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Current When you want to pick up more roleplays but you can't because responsibilities ):
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8 mos ago
When you’re on constant refresh for replies 😭😭😭
9 mos ago
I feel like a pile of steaming dog shit. Will get replies out when I’m feeling a little better.
9 mos ago
Valkyrie, it’s been hell for me it that evens it out
10 mos ago
@The Valkyrie And they have mystical spider bites in the webbing between their fingers
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----&& н e l l o , м y p r e t t ι e ѕ

Hi! First and foremost I'm looking for a 1x1 roleplay over
email or PMs with someone 18 and over.

-- a b o υ t м e

I'm 26, GMT -5 (EST), I'm married,
and have two dogs. I also work a full time job that
requires 12 hour shifts with rotating weekends. I’m
in the throes of a NP degree, so don’t expect replies
constantly. That being said, I should be able to reply
at least once a week to you, given you want a
decently long post. That may or may not be a estimate.

-- l ι м ι t ѕ

I have no limits when it comes to gore,
violence, or cursing. I do have limits
when it comes to closed-door affairs, however.
Most are the usual: no pedophilia, no scat,
no vore. I have no triggers but please let me
know if you do. I'll respect them. Not really
one for a gratuitous amount of sex, so there's

A Warning:
I prefer roleplays that have darker elements.
All of the aforementioned (gore, violence, cursing, and... activities)
will probably - hopefully - be in our roleplay.

-- r o l e p l a y ѕ t y l e

First, post length.

I like to think I mirror my partners but that isn't
always the case. Often, I write ~500 per character, though
that's a safe estimate. I've been known to write up to 2500
for a reply so who knows. I try to give what I get, though.
I don't mind typos, honestly. I understand...
my Mac likes to autocorrect.

Second, response time.

As aforementioned, I'm a busy woman.
There are times that I can stay on the computer all day
for a couple days in a row; there are times I can't reply
for a week or more. I'll try to let you know when I'm
unable to post, but life happens unexpectedly.

Third, ditching.

Let's get real: everyone does it. I've done it.
I'm ashamed of it.
But it happens.
I'll send you a complimentary 'hey, how are you', but I won't
chase you down. I expect the same courtesy of you.


Right now, I'm just looking to play as the female character.
I know it's selfish, but I am just so tired
of being the male. Sorry to disappoint. I have
no issue with doubling, though. My
preference, of course, is to not double at the
moment, but I can be easily persuaded.
MxF > FxF.
Tentatively willing to try MxM if someone will be patient with me.

This does not mean that we can't have additional characters. In fact,
I love them and get carried away. This does not mean that I expect
you to play all the male characters, either. I think that a
healthy mix between us is best c:

And as much as I’ve bitched about it, I probably will end
up doubling, though I doubt it’ll be right off the bat.
...Unless we're doing a canon X OC trash pairing

G e n r e s

Fantasy: past, present, & future
Arranged Marriage: past, present, & future
Apocalyptic: during & after
Historical: 1800s +
Dragon Age: Origins, DA2, & Inquisition
before, during, after
Wanting an Amell x Cullen thing, or a King!Alistair x Hero
political thing. I'm almost willing to play anyone
for you. Bring me your AU shit and your trash pairings <3
Mass Effect: Original ME & Andromeda
before, during, after

Suggest Away.

I love hearing plots, and I'd be happy to get a PM
(or even an intro post) explaining something to me.
I might not go for it, and I may. Odds are if you have
a plot and you're jonesing to play it, I'll entertain
it as long as it fits in the aforementioned genres.
I have a few plots I'm willing to share, as well ^^

I am not roleplaying just for the sake of romance.
It has its place in a roleplay, and I like it, but I
need a plot. Hard no to PWP.
would prefer fantasy type role-plays at the moment <3
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