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Current Whatever's happening to me is makin' me feel like hot ass. Replies... sometime. Sorry folks.
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When you want to pick up more roleplays but you can't because responsibilities ):
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When you’re on constant refresh for replies 😭😭😭
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I feel like a pile of steaming dog shit. Will get replies out when I’m feeling a little better.
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Valkyrie, it’s been hell for me it that evens it out


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The hunter hadn’t been called that since she was young and it briefly took her back to a time in her life that was just as tumultuous but, perhaps, less dangerous. Screaming, blood, shattered beer bottles… a shiver overtook her as Camilla turned her attention back to the phone on the bed below her, utterly uninterested in the voice that filled the room with a rasp. She wasn’t offended that she’d been wrong about a demonic presence in the house; hell, JD had told her as much when they were leaving. What she was surprised about was that they’d missed a landmark so big as a pool. Then again, it wasn’t as if taking a swim would have been on her top list of priorities while some psychotic apparition ran at her. Her brows furrowed as the informant continued to speak, causing her eyes to move toward Jack.

She supposed that she hadn’t wondered if he was telling her everything or what he’d omitted. It had been enough for him to share what had happened to his family and by no means was she keen enough to connect what had happened then to what was occurring in this shitty little town now. Anger rolled around in her stomach as she continued to look at the man in her bed. How could he have neglected to tell her details about the job, though? Details that would help them stop whatever paranormal creature was prowling here… Her gaze narrowed as she stared down unhappily at Jack, seemingly getting no response.

A huff later and Cam’s attention was back on Bobby. She bit her lip to keep herself quiet; whoever was on the phone didn’t seem like she would take kindly to being interrupted, especially by some smart-ass remark. And suddenly, as if none of the other conversation had mattered, Bobby blurted out the two things they should be looking for: a water wraith or a mimic. Her shoulders dropped minimally in a sigh of relief. It was enough of a lead that she could search for it on the internet or library… likely library. A water wraith sounded ancient, which meant translating. She grumbled slightly as Bobby muttered her goodbye, not at all amused like the other woman had sounded, before she crossed her arms and looked to Jack once more.

”Jesus H., Jack,” the woman said, her dark hair falling around her face as she shook her head. ”How am I supposed to find things if you won’t tell me.” Cam to stare daggers towards her partner, doubtful that guilting Jack into telling her everything would make her feel better. If he wasn’t going to tell her out of the kindness of his heart and she had to fight for it, she didn’t want it. ”What the hell’s the point of having someone to work with if you don’t work with me?”

She sighed and pulled her legs to her chest, resting her chin on her knees. ”I get it if you don’t want to share your life. And I get it if you do. I don’t care what you don’t tell me as long as it doesn’t affect me. But this? This is a prime example of what does affect me. Not that I’m saying I know what any of it means, but it’d be nice to know to be overly cautious when around a body of water. Or water at all, from what Bobby said.” Cam ran a hand through her hair, her eyes softening when they met Jack’s. It was difficult to be furious when all she could think of was the way his voice had broken while talking about his family.

”I…” Her brows furrowed. ”It shouldn’t matter, but why does she call me princess? She doesn’t know me. I don’t sound that… high-strung, do I?” Cam wasn't offended, but a part of her wondered if Jack had mentioned anything about her to Bobby that would make her think she was a spoiled, entitled brat. Surely Bobby couldn't have gathered that much of her personality from a phone call!

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