The great Raphael Santiago was in my view well, I was in his. I thought about meeting him in a long time. But not like this, This a bad, Bad, Horrible! time to meet the vampire leader of New York. Well, I did, Get in a fight with a human and threw her into a wall…Breaking her back and making her cripple. Or at least that's what I think.

“Ooh, you must be, Raphael Santiago.I am sorry to cause you trouble..I never meant for this to happen..Honestly. I was flirting…he never said he had a girlfriend…she came and well attacked me…” The female runs her fingers through her hair and fixed it. “I was drunk…at at least.”

She felt the heat of angry coming from the male. She found it hard after so many years to control herself when she was hurt. She looked down and looked at Raphael. “My stay here, Is long overdue, I will return to my home and be out your hair.”

((i am the girl. you are Raphael)