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Peeps, I'm new to this website. You can call me Water Girl as I'm a fan of the Fire Boy and Water Girl games and I like them very much. I've only been on here for four days and everyone welcomes me with open arms. I'm looking for a roleplay partner for original and fandom roleplays and I have a bunch of characters to roleplay with. I have one rule though. No 18+ please keep it family friendly as I'm a minor and I don't feel comfortable with mature themes. I do genres as you can see by the tags of my post. I'm a writer so I have to be advanced but I'll take longer to reply if I have writers block which happens often so I apologized in advance. My roleplay include theater, medieval, Sonic, writing, adventure, knights and kings, magic, fantasy, dragons, Kirby, Mario, Super Monkey Ball, Metroid, Tomb Raider, Star Fox, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Ys. I'm looking for a partner whose isn't toxic, who can do romance, ocs, and cannon characters. For romance, boyxgirl, boyxboy, girlxgirl, ocxoc, cannonxoc, cannonxcannon, heroxvillian, rivialxrivial, and villianxvillian. Message me if your interested in roleplaying with me. I'll wait forever!!!
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I'm interested!
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