at ease with his presence but it still held a familiar calming effect on her even throughout the years. She only nodded as he explained that the phone call had been regarding business. What could she say otherwise? That she hoped it hadn’t been a girlfriend calling to check on him… or a wife? It made her sound desperate and there wasn’t any way in hell that she would fall back into a relationship with Kaz. With that in mind, her blue eyes flickered back up as the man spoke of Macon and noticed the rueful, reminiscent tone in his voice.

Macon had always been a well-kept town. It didn’t hold a candle to Savannah with its squares and boutiques, but it was a Southern jewel that still remained relatively rural. Technology had found its way to the town with a bit of resistance, though the residents seemed to have adapted eventually. The main street still held cherry trees between lanes of traffic and old, civil war storefronts that lined each side. It had expanded outwards, with poor communities and bad neighborhoods like any other city, but she still loved it. It was difficult to see the changes when she’d lived there all her life, after all. “You know how proud we are,” Ellie said quietly, taking another drink of coffee and looking into the beige colored liquid.

One eyebrow quirked as Kaz started again, seemingly nervous about whatever statement or request he’d began to say. Surprise rolled over Ellie, followed by a cold calm that washed over her. Her eyes ran over his features, seeing nothing there but sincerity. The vet’s fingers curled over the mug a bit more tightly as she fought to tamper down rage that began to build in her.

He expected just to walk back into town, and into her life, almost as if nothing had happened? Ellie stayed quiet as she surveyed him, wanting him to squirm for a moment. There wasn’t any reason she should refuse, considering she was single and probably had nothing to do on a cold, Sunday evening. Tyler would be around but it was completely possible he would be at the station with the new murder case. Elodie fought the memories of the slightly decomposed body lying in the dead, brown field…

“l’Tuscani?” she asked, taking another casual sip of her coffee. “It is classy. Provided you get a reservation, I won’t mind joining you for dinner.” She didn’t know about walking along the streets like they had as teenagers or the talking part. Elodie kept those thoughts to herself, knowing it would do nothing but likely hurt Kaz. He was being friendly and he’d said he wanted as much at the swing. She’d agreed tentatively, but in a way that she thought he wouldn’t act on and simply forget. It didn’t seem like that was going to happen and she guessed that she was partially to blame.

She shouldn’t have taken so much comfort in his presence. This was her fault, and now she had to deal with the consequences. “Just talk?” Ellie asked after a moment, keeping one brow raised. “That’s the best you can do, Kaz Ujohiri?” Perhaps flirtation would ease her troubled mind and make conversation a bit easier between them. She’d become prolific, even though Elodie hated to admit it. Years and years of short and failed relationships had helped her develop her proficiency, something she hadn’t exactly been an expert at when they were younger. “Sure. Wine and dine me. We’ll see where it gets you.”
I totally understand! No problems (:

  • I'm fine with the hired gun idea. Maybe it kind of gets carried away from him if he starts killing people that start snooping around him... or at least trying to snoop.
  • Whatever you want to do within your company is completely up to you.
  • I don't care to share the killer or to take him over completely. I like to run multiple characters anyway, so if you aren't as comfortable doing so I definitely don't mind ^^
looking again! ^^
“You’ve always been a nerd,” the Georgian said with a laugh, though it was not unkind. It was something that had brought them closer and made her feel more comfortable with him while she was trying to hang out with his older brother. “I’m glad to see that some things don’t change.” The events of the day still lingered in her mind but it was easier to push them aside while she could reminisce about something else. “I guess Juntao had to keep the company while you travelled down here.” Elodie wondered if it had been Kaz’s decision to come back down here or if his older brother had simply told him to do so. She wanted to ask if he was happy – if they were both happy – but refrained barely. Tucker moved to her legs, pushing against them almost in a cat-like motion.

“Katie was sweet,” Elodie said, her fingers tapping on one mug as the coffee continued to brew. “But they weren’t happy. I think Tyler wanted kids, and she didn’t. I’m actually planning on buying soon, since the clinic is finally taking off. You think that everyone would want a vet finally in this small ass town, but…” She ran a hand through her blonde hair, laughing slightly as she turned to Kaz. “I guess my prices had to be adjusted for people to want to come. I mean, it’s a dog friendly town so it isn’t like people don’t care about the pets.” Her fingers shakily picked at the skin of her cuticles, hearing the bubbling brew still behind her. They were slowing and she turned back to the coffee pot, pouring the nearly boiling liquid into the mugs. She pulled at one of them, black and strong, before placing it on the table for Kaz.

Ellie moved to the refrigerator and pulled out creamer, a sweet vanilla that would not require any additional sugar, before taking that and her own cup to sit on a marble table beside a comfortable leather couch. Her blue eyes moved over Kaz, seeing a look of confusion that prompted her to continue to watch him. He was just as attractive as ever, especially in the suit he’d come into town in. And she hated him for it; would she have felt better to see him fat and ugly? In fact, he almost looked a little too skinny, at least compared to when she’d last seen him. All of the baby fat had left his face, and she doubted it had stayed on any other part of his body. She blushed and went to pour her creamer into the coffee and put it to the side.

She took a sip, testing the temperature, and turning her head when Kaz moved towards her. Ellie’s brows furrowed as she looked at Kaz’s features, unsure what had set him off. His smile didn’t look quite right but she would let it go for now. “It’s not that special,” she said, still looking at him and trying to figure out if it was just stress of today or from the phone conversation he’d had. “Just takes a lot of work, probably the same as being a CFO or anything else.” Elodie wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab Kaz’s hand, although she simply used her free hand to wrap around the mug. She took a sip of the coffee and groaned slightly at the temperature. “Are you okay?” she asked finally, hoping she didn’t make this reunion any more awkward than it already had been.
You're fine! Don't worry about it ^^
Elodie could only stand gaping at the body beneath her as Tucker continued to bark, though the sound still sounded muted and far away. She hadn’t even heard Kaz’s voice scream out for her, barely registering as his hand pulled at hers. Instead, her eyes remained locked on the awkward, frozen angles. From here, she could almost see the gaping mouth that was kept open in a silent scream by rigor mortis and eyes that wouldn’t close without a fair bit of manipulation and strength… She didn’t hear the man’s words at her side as she was tugged away, pupils dilated with fear so large that the blue irises barely shown even in the bright light of the day. The woman forced one foot in front of the other, tumbling over herself nearly as Kaz continued to take her back to her Jeep.

Her eyes finally moved up to the Japanese man as he continued to speak, his calm voice almost enough to soothe her quickened heartbeat. It was nearly palpable through her chest and, soon, it would make her breathing uncontrolled. She took a few deep inhales, holding them for as long as possible in an attempt to calm herself. Elodie nodded and gripped Kaz’s hand more firmly. It was going to be impossible to forget the horrible sight that had been displayed in front of her, no matter how much she prayed or wished for it. Still, the woman knew that he was just trying to be nice and supportive. “It’s just around the old store,” Elodie said shakily, regaining some semblance of control and taking her hand from Kaz’s.

She dug the Jeep keys from her pocket and unlocked the car, climbing into the front seat clumsily and rummaging for her phone. She quickly dialed 911, unaware that perhaps Kaz was doing the same thing, and sat down on the leather seat. While the police arrived, Ellie leaned forward and placed her head on Kaz’s chest as if the last few years had never happened. She listened to the police, who seemed nonplussed at the presence of a dead body, and gave up what information she could. She only nodded once more as they were assured the case would soon be resolved. Tucker had finally made it back to the Jeep, his brown tail wagging as if nothing had occurred.

It wasn’t as easy for Ellie to return to normal, however, and she took up Kaz’s offer. She hadn’t wanted to initially, considering she didn’t want to answer any questions Tyler might have, but it would at least give her peace of mind to spend time around him, normalizing her grip on reality. “Yeah, sure. I’m sure Tyler would love to say hi to you.” It was a meager attempt at humor, knowing that her brother had quite the unsavory opinion regarding Kaz. She slipped the keys into the ignition before shakily climbing to her knees, opening up the back door so Tucker could jump in.

Once the dog was settled, Elodie shut him in and moved to the passenger seat, quickly moving back into the Jeep. She wasn’t in the right state to drive back, no matter how short of a drive it was. “He lives on Thoroughbred Way,” she said, leaning her head back against the seat and sighing. She ran her hands over her thighs, trying to clear her clammy palms, before she turned her head to look at Kaz. “I’m sure Juntao is worried, especially if he’s called twice,” she said, trying to divert her thoughts away from the dead man they’d seen minutes earlier.

“Tell him I say hello,” she said, offering Kaz a small smile before turning her attention to the flashing trees on the road. Soon enough they found their way to Tyler’s house where she’d been staying.

“I, uh… I don’t have a place at the moment.” Her eyes moved up to run over the light blue, two story house that was certainly too large for just Tyler. “He doesn’t mind the company, or so he says. He’s dating someone, but it isn’t serious. Got divorced a few years ago… Katie Engles, if you remember her. Pretty little thing. Anyway. This is where I’m at now. I don’t suppose I have the real authority to bring you in, but…” Elodie shrugged as she opened the door, then Tucker’s. He ran towards the front door, but not before stopping and urinating on some budding bushes. “Come in. Least I can do if fix us up a cup of coffee. God knows I need it.”

She shut the door to her Jeep and moved to unlock the house, having not seen Tyler’s patrol car in the driveway. She wondered, briefly, if he had been called out to study the remains but tried not to linger there for long. Elodie opened the white door, showing a modern and open living room that also held a kitchen. The inside was sleek and not too crowded, allowing Tucker to easily romp through the area. She put on a pot of coffee as soon as she could, inhaling the rich aroma as it brewed. Her slender fingers moved to gather two simple, white mugs. “How do you take it?”
No problem! Enjoy yourself d:
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