[centr]Hello! My name is Baz, 25+ years old, I've been roleplaying for about ten years now and I really enjoy RPing in fandoms, specifically the Disney fandom and even more specifically, The Great Mouse Detective.

Not a lot of people have seen this movie, it's an underrated classic and I highly recommend watching it at least once! I promise you won't be disappointed. :D

If you want to RP with me, I am looking for someone over the age of 18 and who is literate and as detailed as possible. Also someone I can jive with, I really want us to inspire each other and come up with a good story together as a team! Please be kind and respectful, and above all have fun!

So I am primarily looking to do roleplays as far as the Disney fandom is concerned, below is a list of Disney movies and beside each one are characters I want to play as:

The Great Mouse Detective - Basil of Baker Street (I am looking for someone to play Professor Ratigan in the hopes of finally RPing a ship between these two, I have a big story arc planned for them that is the theme of lovers to enemies to lovers again. Keep in mind my Basil is pretty effeminate and a sub/bottom so I'm specifically looking for a dom/top Ratigan for this.)

Robin Hood - Maid Marian (I want to find a Robin Hood for her, of course! Other Robin Hood characters are welcome too!)

The Rescuers Down Under - Miss Bianca (I don't really remember the first Rescuers movie, but I love the second one so would love to RP in that setting)

Tarzan - Jane (I would love to do something cute with Jane and Tarzan!)

Hercules - Megara (Really love this sassy girl and would love to explore a good story with her involving her past and how she came to work for Hades!)

Non-Disney stuff I would also love to try:

The Secret of NIMH - Mrs. Brisby (I would love to meet anyone who's seen this movie, it'd be cool to do a story either involving Justin for the romance or Jenner for a forced marriage/scary relationship plot)

The Last Unicorn - Lady Amalthea (I'd love to do an AU where the unicorn chose to be human and stayed with Lir <3)

The Pebble and the Penguin - Marina (But with a twist! I know she gets with Hubie in the end...but what if she got with Drake instead? :O)

This might be updated later if I think of more but this is a good start for now. Thank you for reading! :D[/center]