Ty’Ana was tired of the all the noise going on around her home. Every since she was found innocent she had became international alien for everyone. She was the talk of all the news and people would throw tomato’s at her home.She never felt to bad in her life. She thought of the best revenge. But Ty never had much of a evil bone in her body to even think about murdering people. She had killed those kids based off her anger she was feeling. She never meant to hurt a soul that day. Yet now she wish she could hurt anybody that touched her. Ty’ana never let a single person get to her. It was something she told herself.

“The pain of losing is not worth the pain of loving.”

Ty’ana made this line her motto. A Motto which traveled with her to her fame. She was known to never settle. She would either leave the next day or not even spend the night. Where ever she was seen she would speak the words from her heart

“The pain of losing is not worth the pain of loving.”

Ty knew this was best for her since she was the black sheep of her people. She basically killed her family. And if people told her that it wasn’t her fault. She would bring up her planets chances of ever dying from child birth

“My people can have over hundred kids before they die. Yes and some even live to have more. Its a 0.1% chance of such a black sheep for my people. And I? Am the black sheep, And you tell me it wasn’t my fault? Silly thing.”

Ty was always so serious when people asked her for kids and she would reply with a passive yet aggressive voice,

“I will have a kid when I know I am worth more then a rock”

She always downgraded herself in the most horrible ways. When men would call her names she would speak about it, When they throw dollars at her. She would pick it up. She found it hard not to. Ty’ana would dress so casual and yet they would treat her as a slut or whore. So would you blame her for thinking that was what she really is.

Ty’ana would pass by a children orphanage and feel sorry for them, She knew the pain. Of not being wanted. She reflected to her childhood.

When Ty’ana was eight years old, She was sold into slavery for over a billion dollars. She couldn’t believe she was worth a billion dollars. Being sold to her first master, She didn’t know what to expect. Each day with her master her soul broke piece by piece. And her heart got colder by the days. Her master would beat her with a stick when ever she forgot to wash the dishes or even forget to water the garden. Oh how she loved the garden, It helped her stay calm in times of need. It comfort her in times of pain. When Ty was 13 her master died. The death was unknown but Ty was aware on how he died. She had made the man choke and once the job was down she removed the item and got rid of it. Ty had no clue she was capable of such.

But her life wasn’t peaceful, She was sent back into slavery. To be sold again. This time the price sky rocket. Not only was she 13 but she was able to make kids. Ty’ana was once again sold to the highest bidder. Her second master. He was worst, When Ty even blinked at the wrong time or off, He would grab his sword and beat her with it. Most days she went to bath in the river and the water would turn red from the blood covering her body. Her second master was married, and each wife had their own reasons to use Ty. The first wife was mean and acted like the husband. Beating and whipping the 13 year old. The second wife was the nicest, She would attend to the girls wounds, And teach her. The last wife was a mixture. Yet she was more on the friendly side.

On Ty 16th birthday, Her master brought her into a room not far from the house. It was all nicely set up. A big bed layed in the center of the floor. Ty could smell her master who was aroused. She knew her birthday was going to be the worst night of her life. Ty six months later gave birth to her first child. A boy. It was a blessing to her people. The first wife was angry. They took the child away and kicked Ty out the house. They sold her once again. Ty never saw her son again.

When Ty was 17 she went on a farm to work. She enjoyed spending time with animals since her life before 13 was mostly with them. Ty never lasted long on the farm. Her new master bought her at the age of 18.

When she arrived to his mansion he told her to get comfy and that they wont be on that planet much longer since he will be moving to earth. Ty was scared that if she got to comfy she would get beating. But her master made sure she was fine. Before they left for earth, He signed papers to stop her from being sold again. He want to be her last master. Ty didn’t know how to address this with gratitude, Once the male had dismissed her as a free women, She stayed.

The male placed Ty in school. He fought for her when she killed three female earthlings. But it wasn’t long till someone killed him. In hopes to obtain Ty as a slave. A male of her species murdered her master in coldblood. Not only did he not obtain Ty since she was a free women but he was placed to death. Her master had left everything in her name. The house she lives in to the money she uses to live.

Little did Ty know a person would change her life.

“Its not wor—”

“Look here, I don’t know what your issue is, But I don’t wish to be involved in anything. Look what you’re doing or saying sounds fun and all, But I just came here to drink. I don’t want any trouble.” Ty looked at the males who were around her and gets up with her glass of wine and moves to another table.


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